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Perilous Future for River Deltas
Bilal U. Haq and John D. Milliman
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
October (v. 33, no. 10) —
Posted online 7 Sept. 2023
Paleogeographic Maps: Audience Insights on Portrayal of Ancient Terrain and Climate
Hannah Bonner et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
September (v. 33, no. 9) —
Posted online 31 July 2023
Improving the Practice of Geology through Explicit Inclusion of Scientific Uncertainty for Data and Models
Basil Tikoff et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
July (v. 33, no. 7) —
Posted online 24 May 2023
Halokinetic Induced Topographic Controls on Sediment Routing in Salt-Bearing Basins: A Combined Physical and Numerical Modeling Approach
Jinyu Zhang et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
June (v. 33, no. 6) —
Posted online 13 Apr. 2023
Metamorphic Core Complex Dichotomy in the North American Cordillera Explained by Buoyant Upwelling in Variably Thick Crust
Andrew V. Zuza and Wenrong Cao
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
March-April (v. 33, no. 3-4) —
Posted online 1 Nov. 2022
New Insights into Feeder Dike Swarms in Scoria Cones and Their Structural Control: A Case Study in the Michoacán-Guanajuato Volcanic Field
Martha Gabriela Gómez-Vasconcelos et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
February (v. 33, no. 2) —
Posted online 10 Aug. 2022
Creating Continents: Archean Cratons Tell the Story
Carol D. Frost et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
January (v. 33, no. 1) —
Posted online 4 Aug. 2022


Biotic Enhancement of Weathering over the Past 3.7 Billion Years
Gregory J. Retallack
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
December (v. 32, no. 12) —
Posted online 14 July 2022
Answering Geosciences Research Questions at a Global Scale via a Hybrid Machine-Human Learning Approach: A Case Study of the Link between Climate and Volcanism
Seongjin Park et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
November (v. 32, no. 11) —
Posted online 6 July 2022
The Rocks Don’t Lie, But They Can Be Misunderstood
Allen F. Glazner et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
October (v. 32, no. 10) —
Posted online 9 June 2022
A High-Resolution Multispectral Macro-Imager for Geology and Paleontology
Ryan A. Manzuk et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
September (v. 32, no. 9) —
Posted online 6 June 2022
Nuclear Winter and the Anthropocene
Jon Spencer
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
August (v. 32, no. 8) —
Posted online 16 May 2022
Shallow-Water versus Deep-Water: Stratigraphic Geometries in the Organic-Rich Shale/Mudstone Debate
David M. Petty
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
July (v. 32, no. 7) —
Posted online 11 May 2022
Three Major Failed Rifts in Central North America: Similarities and Differences
Reece Elling et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
June (v. 32, no. 6) —
Posted online 30 Mar. 2022
What’s Soil Got to Do with Climate Change?
Todd Longbottom et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
May (v. 32, no. 5) —
Posted online 23 Mar. 2022
The Mw 5.1, 9 August 2020, Sparta Earthquake, North Carolina: The First Documented Seismic Surface Rupture in the Eastern United States
Paula M. Figueiredo et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
March-April (v. 32, no. 3-4) —
Posted online 26 Jan. 2022
Continental Magmatism and Uplift as the Primary Driver for First-Order Oceanic 87Sr/86Sr Variability with Implications for Global Climate and Atmospheric Oxygenation
Timothy Paulsen et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
February (v. 32, no. 2) —
Posted online 13 Dec. 2021
Discovery of an Entrapped Early Permian (ca. 299 Ma) Peri-Gondwanic Sliver in the Cretaceous Shyok Suture of Northern Ladakh, India: Diverse Implications
Rajeev Upadhyay et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
January (v. 32, no. 1) —
Posted online 19 Nov. 2021


Mapping Critical Minerals from the Sky
Anjana K. Shah et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
November (v. 31, no. 11) —
Posted online 8 Sept. 2021
The Origin and Tectonic Significance of the Basin and Range–Rio Grande Rift Boundary in Southern New Mexico, USA
Jason W. Ricketts et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
October (v. 31, no. 10) —
Posted online 8 July 2021
Virtual Outcrops in a Pocket: The Smartphone as a Fully Equipped Photogrammetric Data Acquisition Tool
Amerigo Corradetti et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
September (v. 31, no. 9) —
Posted online 1 July 2021
Active Uplift of Southern Tibet Revealed
Michael Taylor et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
August (v. 31, no. 8) —
Posted online 21 June 2021
’Taters versus Sliders: Evidence for a Long-Lived History of Strike-Slip Displacement along the Canadian Arctic Transform System (CATS)
William C. McClelland et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
July (v. 31, no. 7) —
Posted online 10 May 2021
Jurassic to Neogene Quantitative Crustal Thickness Estimates in Southern Tibet
Kurt E. Sundell et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
June (v. 31, no. 6) —
Posted online 9 Apr. 2021
Curation and Analysis of Global Sedimentary Geochemical Data to Inform Earth History
Akshay Mehra et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
May (v. 31, no. 5) —
Posted online 24 Mar. 2021
Field-Based Geoscience Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Planning, Execution, Outcomes, and Forecasts
Jonathan R. Rotzien et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
March-April (v. 31, no. 3-4) —
Posted online 5 Jan. 2021
The Case for a Long-Lived and Robust Yellowstone Hotspot
Victor E. Camp and Ray E. Wells
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
January (v. 31, no. 1) —
Posted online 16 Oct. 2020


The Mesoproterozoic Single-Lid Tectonic Episode: Prelude to Modern Plate Tectonics
Robert J. Stern
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
December (v. 30, no. 12) —
Posted online 29 Sept. 2020
Flooding Induced by Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Gregory J. Retallack and Giselle D. Conde
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
October (v. 30, no. 10) —
Posted online 13 Aug. 2020
Using Mobile Technologies to Enhance Accessibility and Inclusion in Field-Based Learning
Steven J. Whitmeyer et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
September (v. 30, no. 9) —
Posted online 26 June 2020
StraboTools: A Mobile App for Quantifying Fabric in Geology
Allen F. Glazner and J. Douglas Walker
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
August (v. 30, no. 8) —
Posted online 9 June 2020
Visualization and Sharing of 3D Digital Outcrop Models to Promote Open Science
Paul Ryan Nesbit et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
June (v. 30, no. 6) —
Posted online 24 March 2020
Remnants and Rates of Metamorphic Decarbonation in Continental Arcs
Evan Ramos et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
May (v. 30, no. 5) —
Posted online 4 March 2020
¡Cuba! River Water Chemistry Reveals Rapid Chemical Weathering, the Echo of Uplift, and the Promise of More Sustainable Agriculture
Paul Bierman et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
March-April (v. 30, no. 3-4) —
Posted online 30 Jan. 2020
Fate of the lower lithosphere during shallow-angle subduction: The Laramide example
Alan Chapman et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
January (v. 30, no. 1) —
Posted online 18 Sept. 2019


The Faint Young Sun Problem Revisited
Jon Spencer
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
December (v. 29, no. 12) —
Posted online 2 July 2019
Subduction Polarity in Ancient Arcs: A Call to Integrate Geology and Geophysics to Decipher the Mesozoic Tectonic History of the Northern Cordillera of North America
Terry L. Pavlis et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF
November (v. 29, no. 11) —
Posted online 5 June 2019
The Role of Introductory Geoscience Courses in Preparing Teachers—And All Students—For the Future: Are We Making the Grade?
Anne E. Egger
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.5MB)
October (v. 29, no. 10) —
Posted online 10 May 2019
Deep Slab Collision during Miocene Subduction Causes Uplift along Crustal-Scale Reverse Faults in Fiordland, New Zealand
Keith Klepeis et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3.3MB)
September (v. 29, no. 9) —
Posted online 26 Apr. 2019
The Larsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica (LARISSA): Polar Systems Bound Together, Changing Fast
Julia S. Wellner et al.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2.8MB)
August (v. 29, no. 8) —
Posted online 21 Feb. 2019
Synoptic View of Lithospheric S-Wave Velocity Structure in the Southern United States: A Comparison of 3D Seismic Tomographic Models
Alden Netto, Jay Pulliam, and Patricia Persaud
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (5.4MB)
July (v. 29, no. 7) —
Posted online 13 Feb. 2019
Landslides Triggered by Hurricane Maria: Assessment of an Extreme Event in Puerto Rico
Erin K. Bessette-Kirton, Corina Cerovski-Darriau, William H. Schulz, Jeffrey A. Coe, Jason W. Kean, Jonathan W. Godt, Matthew A. Thomas, and K. Stephen Hughes
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3MB)
June (v. 29, no. 6) —
Posted online 6 Feb. 2019
Nickel-Bearing Laterite Deposits in Accretionary Context and the Case of New Caledonia: From the Large-Scale Structure of Earth to Our Everyday Appliances
Pierre Maurizot, Brice Sevin, Marion Iseppi, Tanguy Giband
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (10.7MB)
May (v. 29, no. 5) —
Posted online 16 Jan. 2019
Holes in the Bottom of the Sea: History, Revolutions, and Future Opportunities
Suzanne OConnell
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4.5MB)
March-April (v. 29, no. 3) —
Posted online 24 Jan. 2019
A More Informative Way to Name Plutonic Rocks
Allen F. Glazner, John M. Bartley, Drew S. Coleman
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2MB)
February (v. 29, no. 2) —
Posted online 9 Jan. 2019


Triassic Eustatic Variations Reexamined
Bilal U. Haq
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (.6MB)
December (v. 28, no. 12) — 10.1130/GSATG381A.1
Posted online 9 Oct. 2018
The other biodiversity record: Innovations in animal-substrate interactions through geologic time
Luis A. Buatois, M. Gabriela Mángano
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1MB)
October (v. 28, no. 10) — 10.1130/GSATG371A.1
Posted online 25 July 2018
When oil and water mix: Understanding the environmental impacts of shale development
Daniel J. Soeder, Douglas B. Kent
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2.7MB)
September (v. 28, no. 9) — 10.1130/GSATG361A.1
Posted online 3 July 2018
Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Upper Mississippi River, Stream Piracy, and Reorganization of North American Mid-Continent Drainage Systems
Eric C. Carson, J. Elmo Rawling III, John W. Attig, Benjamin R. Bate
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.5MB)
July (v. 28, no. 7) — 10.1130/GSATG355A.1
Posted online 19 January 2018
Broken Sheets—On the Numbers and Areas of Tectonic Plates
Bruce H. Wilkinson, Brandon J. McElroy, Carl N. Dummond
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.8MB)
June (v. 28, no. 6) — 10.1130/GSATG358A.1
Posted online 29 December 2017
Is the "Grenville Front" in the central United States really the Midcontinent Rift?
Carol A. Stein, Seth Stein, Reece Elling, G. Randy Keller, Jonas Kley
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (936KB)
May (v. 28, no. 5) — 10.1130/GSATG357A.1
Posted online 28 December 2017
Cosmogenic nuclides indicate that boulder fields are dynamic, ancient, multigenerational features
Alison R. Denn, Paul R. Bierman, Susan R.H. Zimmerman, Marc W. Caffee, Lee B. Corbett, Eric Kirby
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4.8MB)
March/April (v. 28, no. 3-4) — 10.1130/GSATG340A.1
Posted online 20 December 2017
Twenty Years of Subduction Zone Science: Subduction Top to Bottom 2 (ST2B-2)
G.E. Bebout, D.W. Scholl, R.J. Stern, L.M. Wallace, P. Agard
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2.2MB)
February (v. 28, no. 2) — 10.1130/GSATG354A.1
Posted online 15 November 2017
Jurassic Sea-Level Variations: A Reappraisal
Bilal U. Haq
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (343KB)
January (v. 28, no. 1) — 10.1130/GSATG359A.1
Posted online 24 October 2017


Tectonic Klippe Served the Needs of Cult Worship, Sanctuary of Zeus, Mount Lykaion, Peloponnese, Greece
George H. Davis
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (463KB)
December (v. 27, no. 12) — 10.1130/GSATG353A.1
Posted online 9 October 2017
Chicxulub and the Exploration of Large Peak-Ring Impact Craters through Scientific Drilling
David A. Kring, Philippe Claeys, Sean P.S. Gulick, Joanna V. Morgan, Gareth S. Collins, and the IODP-ICDP Expedition 364 Science Party
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (669KB)
October (v. 27, no. 10) — 10.1130/GSATG352A.1
Posted online 7 September 2017
The New World of 3D Geologic Mapping
Terry L. Pavlis, Kelsey A. Mason
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1MB)
September (v. 27, no. 9) — 10.1130/GSATG313A.1
Posted online 27 March 2017
Savor the Cryosphere
Patrick A. Burkhart, Richard B. Alley, Lonnie G. Thompson, James D. Balog, Paul E. Baldauf, Gregory S. Baker
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.1MB)
August (v. 27, no. 8) — 10.1130/GSATG293A.1
Posted online 30 March 2017
Extracting Bulk Rock Properties from Microscale Measurements: Subsampling and Analytical Guidelines
M.C. McCanta, M.D. Dyar, P.A. Dobosh
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (668KB)
July (v. 27, no. 7) — 10.1130/GSATG290A.1
Posted online 21 March 2017
Increasing Undergraduate Interest to Learn Geoscience with GPS-based Augmented Reality Field Trips on Students’ Own Smartphones
Natalie Bursztyn, Brett Shelton, Andy Walker, Joel Pederson
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (455KB)
June (v. 27, no. 6) — 10.1130/GSATG304A.1
Posted online 13 Feb. 2017
Increased Land Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise are Submerging Egypt's Nile Delta Coastal Margin
Jean-Daniel Stanley, Pablo L. Clemente
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1MB)
May (v. 27, no. 5) — 10.1130/GSATG312A.1
Posted online 14 Feb. 2017
Quaternary Rupture of a Crustal Fault beneath Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Kristin D. Morell, Christine Regalla, Lucinda J. Leonard, Colin Amos, Vic Levson
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.3MB)
March/April (v. 27, no. 3–4) — 10.1130/GSATG291A.1
Posted online 10 Feb. 2017
Zealandia: Earth's Hidden Continent
Nick Mortimer, Hamish J. Campbell, Andy J. Tulloch, Peter R. King, Vaughan M. Stagpoole, Ray A. Wood, Mark S. Rattenbury, Rupert Sutherland, Chris J. Adams, Julien Collot, Maria Seton
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (450KB)
March/April (v. 27, no. 3–4) — 10.1130/GSATG321A.1
Posted online 9 Feb. 2017
Late Miocene Uplift of the Tian Shan and Altai and Reorganization of Central Asia Climate
Jeremy K. Caves, Bolat U. Bayshashov, Aizhan Zhamangara, Andrea J. Ritch, Daniel E. Ibarra, Derek J. Sjostrom, Hari T. Mix, Matthew J. Winnick, C. Page Chamberlain
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2.2MB)
February (v. 27, no. 2) — 10.1130/GSATG305A.1
Posted online: 10 Jan. 2017
Impact of seismic image quality on fault interpretation uncertainty
Juan Alcalde, Clare E. Bond, Gareth Johnson, Jennifer F. Ellis, Robert W.H. Butler
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (556KB)
February (v. 27, no. 2) — 10.1130/GSATG282A.1
Posted online: 9 Jan. 2017
The Gulf of Mexico and Canada Basin: Genetic Siblings on Either Side of North America
E.R. Lundin and A.G. Doré
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (5.8MB)
January (v. 27, no. 1) — 10.1130/GSATG274A.1


December (v. 26, no. 12) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG289A.1
A Novel Plate Tectonic Scenario for the Genesis and Sealing of Some Major Mesozoic Oil Fields
Giovanni Muttoni, Dennis V. Kent
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.3MB) | Corrigendum
November (v. 26, no. 11) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG265A.1
The Latest Ediacaran Wormworld Fauna: Setting the Ecological Stage for the Cambrian Explosion
James D. Schiffbauer, John Warren Huntley, Gretchen R. O'Neil, Simon A.F. Darroch, Marc Laflamme, Yaoping Cai
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (869KB)
October (v. 26, no. 10) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG296A.1
The geology of Cuba: A brief overview and synthesis
M.A. Iturralde-Vinent, A. García-Casco, Y. Rojas-Agramonte, J.A. Proenza, J.B. Murphy, R.J. Stern
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (5MB)
September (v. 26, no. 9) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG272A.1
Tectonics and crustal evolution
Chris J. Hawkesworth, Peter A. Cawood, and Bruno Dhuime
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (385KB)
August (v. 26, no. 8) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG257A.1
Virtual Rocks
Declan G. De Paor
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (336KB)
July (v. 26, no. 7) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG279A.1
The development and evolution of the William Smith 1815 geological map from a digital perspective
Peter Wigley
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (6.3MB)
June (v. 26, no. 6) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG269A.1
Dynamics and legacy of 4.8 ka rock avalanche that dammed Zion Canyon, Utah, USA
Jessica J. Castleton, Jeffrey R. Moore, Jordan Aaron, Marcus Christl, and Susan Ivy-Ochs
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (2.9MB)
May (v. 26, no. 5) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG260A.1
The effects of soil on the taste of wine
Gregory J. Retallack and Scott F. Burns
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (5MB)
March/April (v. 26, no. 3) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG270A.1
The “Anthropocene” epoch: Scientific decision or political statement?
Stanley C. Finney, Lucy E. Edwards
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (432KB)
February (v. 26, no. 2) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG262A.1
The 2014–2015 Pāhoa lava flow crisis at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai’i: Disaster avoided and lessons learned
Michael Poland, et al.
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (2.1MB)


December (v. 25, no. 12) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG252A.1
Imaging spectroscopy of geological samples and outcrops: Novel insights from microns to meters
Rebecca N. Greenberger, John F. Mustard, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Diana L. Blaney, Edward A. Cloutis, Janette H. Wilson, Robert O. Green, and Abigail A. Fraeman
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (3.5MB)
November (v. 25, no. 11) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG255A.1
Dismemberment and northward migration of the Cordilleran orogen: Baja-BC resolved
Robert S. Hildebrand
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (4.2MB)
October (v. 25, no. 10) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG249A.1
North American coral recovery after the end-Triassic mass extinction, New York Canyon, Nevada, USA
Montana S. Hodges and George D. Stanley Jr.
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (530KB)
September (v. 25, no. 9) — DOI: 10.1130/0091-7613(1973)1<41:ADOABG>2.0.CO;2
PREFACE: 1973 Geology Article Covers Baltimore Gneiss Geology
Aeromagnetic Discovery of a Baltimore Gneiss Dome in the Piedmont of Northwestern Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania
Michael W. Higgins, George W. Fisher, Isidore Zietz
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (1.2MB)
August (v. 25, no. 8) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG223A.1
Pleistocene relative sea levels in the Chesapeake Bay region and their implications for the next century
Benjamin D. DeJong, Paul R. Bierman, Wayne L. Newell, Tammy M. Rittenour, Shannon A. Mahan, Greg Balco, Dylan H. Rood
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (5.9MB)
July (v. 25, no. 7) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG229A.1
Lithospheric thinning associated with formation of a metamorphic core complex and subsequent formation of the Iranian plateau
Fariba Kargaranbafghi, Franz Neubauer
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (2.3MB)
June (v. 25, no. 6) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG231A.1
The evolution of end-member continental waters: The origin of acidity in southern Western Australia
Kathleen C. Benison, Brenda B. Bowen
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (3.8MB)
May (v. 25, no. 5) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG222A.1
The smart city develops on geology: Comparing Rome and Naples
Donatella de Rita and Chrystina Häuber
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (2.9MB)
March/April (v. 25, no. 3) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG221A.1
The sinking city: Earthquakes increase flood hazard in Christchurch, New Zealand
Matthew W. Hughes, Mark C. Quigley, Sjoerd van Ballegooy, Bruce L. Deam, Brendon A. Bradley, Deirdre E. Hart, Richard Measures
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (5.6MB)
February (v. 25, no. 2) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG220A.1
Fossilized lithospheric deformation revealed by teleseismic shear wave splitting in eastern China
Xiaobo Tian, M. Santosh
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | PDF (1.6MB)
January (v. 25, no. 1) — DOI: 10.1130/GSAT-14PresAdrs.1
Mapping the Planets—Geology Stakes Its Claim (2014 Presidential Address)
Harry Y. McSween Jr.
Abstract | Full Text | Flipbook | Video | PDF (912KB)


December (v. 24, no. 12) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG216A.1
Dynamics of a large, restless, rhyolitic magma system at Laguna del Maule, southern Andes, Chile
Brad S. Singer, Nathan L. Andersen, Hélène Le Mével, Kurt L. Feigl, Charles DeMets, Basil Tikoff, Clifford H. Thurber, Brian R. Jicha, Carlos Cardona, Loreto Córdova, Fernando Gil, Martyn J. Unsworth, Glyn Williams-Jones, Craig Miller, Judy Fierstein, Wes Hildreth, and Jorge Vazquez
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (10MB)
November (v. 24, no. 11) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG203A.1
Preexisting fractures and the formation of an iconic American landscape: Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, USA
Richard A. Becker, Basil Tikoff, Paul R. Riley, Neal R. Iverson
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4MB)
October (v. 24, no. 10) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG214A.1
New insights into debris-flow hazards from an extraordinary event in the Colorado Front Range
Jeffrey A. Coe, Jason W. Kean, Jonathan W. Godt, Rex L. Baum, Eric S. Jones, David J. Gochis, and Gregory S. Anderson
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.8MB)
September (v. 24, no. 9) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG206A.1
A cosmogenic view of erosion, relief generation, and the age of faulting in southern Africa
Paul R. Bierman, Ryan Coppersmith, Kathryn Hanson, Johann Neveling, Eric W. Portenga, Dylan H. Rood
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (5.2MB)
August (v. 24, no. 8) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG200A.1
The heavy metal contamination of Lake Junín National Reserve, Peru: An unintended consequence of the juxtaposition of hydroelectricity and mining
Donald T. Rodbell, Erin M. Delman, Mark B. Abbott, Mark T. Besonen, Pedro M. Tapia
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3.1MB)
July (v. 24, no. 7) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG196A.1
Geoscientists’ perceptions of the value of undergraduate field education
H.L. Petcovic, A. Stokes, J.L. Caulkins
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (882KB)
June (v. 24, no. 6) — DOI: 10.1130/GSAT-G198A.1
An anthropogenic marker horizon in the future rock record
Patricia L. Corcoran, Charles J. Moore, Kelly Jazvac
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2.8MB)
April/May (v. 24, no. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/GSAT-G192A.1
Crustal magnetism, tectonic inheritance, and continental rifting in the southeastern United States
E.H. Parker, Jr.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.9MB)
March (v. 24, no. 3) — DOI: 10.1130/GSAT-13PresAdrs.1
125th anniversary of The Geological Society of America: Looking at the past and into the future of science at GSA (2013 Presidential Address)
Suzanne Mahlburg Kay
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4.2MB)
February (v. 24, no. 2) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG197A.1
Boulders of the Vastitas Borealis Formation: Potential origin and implications for an ancient martian ocean
Lorena Moscardelli
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3.8MB)
January (v. 24, no. 1) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG191A.1
Massive landslide at Utah copper mine generates wealth of geophysical data
Kristine L. Pankow, Jeffrey R. Moore, J. Mark Hale, Keith D. Koper, Tex Kubacki, Katherine M. Whidden, and Michael K. McCarter
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4.4MB)


Note: Information below about authors with GSA Fellowship status (more than 200!) was added in celebration of GSA's 125th Anniversary (2013) and is not current after 2013.

December (v. 23, no. 12) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG184A.1
The geological legacy of Hurricane Irene: Implications for the fidelity of the paleo-storm record
Scott P. Hippensteel, Matthew D. Eastin, William J. Garcia
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4.1MB)
November (v. 23, no. 11) — DOI:10.1130/GSATG178A.1
Late Oligocene-early Miocene Grand Canyon: A Canadian connection?
James W. Sears
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3MB)
October (v. 23, no. 10) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG183A.1
Evolution of Earth's climatic system: Evidence from ice ages, isotopes, and impacts
Grant M. Young
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2.1MB)
September (v. 23, no. 9) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG187A.1
Stromatolites and MISS—Differences between relatives
N. Noffke, S.M. Awramik
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3.1MB)
June (v. 23, no. 6) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG166A.1
Model for the eruption of the Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone National Park
Kieran D. O’Hara, E.K. Esawi
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1.2MB)
March (v. 23, no. 3) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG160A.1
Chronostratigraphy and geochronology: A proposed realignment
Jan Zalasiewicz, Maria Bianca Cita (GSA Honorary Fellow), Frits Hilgen, Brian R. Pratt (GSA Fellow), André Strasser, Jacques Thierry, Helmut Weissert
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (643KB)
February (v. 23, no. 2) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG163A.1
Miocene rejuvenation of topographic relief in the southern Appalachians
Sean F. Gallen, Karl W. Wegmann, DelWayne R. Bohnenstieh
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (5.2MB)
January (v. 23, no. 1) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG165A.1
Causation and avoidance of catastrophic flooding along the Indus River, Pakistan
James P.M. Syvitski, G. Robert Brakenridge (GSA Fellow)
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3MB)


December (v. 22, no. 12) — DOI: 10.1130/GSAT151A.1
Land transformation by humans: A review
Roger LeB. Hooke (GSA Fellow), José F. Martín-Duque
Full Text | PDF (2MB)
November (v. 22, no. 11) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG158A.1
The evolution of creationism
David R. Montgomery (GSA Fellow)
Full Text | PDF (1.3MB)
October (v. 22, no. 10) — DOI: 10.1130/GSAT-G156A.1
Open-source archive of active faults for northwest South America
Gabriel Veloza, Richard Styron, Michael Taylor, Andrés Mora
Full Text | PDF (2.5MB)
September (v. 22, no. 9) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG143A.1
Future volcanism at Yellowstone caldera: Insights from geochemistry of young volcanic units and monitoring of volcanic unrest
Guillaume Girard and John Stix
Full Text | PDF (1.4MB)
August (v. 22, no. 8) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG147A.1
Deep-water polygonal fault systems as terrestrial analogs for large-scale Martian polygonal terrains
Lorena Moscardelli, Tim Dooley, Dallas Dunlap, Martin Jackson (GSA Senior Fellow), Lesli Wood
Full Text | PDF (1.4MB)
July (v. 22, no. 7) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG141A.1
Buckling an orogen: The Cantabrian Orocline
G. Gutiérrez-Alonso, S.T. Johnston, A.B. Weil, D. Pastor-Galán, J. Fernández-Suárez
Full Text | PDF (3.3MB)
June (v. 22, no. 6) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG144A.1
Wave-cut or water-table platforms of rocky coasts and rivers?
Gregory J. Retallack (GSA Fellow) and Joshua J. Roering
Full Text | PDF (3.3MB)
April/May (v. 22, no. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG139A.1
An open-source software environment for visualizing and refining plate tectonic reconstructions using high-resolution geological and geophysical data sets
Simon E. Williams, R. Dietmar Müller, Thomas C.W. Landgrebe, Joanne M. Whittaker
Full Text | PDF (3.5MB)
March (v. 22, no. 3) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG142A.1
Detrital zircon facies of Cordilleran terranes in western North America
Todd A. LaMaskin
Full Text | PDF (3.8MB)
February (v. 22, no. 2) — DOI: 10.1130/G131A.1
A human-induced hothouse climate?
David L. Kidder (GSA Fellow), Thomas R. Worsley
Full Text | PDF (1.6MB)
January (v. 22, no. 1) — DOI: 10.1130/G128A.1
Speciation collapse and invasive species dynamics during the Late Devonian “Mass Extinction”
Alycia L. Stigall
Full Text | PDF (2.2MB)


December (v. 21, no. 11) — DOI: 10.1130/G136A.1
Unique geologic insights from “non-unique” gravity and magnetic interpretation
Richard W. Saltus (GSA Fellow) and Richard J. Blakely (GSA Senior Fellow)
Full Text | PDF (3.1MB)
November (v. 21, no. 11) — DOI: 10.1130/G133A.1
Why did the Southern Gulf of California rupture so rapidly? — Oblique divergence across hot, weak lithosphere along a tectonically active margin
Paul J. Umhoefer (GSA Fellow)
Full Text | PDF (901KB)
October (v. 21, no. 10) — DOI: 10.1130/G119A.1
A Miocene river in northern Arizona and its implications for the Colorado River and Grand Canyon
Ivo Lucchitta (GSA Senior Fellow), Richard F. Holm, Baerbel K. Lucchitta (GSA Senior Fellow)
Full Text | PDF (3.4MB)
September (v. 21, no. 9)
  • Preface
    Carrie Jennings (GSA Fellow)
    PDF (3.3MB), (p. 4)
  • Learning from failure: The SPREE Mid-Continent Rift Experiment
    Seth Stein (GSA Fellow) Suzan van der Lee, Donna Jurdy (GSA Senior Fellow), Carol Stein, Douglas Wiens, Michael Wysession, Justin Revenaugh, Andrew Frederiksen, Fiona Darbyshire, Trevor Bollmann, Jessica Lodewyk, Emily Wolin, Miguel Merino, and Karen Tekverk
    Full Text | PDF (4.9MB), (p. 5)  — DOI: 10.1130/G120A.1
  • Landscape evolution in south-central Minnesota and the role of geomorphic history on modern erosional processes
    Karen B. Gran, Patrick Belmont, Stephanie S. Day, Noah Finnegan, Carrie Jennings (GSA Fellow), J. Wesley Lauer, and Peter R. Wilcock
    Full Text | PDF (4.1MB), (p. 7)  — DOI: 10.1130/G121A.1
  • Recent advances in the hydrostratigraphy of Paleozoic bedrock in the Midwestern United States
    K.R. Bradbury (GSA Fellow) and A.C. Runkel
    Full Text | PDF (4MB), (p. 10)  — DOI: 10.1130/G122A.1
  • Improving undergraduate geoscience education—A community endeavor
    C.A. Manduca (GSA Fellow)
    Full Text | PDF (3.3MB), (p. 12)  — DOI: 10.1130/G120A.1
August (v. 21, no. 8, p. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/G107A.1
Understanding Earth's eroding surface with 10Be
Eric W. Portenga, Paul R. Bierman (GSA Fellow)
Full Text | PDF (3.7MB)
July (v. 21, no. 7, p. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/G107A.1
Clinker geochronology, the first glacial maximum, and landscape evolution in the northern Rockies
Peter W. Reiners, Catherine A. Riihimaki, Edward L. Heffern
Full Text | PDF (2.9MB)
June (v. 21, no. 6, p. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG95A.1
The big picture: A lithospheric cross section of the North American continent
Philip T.C. Hammer, Ron M. Clowes (GSA Fellow), Fred A. Cook, K. Vasudevan, and Arie J. van der Velden
Full Text | PDF (4.2MB) | Supplemental Insert
April/May (v. 21, no. 4, p. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG99A.1
Wind erosion in the Qaidam basin, central Asia: Implications for tectonics, paleoclimate, and the source of the Loess Plateau
Paul Kapp (GSA Fellow), Jon D. Pelletier, Alexander Rohrmann, Richard Heermance, Joellen Russell, Lin Ding
Full Text | PDF (1MB)
March (v. 21, no. 3, p. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG102A.1
The case for a Neoproterozoic Oxygenation Event: Geochemical evidence and biological consequences
Graham Shields-Zhou and Lawrence Och
Full Text | PDF (1.6MB)
February (v. 21, no. 2, p. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG79AR
Alternative perspectives of crustal and upper mantle phenomena along the Rio Grande rift
Marshall Reiter (GSA Senior Fellow), Richard M. Chamberlin
Full Text | PDF (4.6MB)
January (v. 21, no. 1, p. 4) — DOI: 10.1130/GSATG81A.1
Microbial communities in fluid inclusions and long-term survival in halite
Tim K. Lowenstein, Brian A. Schubert, Michael N. Timofeeff
Full Text | PDF (3.7MB)


December (v. 20, no. 12, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG85A.1
Geoinformatics: Transforming data to knowledge for geosciences
A. Krishna Sinha (GSA Senior Fellow), Zaki Malik, Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Calvin G. Barnes (GSA Fellow), Kai Lin, Grant Heiken (GSA Senior Fellow and 2005 GSA President), William A. Thomas, Linda C. Gundersen, Robert Raskin, Ian Jackson, Peter Fox, Deborah McGuinness, Dogan Seber, and Herman Zimmerman
Full Text | PDF (2.6MB)
November (v. 20, no. 11, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG84A.1
Tropical shoreline ice in the late Cambrian: Implications for Earth's climate between the Cambrian Explosion and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Anthony C. Runkel, Tyler J. Mackey, Clinton A. Cowan, David L. Fox
Full Text | PDF (5.9MB)
October (v. 20, no. 10, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG82A.1
Caldera collapse: Perspectives from comparing Galápagos volcanoes, nuclear-test sinks, sandbox models, and volcanoes on Mars
Keith A. Howard (GSA Senior Fellow)
Full Text | PDF (3.2MB)
September (v. 20, no. 9, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG61A.1
Subduction of the Chile Ridge: Upper mantle structure and flow
R.M. Russo, John C. VanDecar, Diana Comte, Victor I. Mocanu, Alejandro Gallego, Ruth E. Murdie
Full Text | PDF (3.8MB)
August (v. 20, no. 8, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG59A.1
Structural analysis of three extensional detachment faults with data from the 2000 Space-Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Jon E. Spencer (GSA Fellow)
Full Text | PDF (1.5MB)
July (v 20, no. 7, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG76A.1
Resolving uplift of the northern Andes using detrital zircon age signatures
Brian K. Horton (GSA Fellow), Mauricio Parra, Joel E. Saylor, Junsheng Nie, Andrés Mora, Vladimir Torres, Daniel F. Stockli, Manfred R. Strecker
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4.6MB)
June (v 20, no. 6, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG75A.1
Impacts of environmental change and human activity on microbial ecosystems on the Tibetan Plateau, NW China
Hailiang Dong, Hongchen Jiang, Bingsong Yu, Xingqi Liu
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2.4MB)
April-May (v 20, no. 4, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG70A.1
The digital revolution in geologic mapping
Steven J. Whitmeyer, Jeremy Nicoletti, Declan G. De Paor (GSA Fellow)
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3.5MB)
March (v. 20, no. 3, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG77A.1
Evaluating lateral compaction in deepwater fold and thrust belts: How much are we missing from “nature's sandbox”?
R.W.H. Butler, D.A. Paton
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (2MB)
February (v. 20, no. 2, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSAT57A.1
Rock to regolith conversion: Producing hospitable substrates for terrestrial ecosystems
Robert C. Graham, Ann M. Rossi, Kenneth R. Hubbert
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (6.4MB)
January (v. 20, no. 1, p. 4) DOI: 10.1130/GSATG48A.1
Impact of erosion, sedimentation, and structural heritage on the structure and kinematics of orogenic wedges: Analog models and case studies
Jacques Malavieille
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (4.8MB)


December (v. 19, no. 12, p. 4)
Enigmatic boulder trains, supraglacial rock avalanches, and the origin of "Darwin's boulders," Tierra del Fuego
Edward B. Evenson (GSA Senior Fellow), Patrick A. Burkhart (GSA Fellow), John C. Gosse (GSA Fellow), Gregory S. Baker, Dan Jackofsky, Andres Meglioli, Ian Dalziel (GSA Senior Fellow), Stefan Kraus, Richard B. Alley (GSA Fellow), and Claudio Berti
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (1335KB)
November (v. 19, no. 11, p. 4)
Geobiology: Evidence for early life on Earth and the search for life on other planets
Sherry L. Cady and Nora Noffke (GSA Fellow)
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (829KB)
October (v. 19, no. 10, p. 4)
Did natural reactors form as a consequence of the emergence of oxygenic photosynthesis during the Archean?
Laurence A. Coogan and Jay T. Cullen
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (779KB)
September (v. 19, no. 9, p. 4)
The Portland Basin: A (big) river runs through it
Russell C. Evarts, Jim E. O'Connor, Ray E. Wells (GSA Senior Fellow), Ian P. Madin
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (3.86MB)
August (v. 19, no. 8, p. 4)
The Klondike goldfields and Pleistocene environments of Beringia
Duane G. Froese, Grant D. Zazula, John A. Westgate (GSA Senior Fellow), Shari J. Preece, Paul T. Sanborn, Alberto V. Reyes, and Nicholas J.G. Pearce
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (5.26MB)
July (v. 19, no. 7, p. 4)
The impact of snowmelt on the late Cenozoic landscape of the southern Rocky Mountains, USA
Jon D. Pelletier
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (859KB)
June (v. 19, no. 6, p. 4)
Back to the future: Greenland's contribution to sea-level change
Antony J. Long
Abstract | PDF (646KB)
April/May (v. 19, no. 4-5, p. 4)
Understanding the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event (GOBE): Influences of paleogeography, paleoclimate, or paleoecology?
Thomas Servais, David A.T. Harper, Axel Munnecke, Alan W. Owen, and Peter M. Sheehan
Abstract | PDF (492KB)
March (v. 19, no. 3, p. 4)
Pacific atoll living: How long already and until when?
William R. Dickinson (GSA Senior Fellow)
Abstract | PDF (1022KB)
February (v. 19, no. 2, p. 4)
A shift from lithostratigraphic to allostratigraphic classification of Quaternary glacial deposits
M.E. Räsänen, J.M. Auri, J.V. Huitti, A.K. Klapc, and J.J. Virtasalo
Abstract | PDF (408KB)
January (v. 19, no. 1)
No science article this month. See the Presidential Address by Judith Totman Parrish.
Science Feature: GSA Today science articles: Hot topics and recurring themes, 1998 to 2008
PDF (601KB)


December (v. 18, no. 12, p. 4)
The Rheic Ocean: Origin, Evolution, and Significance
R. Damian Nance and Ulf Linnemann
Abstract | PDF (1.87MB)
November (v. 18, no. 11, p. 4)
The significance of sheeted dike complexes in ophiolites
Paul T. Robinson (GSA Senior Fellow), John Malpas (GSA Fellow), Yildirim Dilek (GSA Fellow), and Mei-fu Zhou (GSA Fellow)
Abstract | PDF (1.38MB)
October (v. 18, no. 10, p. 4)
Turbulent lifestyle: Microbial mats on Earth's sandy beaches — Today and 3 billion years ago
Nora Noffke (GSA Fellow)
Abstract | PDF (4.48MB)
September (v. 18, no. 9, p. 4)
Understanding mechanisms for the end-Permian mass extinction and the protracted Early Triassic aftermath and recovery
David J. Bottjer (GSA Fellow), Matthew E. Clapham, Margaret L. Fraiser, and Catherine M. Powers
PDF (738KB)
August (v. 18, no. 8, p. 4)
Is there enough sand? Evaluating the fate of Grand Canyon sandbars
Scott A. Wright, John C. Schmidt, Theodore S. Melis, David J. Topping, and David M. Rubin
PDF (1.28MB)
July (v. 18, no. 7, p. 4)
A geological and geophysical context for the Wenchuan earthquake of 12 May 2008, Sichuan, People's Republic of China
B.C. Burchfiel (GSA Senior Fellow and 2003 GSA President), L.H. Royden (GSA Fellow), R.D. van der Hilst, B.H. Hager, Z. Chen, R.W. King, C. Li, J. Lü, H. Yao, and E. Kirby
PDF (4.36MB)
June (v. 18, no. 6, p. 4)
Canada's craton: A bottoms-up view
Dante Canil
PDF (1.11MB)
April/May (v. 18, no. 4/5, p. 4)
Temporal evolution of continental lithospheric strength in actively deforming regions
Wayne Thatcher and Fred F. Pollitz
PDF (1.48MB)
March (v. 18, no. 3, p. 4)
The mystery of the pre–Grand Canyon Colorado River — Results from the Muddy Creek Formation
Joel L. Pederson
PDF (450KB)
February (v. 18, no. 2, p. 4)
Are we now living in the Anthropocene?
Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams, Alan Smith, Tiffany L. Barry, Angela L. Coe, Paul R. Bown, Patrick Brenchley, David Cantrill, Andrew Gale, Philip Gibbard, F. John Gregory, Mark W. Hounslow, Andrew C. Kerr, Paul Pearson, Robert Knox, John Powell, Colin Waters, John Marshall, Michael Oates, Peter Rawson, and Philip Stone
PDF (561KB)
January (v. 18, no. 1, p. 4)
No science article. See the Presidential Address by John M. Sharp Jr.


December (v. 17, no. 12, p. 4)
Earth history along Colorado's Front Range: Salvaging geologic data in the suburbs and sharing it with the citizens
Robert G. Raynolds, Kirk R. Johnson (GSA Fellow), Beth Ellis, Marieke Dechesne, and Ian M. Miller
PDF (9.14MB)
November (v. 17, no. 11, p. 4)
What do you think this is? "Conceptual uncertainty" in geoscience interpretation
C.E. Bond, A.D. Gibbs, Z.K. Shipton, and S. Jones
PDF (4.71MB)
October (v. 17, no. 10, p. 4)
Is agriculture eroding civilization's foundation?
David R. Montgomery (GSA Fellow)
PDF (1.27MB)
September (v. 17, no. 9, p. 4)
Blue Nile incision on the Ethiopian Plateau: Pulsed plateau growth, Pliocene uplift, and hominin evolution
Nahid D.S. Gani, M. Royhan Gani, and Mohamed G. Abdelsalam (GSA Fellow)
PDF (2.9MB)
August (v. 17, no. 8, p. 4)
Alexandria, Egypt, before Alexander the Great: A multidisciplinary approach yields rich discoveries
Jean-Daniel Stanley (GSA Senior Fellow), Richard W. Carlson, Gus Van Beek, Thomas F. Jorstad, and Elizabeth A. Landau
PDF (1.78MB)
July (v. 17, no. 7, p. 4)
The Gangdese retroarc thrust belt revealed
P. Kapp (GSA Fellow), P.G. DeCelles (GSA Fellow), A.L. Leier, J.M. Fabijanic, S. He, A. Pullen, G.E. Gehrels (GSA Fellow), and L. Ding
PDF (10.7MB)
June (v. 17, no. 6)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue
April/May (v. 17, no. 4/5, p. 4)
Northern Cordilleran terranes and their interactions through time
Maurice Colpron, JoAnne L. Nelson, and Donald C. Murphy
PDF (2.71MB)
March (v. 17, no. 3, p. 4)
Fetch-limited barrier islands: Overlooked coastal landforms
J. Andrew G. Cooper (GSA Fellow), David A. Lewis, and Orrin H. Pilkey (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (5.46MB)
February (v. 17, no. 2, p. 4)
Birth of a mud volcano: East Java, 29 May 2006
Richard J. Davies, Richard E. Swarbrick, Robert J. Evans, and Mads Huuse
PDF (2.35MB)
January (v. 17, no. 1, p. 4)
John Perry's neglected critique of Kelvin's age for the Earth: A missed opportunity in geodynamics
Philip England (GSA Fellow), Peter Molnar (GSA Senior Fellow), and Frank Richter (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (505KB)


December (v. 16, no. 12, p. 4)
Marine sediment record from the East Antarctic margin reveals dynamics of ice sheet recession
Amy Leventer, Eugene Domack, Robert Dunbar, Jennifer Pike, Catherine Stickley, and Eleanor Maddison, Stefanie Brachfeld, Patricia Manley, and Charlie McClennen
PDF (1.65MB)
November (v. 16, no. 11, p. 4)
Fe isotopes: An emerging technique for understanding modern and ancient biogeochemical cycles
Clark M. Johnson (GSA Fellow) and Brian L. Beard
PDF (2.25MB)
October (v. 16, no. 10, p. 4)
Microbes and volcanoes: A tale from the oceans, ophiolites, and greenstone belts
Hubert Staudigel, Harald Furnes, Neil R. Banerjee, Yildirim Dilek (GSA Fellow), and Karlis Muehlenbachs
PDF (2.56MB)
September (v. 16, no. 9, p. 4)
Katrina's unique splay deposits in a New Orleans neighborhood
Stephen A. Nelson and Suzanne F. Leclair
PDF (4.17MB)
August (v. 16, no. 8, p. 4)
Dates and rates of arid region geomorphic processes
Kyle K. Nichols, Paul R. Bierman (GSA Fellow), W. Ross Foniri, Alan R. Gillespie (GSA Senior Fellow), Marc Caffee (GSA Fellow), and Robert Finkel
PDF (825KB)
July (v. 16, no. 7, p. 4)
Precambrian plate tectonics: Criteria and evidence
Peter A. Cawood (GSA Fellow), Alfred Kröner, and Sergei Pisarevsky
PDF (4.09MB)
June (v. 16, no. 6)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue
April/May (v. 16, no. 4/5, p. 4)
The 1906 earthquake and a century of progress in understanding earthquakes and their hazards
Mary Lou Zoback (GSA Fellow and 2000 GSA President)
PDF (2.7MB)
March (v. 16, no. 3, p. 4)
Evidence for El Niño–like conditions during the Pliocene
Ana Christina Ravelo, Petra Simonne Dekens, and Matthew McCarthy
PDF (1.57MB)
February (v. 16, no. 2, p. 4)
No Science Article. See the Presidential Address by William A. Thomas (3.13MB PDF).
Janaury (v. 16, no. 1, p. 4)
The long-term strength of continental lithosphere: "jelly sandwich" or "crème brûlée"?
E.B. Burov and A.B. Watts (GSA Fellow)
PDF (849KB)


December (v. 15, no. 12, p. 4)
Continental-scale links between the mantle and groundwater systems of the western United States: Evidence from travertine springs and regional He isotope data
Dennis L. Newell, Laura J. Crossey (GSA Fellow), Karl E. Karlstrom (GSA Fellow), Tobias P. Fischer, and David R. Hilton
PDF (1.69MB)
November (v. 15, no. 11, p. 4)
Emergence of the aerobic biosphere during the Archean-Proterozoic transition: Challenges of future research
Victor A. Melezhik, Anthony E. Fallick, Eero J. Hanski, Lee R. Kump (GSA Fellow), Aivo Lepland, Anthony R. Prave (GSA Fellow), and Harald Strauss
PDF (3.53MB)
October (v. 15, no. 10, p. 4)
Geologic processes in sedimentary basins inferred from three-dimensional seismic imaging
Richard J. Davies and Henry W. Posamentier
PDF (6.43MB)
September (v. 15, no. 9, p. 4)
The non-equilibrium landscape of the southern Sierra Nevada, California
Marin K. Clark, Gweltaz Maheo, Jason Saleeby, and Kenneth A. Farley (GSA Fellow)
PDF (5.56MB)
August (v. 15, no. 8, p. 4)
Red rock and red planet diagenesis: Comparisons of Earth and Mars concretions
Marjorie A. Chan (GSA Fellow), Brenda Beitler Bowen, and W.T. Parry, Jens Ormö, and Goro Komatsu
PDF (3.49MB)
July (v. 15, no. 7, p. 4)
The subduction factory: How it operates in the evolving Earth
Yoshiyuki Tatsumi
PDF (1.1MB)
June (v. 15, no. 6)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue.
April/May (v. 15, no. 4-5, p. 4)
Old images record landscape change through time
Paul R. Bierman (GSA Fellow), Jehanna Howe, Elizabeth Stanley-Mann, Michala Peabody, Jens Hilke, and Christine A. Massey
PDF (3.7MB)
March (v. 15, no. 3, p. 4)
The extinction of the dinosaurs in North America
David E. Fastovsky (GSA Fellow) and Peter M. Sheehan (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (1.23MB) Erratum
February (v. 15, no. 2, p. 4)
Subduction zone backarcs, mobile belts, and orogenic heat
Roy D. Hyndman, Claire A. Currie, and Stephane P. Mazzotti
PDF (1.63MB)
January (v. 15, no. 1, p. 4)
Urban lead poisoning and medical geology: An unfinished story
Gabriel M. Filippelli, Mark A.S. Laidlaw, Jennifer C. Latimer, and Robyn Raftis
PDF (8.22MB)


December (v. 14, no. 12, p. 4)
No Science Article: See the Presidential Address by Rob Van der Voo (4.52MB PDF)
November (v. 14, no. 11, p. 4)
Geology, Geomorphology, and the restoration ecology of salmon
David R. Montgomery (GSA Fellow)
PDF (3.53MB)
October (v. 14, no. 10, p. 4)
Dilational fault slip and pit chain formation on Mars
David A. Ferrill, Danielle Y. Wyrick, Alan P. Morris, Darrell W. Sims, and Nathan M. Franklin
PDF (2.79MB)
September (v. 14, no. 9, p. 4)
Wrightwood and the earthquake cycle: What a long recurrence record tells us about how faults work
Ray Weldon, Katherine Scharer, Thomas Fumal, and Glenn Biasi
PDF (6.83MB)
August (v. 14, no. 8, p. 4)
Surveying Volcanic Arcs with Satellite Radar Interferometry: The Central Andes, Kamchatka, and Beyond
Matthew E. Pritchard and Mark Simons
PDF (1.78MB)
July (v. 14, no. 7, p. 4)
Greenhouse gas sequestration in abandoned oil reservoirs: The International Energy Agency Weyburn pilot project
D.J. White, G. Burrowes, T. Davis, Z. Hajnal, K. Hirsche, I. Hutcheon, E. Majer, B. Rostron (GSA Fellow), S. Whittaker
PDF (1.6MB)
June (v. 14, no. 7)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue.
April/May (v. 14, no. 4-5, p. 4)
Are plutons assembled over millions of years by amalgamation from small magma chambers?
Allen F. Glazner (GSA Fellow), John M. Bartley (GSA Fellow), Drew S. Coleman, Walt Gray, and Ryan Z. Taylor
PDF (2.19MB)
March (v. 14, no. 3, p. 4)
CO2 as a primary driver of Phanerozoic climate
Dana L. Royer (GSA Fellow), Robert A. Berner (GSA Senior Fellow), Isabel P. Montañez (GSA Fellow), Neil J. Tabor, and David J. Beerling
PDF (613KB)
February (v. 14, no. 2, p. 4)
No Science Article: See the Presidential Address by B. Clark Burchfiel (2.36MB PDF).
January (v. 14, no. 1, p. 4)
Submergence of ancient Greek cities off Egypt's Nile Delta — A cautionary tale
Jean-Daniel Stanley (GSA Senior Fellow), Franck Goddio, Thomas F. Jorstad, and Gerard Schnepp
PDF (4.52MB)


December (v. 13, no. 12, p. 4)
Terrestrial Evidence for Two Greenhouse Events in the Latest Cretaceous
Lee Nordt (GSA Fellow), Stacy Atchley, and Steve Dworkin
PDF (909KB)
November (v. 13, no. 11, p. 4)
An Alternative Earth
Warren B. Hamilton
PDF (2.13MB)
October (v. 13, no. 10, p. 4)
Mid-continental magnetic declination: A 200-year record starting with Lewis and Clark
Robert E. Criss
PDF (1.57MB)
September (v. 13, no. 9, p. 4)
Initiation of the Himalayan Orogen as an Early Paleozoic Thin-skinned Thrust Belt
G.E. Gehrels (GSA Fellow), P.G. DeCelles (GSA Fellow), A. Martin, T.P. Ojha, G. Pinhassi, and B.N. Upreti
PDF (583KB)
August (v. 13, no. 8, p. 4)
Landslides and Liquefaction Triggered by the M7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake of 3 November 2002
Edwin L. Harp, Randall W. Jibson, Robert E. Kayen, David K. Keefer, Brian L. Sherrod, Gary A. Carver, Brian D. Collins, Robb E.S. Moss, and Nicolas Sitar
PDF (1.14MB)
July (v. 13, no. 7, p. 4)
Celestial driver of Phanerozoic climate?
Nir J. Shaviv and Ján Veizer (GSA Senior Fellow)
June (v. 13, no. 6, p. 4)
High-resolution LiDAR topography of the Puget Lowland, Washington — A bonanza for earth science
Ralph Haugerud, David J. Harding, Samuel Y. Johnson (GSA Fellow), Jerry L. Harless, Craig S. Weaver, and Brian L. Sherrod
PDF (1.32MB)
April/May (v. 13, no. 4-5)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue.
March (v. 13, no. 3, p. 4)
Reactivation, trishear modeling, and folded basement in Laramide uplifts: Implications for the origins of intra-continental faults
Alexander P. Bump
PDF (780KB)
February (v. 13, no. 2, p. 4)
No Science Article: See the Presidential Address by Anthony J. Naldrett (1.15MB PDF).
January (v. 13, no. 1, p. 4)
Magma transport and coupling between deformation and magmatism in the continental lithosphere
Keith A. Klepeis (GSA Fellow), Geoffrey L. Clarke, Tracy Rushmer
PDF (715 KB)


December (v. 12, no. 12, p. 4)
Slow Crawl across the Salinity Divide: Delayed Colonization of Freshwater Ecosystems by Invertebrates
Molly Fritz Miller (GSA Fellow) and Conrad C. Labandeira
PDF (265KB)
November (v. 12, no. 11, p. 4)
New evidence for abrupt climate change in the Cretaceous and Paleogene: An Ocean Drilling Program expedition to Shatsky Rise, northwest Pacific
Timothy J. Bralower, Isabella Premoli Silva, Mitchell J. Malone, and the Scientific Participants of Leg 198 [Michel A. Arthur (GSA Fellow), Kristen Averyt, Simon C. Brassell, Paul R. Bown, James E.T. Channell, Leon J. Clarke, Andrea Dutton, Jason W. Eleson, Tracy D. Frank, Susanne Gylesjö, Haidi Hancock, Harumasa Kano, R. Mark Leckie (GSA Fellow), Kathleen M. Marsaglia (GSA Fellow), Jennifer McGuire, Kyaw Thu Moe, Maria Rose Petrizzo, Stuart Robinson, Ursula Röhl, William W. Sager, Kotaro Takeda, Deborah Thomas, Trevor Williams, and James C. Zachos (GSA Fellow)]
PDF (5.69MB)
October (v. 12, no. 10, p. 4)
Proterozoic Prism Arrests Suspect Terranes: Insights into the Ancient Cordilleran Margin from Seismic Reflection Data
D.B. Snyder, R.M. Clowes (GSA Fellow), F.A. Cook, P. Erdmer (GSA Fellow), C.A. Evenchick (GSA Fellow), A.J. van der Velden, and K.W. Hall
September (v. 12, no. 9, p. 4)
Strength of the Continental Lithosphere: Time to Abandon the Jelly Sandwich?
James Jackson
PDF (1.7MB)
August (v. 12, no. 8, p. 4)
Colorado Plateau uplift and erosion evaluated using GIS
Joel L. Pederson, Rob D. Mackley, and James L. Eddleman
PDF (5.79MB)
July (v. 12, no. 7, p. 4)
Archean Podiform Chromitites and Mantle Tectonites in Ophiolitic Mélange, North China Craton: A Record of Early Oceanic Mantle Processes
Jianghai Li, Timothy M. Kusky, and Xiongnan Huang
PDF (12.55MB)
June (v. 12, no. 6)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue.
May (v. 12, no. 5, p. 4)
Persistent Holocene Outflow from the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean Contradicts Noah's Flood Hypothesis
Ali E. Aksu, Richard N. Hiscott, Peta J. Mudie, André Rochon, Michael A. Kaminski, Teofilo Abrajano (GSA Fellow), and Dogan Yasar
PDF (505KB)
April (v. 12, no. 4, p. 4)
Episodic Volcanism and Hot Mantle: Implications for Volcanic Hazard Studies at the Proposed Nuclear Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Eugene I. Smith (GSA Fellow), Deborah L. Keenan, and Terry Plank (GSA Fellow)
PDF (3.27MB)
March (v. 12, no. 3, p. 4)
Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere Beneath the Rocky Mountains: Initial Results from the CD-ROM Experiment
CD-ROM Working Group (Continental Dynamics of the Rocky Mountains): K.E. Karlstrom (GSA Fellow), S.A. Bowring (GSA Fellow), K.R. Chamberlain, K.G. Dueker, T. Eshete, E.A. Erslev (GSA Fellow), G.L. Farmer, M. Heizler, E.D. Humphreys (GSA Fellow), R.A. Johnson, G.R. Keller (GSA Senior Fellow), S.A. Kelley, A. Levander (GSA Fellow), M.B. Magnani, J.P. Matzel, A.M. McCoy, K.C. Miller (GSA Fellow), E.A. Morozova, F.J. Pazzaglia (GSA Fellow), C. Prodehl, H.-M. Rumpel, C.A. Shaw, A.F. Sheehan, E. Shoshitaishvili, S.B. Smithson, C.M. Snelson, L.M. Stevens, A.R. Tyson, and M.L. Williams (GSA Fellow)
PDF (5.51MB)
February (v. 12, no. 2)
No Science Article: See the Presidential Address by Sharon Mosher (1.03MB PDF).
January (v. 12, no. 1, p. 4)
Eocene Meridional Weather Patterns Reflected in the Oxygen Isotopes of Arctic Fossil Wood
A. Hope Jahren (GSA Fellow) and Leonel Silveira Lobo Sternberg
PDF (889KB)


December (v. 11, no. 12, p. 4)
Thick-Structured Proterozoic Lithosphere of the Rocky Mountain Region
Ken Dueker, Huaiyu Yuan, and Brian Zurek
PDF (2.66MB)
Also see the Presidential Address by Mary Lou Zoback (241KB PDF)
November (v. 11, no. 11, p. 4)
The California Arc: Thick Granitic Batholiths, Eclogitic Residues, Lithospheric-Scale Thrusting, and Magmatic Flare-Ups
Mihai Ducea
PDF (2.69MB)
October (v. 11, no. 10, p. 4)
Footprint of the Expanded West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Ice Stream History and Behavior
John B. Anderson (GSA Senior Fellow), Julia Smith Wellner, Ashley L. Lowe, Amanda B. Mosola, and Stephanie S. Shipp
PDF (12.93MB)
September (v. 11, no. 9, p. 4)
Stream Piracy Revisited: A Groundwater-Sapping Solution
Darryll T. Pederson (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (901KB)
August (v. 11, no. 8, p. 4)
Rock Varnish: Recorder of Desert Wetness?
Wallace S. Broecker (GSA Senior Fellow) and Tanzhuo Liu
PDF (183KB)
July (v. 11, no. 7, p. 4)
Experimental Stratigraphy
Chris Paola (GSA Fellow), Jim Mullin, Chris Ellis, David C. Mohrig, John B. Swenson, Gary Parker, Tom Hickson, Paul L. Heller, Lincoln Pratson, James Syvitski, Ben Sheets, and Nikki Strong
PDF (667KB)
June (v. 11, no. 6, p. 4)
A Moderate Translation Alternative to the Baja British Columbia Hypothesis
Robert F. Butler (GSA Senior Fellow), George E. Gehrels (GSA Fellow), and Kenneth P. Kodama (GSA Fellow)
PDF (253KB)
May (v. 11, no. 5, p. 4)
Fault-Related Folding in California's Northern Channel Islands Documented by Rapid-Static GPS Positioning
Nicholas Pinter, Bjorn Johns, Brandy Little, and W. Dean Vestal
PDF (739KB)
April (v. 11, no. 4, p. 4)
Are Lithospheres Forever? Tracking Changes in Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle Through Time
Suzanne Y. O'Reilly, William L. Griffin, Yvette H. Poudjom Djomani, and Paul Morgan
PDF (661KB)
March (v. 11, no. 3, p. 4)
Central Andean Ore Deposits Linked to Evolving Shallow Subduction Systems and Thickening Crust
Suzanne Mahlburg Kay (GSA Fellow and 2013 GSA Vice President) and Constantino Mpodozis (GSA Honorary Fellow)
PDF (735KB)
February (v. 11, no. 2, p. 4)
The Chengjiang Biota: Record of the Early Cambrian Diversification of Life and Clues to Exceptional Preservation of Fossils
Loren E. Babcock (GSA Fellow), Wentang Zhang, Stephen A. Leslie
PDF (567KB)
January (v. 11, no. 1, p. 4)
Erosion, Himalayan Geodynamics, and the Geomorphology of Metamorphism
Peter K. Zeitler, Anne S. Meltzer, Peter O. Koons, David Craw, Bernard Hallet, C. Page Chamberlain, William S.F. Kidd, Stephen K. Park, Leonardo Seeber, Michael Bishop, and John Shroder (GSA SeniorFellow)
PDF (815KB)


December (v. 10, no. 12, p. 1)
Beneath Yellowstone: Evaluating Plume and Nonplume Models Using Teleseismic Images of the Upper Mantle
Eugene D. Humphreys (GSA Fellow), Kenneth G. Dueker, Derek L. Schutt, and Robert B. Smith (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (144KB)
November (v. 10, no. 11, p. 1)
Dynamics of Plate Boundary Fault Systems from Basin and Range Geodetic Network (BARGEN) and Geologic Data
Brian Wernicke (GSA Fellow), Anke M. Friedrich, Nathan A. Niemi, Richard A. Bennett, and James L. Davis
PDF (206KB)
October (v. 10, no. 10, p. 1)
Evaluating Global Warming: A Post-1990s Perspective
David S. Gutzler
PDF (144KB)
September (v. 10, no. 9, p. 1)
The Cambrian Substrate Revolution
David J. Bottjer (GSA Fellow), James W. Hagadorn, and Stephen Q. Dornbos
PDF (112KB)
August (v. 10, no. 8, p. 1)
Impact Events and Their Effect on the Origin, Evolution, and Distribution of Life
David A. Kring (GSA Fellow)
PDF (113KB)
July (v. 10, no. 7, p. 1)
Hydrothermal Systems: Doorways to Early Biosphere Evolution
Jack D. Farmer
PDF (183KB)
June (v. 10, no. 6, p. 3)
Anatomy of the North Anatolian Fault Zone in the Marmara Sea, Western Turkey: Extensional Basins above a Continental Transform
Ali E. Aksu, Tom J. Calon, Richard N. Hiscott, and Dogan Yasar
PDF (587KB)
May (v. 10, no. 5, p. 1)
Evolution of the Sr and C Isotope Composition of Cambrian Oceans
Isabel P. Montañez (GSA Fellow), David A. Osleger, Jay L. Banner (GSA Fellow), Larry E. Mack, and MaryLynn Musgrove
PDF (113KB)
April (v. 10, no. 4, p. 1)
Vestiges of a Beginning: Clues to the Emergent Biosphere Recorded in the Oldest Known Sedimentary Rocks
Stephen J. Mojzsis, and T. Mark Harrison (GSA Fellow)
PDF (123KB)
March (v. 10, no. 3, p. 1)
An Ocean of Ice-Advances in the Estimation of Past Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean
Leanne K. Armand
PDF (248KB)
February (v. 10, no. 2, p. 1)
Continental Growth, Preservation, and Modification in Southern Africa
R.W. Carlson, F.R. Boyd (GSA Senior Fellow [deceased]), S.B. Shirey (GSA Fellow), P.E. Janney, T.L. Grove, S.A. Bowring, M.D. Schmitz, J.C. Dann, D.R. Bell, J.J. Gurney, S.H. Richardson, M. Tredoux, A.H. Menzies, D.G. Pearson, R.J. Hart, A.H. Wilson, and D. Moser
PDF (128KB)
See also the 1999 Presidential Address by Gail M. Ashley.
January (v. 10, no. 1, p. 1)
1999 Izmit, Turkey Earthquake Was No Surprise
Robert Reilinger, Nafi Toksoz (GSA Senior Fellow), Simon McClusky, and Aykut Barka
PDF (129KB)


December (v. 9, no. 12, p. 1)
Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd: Coastal Effects and Policy Implications
Robert S. Young (GSA Fellow), David M. Bush, Andrew S. Coburn, Orrin H. Pilkey (GSA Senior Fellow), and William J. Cleary
PDF (350KB)
November (v. 9, no. 11, p. 1)
A New Look at the Long-term Carbon Cycle
Robert A. Berner (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (101KB)
October (v. 9, no. 10, p. 1)
Refining Rodinia: Geologic Evidence for the Australia–Western U.S. connection in the Proterozoic
Karl E. Karlstrom (GSA Fellow), Stephen S. Harlan (GSA Fellow), Michael L. Williams (GSA Fellow), James McLelland (GSA Senior Fellow), John W. Geissman (GSA Fellow and 2011 GSA President), and Karl-Inge Åhäll
PDF (555KB)
September (v. 9, no. 9, p. 1)
Does climate change drive mammalian evolution?
Donald R. Prothero (GSA Fellow)
PDF (256KB)
August (v. 9, no. 8, p. 1)
The Late Cretaceous Vertebrate Fauna of Madagascar: Implications for Gondwanan Paleobiogeography
David W. Krause, Raymond R. Rogers, Catherine A. Forster, Joseph H. Hartman, Gregory A. Buckley, and Scott D. Sampson
PDF (443KB)
July (v. 9, no. 7, p. 1)
South Caspian Basin: Young, Cool, and Full of Promise
W.J. Devlin, J.M. Cogswell, G.M. Gaskins, G.H. Isaksen, D.M. Pitcher, D.P. Puls, K.O. Stanley (GSA Fellow [deceased]), and G.R.T. Wall
PDF (741KB)
June (v. 9, no. 6)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue.
May (v. 9, no. 5, p. 1)
Stressed Rock Strains Groundwater at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
David A. Ferrill, James Winterle, Gordon Wittmeyer, Darrel Sims, Shannon Colton, Amit Armstrong, and Alan P. Morris
PDF (520KB)
April (v. 9, no. 4, p. 1)
Floods and sandbars in the Grand Canyon
Ivo Lucchitta (GSA Senior Fellow) and Luna B. Leopold (GSA Senior Fellow and 1972 GSA President [deceased])
PDF (240KB)
March (v. 9, no. 3, p. 1)
A New Magnetic View of Alaska
Richard W. Saltus (GSA Fellow), Travis L. Hudson (GSA Senior Fellow), and Gerald G. Connard
PDF (1.34MB)
February (v. 9, no. 2, p. 1)
Hypercalcification: Paleontology Links Plate Tectonics and Geochemistry to Sedimentology
Steven M. Stanley (GSA Senior Fellow), Lawrence A. Hardie, and Morton K. Blaustein
PDF (231KB)
January (v. 9, no. 1, p. 1)
What If the Conveyor Were to Shut Down? Reflections on a Possible Outcome of the Great Global Experiment
W.S. Broecker (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (146KB)
See also the Presidential Address by Victor R. Baker (a longer version is in GSA Bulletin)


December (v. 8, no. 12, p. 1)
If the Strong Crust Leads, Will the Weak Crust Follow?
Gary J. Axen (GSA Fellow), Jane Selverstone, Timothy Byrne (GSA Fellow), and John M. Fletcher
PDF (391KB)
November (v. 8, no. 11, p. 1)
Gas Hydrates: Greenhouse Nightmare? Energy Panacea or Pipe Dream?
Bilal U. Haq (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (284KB)
October (v. 8, no. 10, p. 1)
Lithoprobe Leads to New Perspectives on Continental Evolution
Ron M. Clowes (GSA Fellow), Fred A. Cook, and John N. Ludden
PDF (1.89MB)
September (v. 8, no. 9, p. 1)
A New Look at Evolutionary Rates in Deep Time: Uniting Paleontology and High-Precision Geochronology
Samuel A. Bowring (GSA Fellow) and Douglas H. Erwin
PDF (298KB)
August (v. 8, no. 8, p. 1)
Slope Failure and Shoreline Retreat During Northern California's Latest El Niño
El Niño Response Group: S.H. Cannon (GSA Fellow), S.D. Ellen, S.E. Graham, R.W. Graymer, M.A. Hampton, J.W. Hillhouse, D.G. Howell (GSA Senior Fellow), A.S. Jayko (GSA Fellow), R.L. LaHusen, K.R. Lajoie, R.J. Pike (lead compiler/editor; GSA Senior Fellow), D.W. Ramsey, M.E. Reid, B.M. Richmond, W.Z. Savage, C.M. Wentworth (GSA Senior Fellow), and R.C. Wilson
PDF (490KB)
July (v. 8, no. 7, p. 1)
Probing the Archean and Proterozoic Lithosphere of Western North America
Deep Probe Working Group: Timothy J. Henstock, Alan Levander (GSA Fellow), Catherine M. Snelson, G. Randy Keller (GSA Senior Fellow), Kate C. Miller (GSA Fellow), Steven H. Harder, Andrew R. Gorman, Ron M. Clowes (GSA Fellow), Michael J.A. Burianyk, and Eugene D. Humphreys (GSA Fellow)
PDF (359KB)
June (v. 8, no. 6)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue.
May (v. 8, no. 5, p. 1)
Comings and Goings of Global Glaciations on a Neoproterozoic Tropical Platform in Namibia
Paul F. Hoffman (GSA Senior Fellow), Alan J. Kaufman (GSA Fellow), and Galen P. Halverson
PDF (673KB)
April (v. 8, no. 4, p. 1)
Antarctic Neogene Landscapes — In the Refrigerator or in the Deep Freeze?
Molly F. Miller (GSA Fellow) and Mark C.G. Mabin
PDF (658KB)
See also the 1997 Presidential Address by George A. Thompson.
March (v. 8, no. 3, p. 1)
Changing Magma Conditions and Ascent Rates during the Soufriere Hills Eruption on Montserrat
M.J. Rutherford, J.D. Devine, and J. Barclay
PDF (639KB)
February (v. 8, no. 2, p. 1)
The Ediacara Biota: A Terminal Neoproterozoic Experiment in the Evolution of Life
Guy M. Narbonne
PDF (628KB)
January (v. 8, no. 1, p. 1)
Environmental Change, Geoindicators, and the Autonomy of Nature
Antony R. Berger
PDF (556KB)


December (v. 7, no. 12, p. 1)
Holocene Sea-Level Change and Early Human Utilization of Deltas
Daniel Jean Stanley (GSA Senior Fellow) and Andrew G. Warne
PDF (905KB)
November (v. 7, no. 11, p. 1)
A Candidate for the Baja British Columbia Fault System in the Coast Plutonic Complex
Lincoln S. Hollister (GSA Senior Fellow) and Christopher L. Andronicos
PDF (428KB)
October (v. 7, no. 10, p. 1)
Postglacial Ponds and Alluvial Fans: Recorders of Holocene Landscape History
Paul Bierman (GSA Fellow), Andrea Lini, Paul Zehfuss, Amy Church, P. Thompson Davis (GSA Fellow), John Southon, and Lyn Baldwin
PDF (596KB)
September (v. 7, no. 9, p. 1)
Soil and Ecosystem Development across the Hawaiian Islands
Peter M. Vitousek, Oliver A. Chadwick, Timothy E. Crews, James H. Fownes, David M. Hendricks, and Darrell Herbert
PDF (408KB)
August (v. 7, no. 8, p. 1)
The Edwards Aquifer: A Resource in Conflict
John M. Sharp Jr. (GSA Senior Fellow and 2007 GSA President) and Jay L. Banner (GSA Fellow)
PDF (420KB)
July (v. 7, no. 7, p. 1)
Evidence for Life in a Martian Meteorite?
Harry Y. McSween Jr. (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (691KB)
June (v. 7, no. 6)
NO SCIENCE ARTICLE - Annual Meeting Issue.
May (v. 7, no. 5, p. 1)
Will Our Ride into the Greenhouse Future be a Smooth One?
Wallace Broecker (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (392KB)
April (v. 7, no. 4, p. 1)
Global Seismic Tomography: A Snapshot of Convection in the Earth
Stephen P. Grand, Rob D. van der Hilst, and Sri Widiyantoro
PDF (584KB)
March (v. 7, no. 3, p. 1)
Debating the Environmental Factors in Hominid Evolution
Craig S. Feibel (GSA Fellow)
PDF (407KB)
February (v. 7, no. 2, p. 1)
Middle East Tectonics: Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Dogan Seber, Marisa Vallvé, Eric Sandvol, David Steer, and Muawia Barazangi
PDF (456KB)
January (v. 7, no. 1, p. 1)
Rodinia to Gondwana: The Geodynamic Map of Gondwana Supercontinent Assembly
Raphael Unrug (GSA Fellow [deceased])
PDF (339KB)
See also the 1996 Presidential Address by Eldridge M. Moores.


December (v. 6, no. 12, p. 1)
STRATA: Freeware for analyzing classic stratigraphic problems
Peter B. Flemings (GSA Fellow) and John P. Grotzinger (GSA Fellow)
PDF (394KB)
November (v. 6, no. 11, p. 1)
Distributed, active extension in Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: Evidence from multibeam bathymetry
Lawrence A. Lawver (GSA Fellow), Benjamin J. Sloan, Daniel H.N. Barker, Marta Ghidella, Richard P. Von Herzen, Randall A. Keller, Gary Klinkhammer, and Carol S. Chin
PDF (347KB)
October (v. 6, no. 10, p. 1)
Out of the icehouse into the greenhouse: A late Paleozoic analog for modern global vegetational change
Robert A. Gastaldo (GSA Fellow), William A. DiMichele (GSA Fellow), and Hermann W. Pfefferkorn (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (512KB)
September (v. 6, no. 9, p. 3)
Imaging Laurentide ice sheet drainage into the deep sea: Impact on sediments and bottom water
Reinhard Hesse (GSA Senior Fellow), Ingo Klaucke, William B.F. Ryan, Margo B. Edwards, David J.W. Piper (GSA Senior Fellow), and NAMOC Study Group: Saeed Khodabakhsh, Larry A. Mayer; Shipboard Participants: J.-F. Boily, B. Chapman, R.B. Davis, J.R. Erickson, D.J. Johnson, C. Keeley, B. Konyukhov, C. Olson Major, K. Parlee, A. Peslier, S. Renaud, S. Ryan, K.L. Sender, R. Sparkes, K. Wagner, and J.S. Won
PDF (409KB)
August (v. 6, no. 8, p. 1)
Hawaii scientific drilling project: Summary of preliminary results
Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project Team: Co-Principal Investigators: D. DePaolo (GSA Senior Fellow), E. Stolper (GSA Senior Fellow), and D. Thomas; Scientific Team: F. Albarède, O. Chadwick, D. Clague (GSA Fellow), M. Feigenson (GSA Fellow), F. Frey, M. Garcia (GSA Fellow), A. Hofmann, B.L. Ingram, B.M. Kennedy, J. Kirschvink, M. Kurz, C. Laj, J. Lockwood (GSA Senior Fellow), K. Ludwig, T. McEvilly, R. Moberly (GSA Senior Fellow), G. Moore (GSA Fellow), J. Moore (GSA Senior Fellow), R. Morin, F. Paillet (GSA Senior Fellow), P. Renne (GSA Fellow), M. Rhodes, M. Tatsumoto, H. Taylor (GSA Senior Fellow), G. Walker (GSA Senior Fellow), and R. Wilkins
PDF (619KB)
July (v. 6, no. 7, p. 1)
The Biosphere and me
Wallace S. Broecker (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (493KB)
May (v. 6, no. 5, p. 1)
Acid trauma at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in eastern Montana
Gregory J. Retallack (GSA Fellow)
PDF (541KB)
April (v. 6, no. 4, p. 1)
Dipping reflectors beneath old orogens: A perspective from the British Caledonides
John H. McBride (GSA Fellow), David B. Snyder, Richard W. England, and Richard W. Hobbs
PDF (595KB)
March (v. 6, no. 3, p. 1)
Development of geographic information systems–oriented databases for integrated geological and geophysical applications
J. Douglas Walker (GSA Fellow), Ross A. Black, Jonathan K. Linn, A.J. Thomas, R. Wiseman, and M.G. D'Attilio
PDF (377KB)
February (v. 6, no. 2, p. 1)
Alternate origins of the Coast Range Ophiolite (California): Introduction and implications
William R. Dickinson (GSA Senior Fellow and 1994 GSA President), Clifford A. Hopson (GSA Senior Fellow), and Jason B. Saleeby
PDF (479KB)
January (v. 6, no. 1, p. 1)
Alamo megabreccia: Record of a Late Devonian impact in southern Nevada
John E. Warme (GSA Senior Fellow) and Charles A. Sandberg (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (701KB)


December (v. 5, no. 12, p. 237)
Seismic images of the core-mantle boundary
Michael E. Wysession
PDF (394KB)
November (v. 5, no. 11, p. 213)
Evidence of collisional processes associated with ophiolite obduction in the eastern Mediterranean: Results from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 160
Co-Chief Scientists: A.H.F. Robertson and K.-C. Emeis; Staff Scientist: C. Ricther; Scientific Participants: M.-M. Blanc-Valleron, I. Bouloubassi, H.-J. Brumsack, A. Cramp, G.J. DeLange,
E. DiStefano, R. Flecker, E. Frankel, M.W. Howell, T.R. Janecek, M.-J. Jurado-Rodriguez, A.E.S. Kemp, I. Koizumi, A. Kopf, C.O. Major, Y. Mart, D.F.C. Pribnow, A. Rabaute, A.P. Roberts,
J.H. Rüllkotter, T. Sakamoto, S. Spezzaferri, T.S. Staerker, J.S. Stoner, B.M. Whiting, and J.M. Woodside
PDF (367KB)
October (v. 5, no. 10, p. 189)
The record of terrestrial impact cratering
Richard Grieve, James Rupert, Janice Smith, and Ann Therriault
PDF (377KB)
September (v. 5, no. 9, p. 169)
Surprise endings to the catastrophism and controversy on the Columbia
Vic Baker (GSA Senior Fellow and 1998 GSA President)
PDF (617KB)
August (v. 5, no. 8, p. 153)
The 1995 Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe), Japan, earthquake
Thomas L. Holzer (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (648KB)
July (v. 5, no. 7, p. 137)
Normal-mode splitting observations from the Great 1994 Bolivia and Kuril Islands earthquakes: Constraints on the structure of the mantle and inner core
Jeroen Tromp
PDF (643KB)
May (v. 5, no. 5, p. 93)
Chasing the paleomonsoon over China: Its magnetic proxy record
Subir K. Banerjee
PDF (549KB)
April (v. 5, no. 4, p. 69)
DDM-SVF: A prototype dynamic digital map of the Springerville Volcanic Field, Arizona
Christopher D. Condit (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (581KB)
March (v. 5, no. 3, p. 45)
Late Devonian oceanic anoxic events and biotic crises: "Rooted" in the evolution of vascular land plants?
Thomas J. Algeo, Robert A. Berner(GSA Senior Fellow), J. Barry Maynard, and Stephen E. Scheckler
PDF (435KB)
February (v. 5, no. 2, p. 25)
Farthest north: Ocean drilling in the Arctic gateway region
Leg 151 Co-Chief Scientists: Annik Myhre and Jörn Thiede (GSA Senior Fellow); Staff Scientist: John Firth; Shipboard Scientific Party: Naokazu Ahagon, Kevin Black, Jan Bloemendal, Garrett Brass, James Bristow, Nancy Chow, Michel Cremer, Linda Davis, Benjamin Flower, Torben Fronval, Julie Hood, Donna Hull, Nalan Koç, Birger Larsen, Mitchell Lyle, Jerry McManus, Suzanne O'Connell, Lisa Osterman, Frank Rack, Tokiyuki Sato, Reed Scherer, Dorothee Spiegler, Ruediger Stein, Mark Tadross, Stephen Wells, David Williamson, Bill Witte, and Thomas Wolf-Welling.
PDF (475KB)
January (v. 5, no. 1, p. 1)
Stability or instability of Antarctic ice sheets during warm climates of the Pliocene?
James P. Kennett (GSA Senior Fellow) and David A. Hodell
PDF (264KB)


December (v. 4, no. 12, p. 289)
Tectonic facies in the archipelago model of intra-plate orogenesis
Kenneth J. Hsü (GSA Honorary Fellow)
PDF (526)
November (v. 4, no. 11, p. 269)
New gravity model for earth science studies
J.R. Heirtzler (GSA Senior Fellow) and J.J. Frawley
PDF (390)
October (v. 4, no. 10, p. 241)
Gold degassing and decomposition at Galeras volcano, Colombia
Fraser Goff (GSA Senior Fellow), James A. Stimac, Adrienne C.L. Larocque, Jeffrey B. Hulen, Gary M. McMurtry, Andrew I. Adams, Alredo Roldán-M., P.E. Trujillo Jr., Dale Counce, Steve J. Chipera, Dave Mann,
and M. Heizler
PDF (724KB)
September (v. 4, no. 9, p. 217)
On the efficacy of humans as geomorphic agents
Roger LeB. Hooke (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (506KB)
August (v. 4, no. 8, p. 201)
Fractal aspects of geomorphic and stratigraphic processes
Donald L. Turcotte (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (488KB)
July (v. 4, no. 7, p. 181)
Alternative hypotheses for the mid-Cretaceous paleogeography of the western Cordillera
Darrel S. Cowan (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (549KB)
May (v. 4, no. 5, p. 129)
Near–real-time seismology: Rapid analysis of earthquake faulting
Thorne Lay, Charles J. Ammon, Aaron A. Velasco, Jeroen Ritsema, Terry C. Wallace, and Howard J. Patton
PDF (635KB)
April (v. 4, no. 4, p. 97)
Acoustic daylight imaging: Vision in the ocean
Michael J. Buckingham and John R. Potter
PDF (574KB)
March (v. 4, no. 3, p. 57)
Metamorphic CO2 degassing and early Cenozoic paleoclimate
Derrill M. Kerrick and Ken Caldeira
PDF (620)
February (v. 4, no. 2, p. 29)
Regular canyon spacing in the submarine environment: The link between hydrology and geomorphology
Daniel L. Orange, Robert S. Anderson, and Nancy A. Breen
PDF (840KB)
January (v. 4, no. 1, p. 1)
A 195 Ma terrane in a 165 Ma sea: Pacific origin of the Caribbean plate
Homer Montgomery, Emile A. Pessagno Jr. (GSA Senior Fellow), and James L. Pindell
PDF (1067KB)


December (v. 3, no. 12, p. 301)
Road salt impacts on ground-water quality—The worst is still to come!
Ken W.F. Howard, Joe I. Boyce, Steve J. Livingstone, and Sean L. Salvatori
PDF (536KB)
November (v. 3, no. 11, p. 277)
Gaia and the colonization of Mars
Lynn Margulis (dedicated to the memory of Heinz A. Lowenstam, 1913–1993)
PDF (860KB)
October (v. 3, no. 10, p. 253)
Landers-Mojave earthquake line: A new fault system?
Amos Nur (GSA Fellow), Hagai Ron, and Greg Beroza
PDF (945KB)
September (v. 3, no. 9, p. 221)
Mapping the magnetic field of the core-mantle boundary: Constraints on the Geodynamo
Jeremy Bloxham
PDF (911KB)
August (v. 3, no. 8, p. 205)
Geologic records in deep sea muds
David K. Rea (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (513KB)
July (v. 3, no. 7, p. 173)
Crater lakes reveal volcanic heat and volatile fluxes
Susan L. Brantley, Anna María Ágústsdóttir, and Gary L. Rowe
PDF (501KB)
May (v. 3, no. 5, p. 117)
Antarctic plate: Tectonics from a gravity anomaly and infrared satellite image
Lawrence A. Lawver (GSA Fellow), Ian W.D. Dalziel (GSA Senior Fellow), and David T. Sandwell (GSA Fellow)
PDF (762KB)
April (v. 3, no. 4, p. 85)
Rise of the Himalaya: A geochronologic approach
Rasoul B. Sorkhabi and Edmund Stump (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (927KB)
March (v. 3, no. 3, p. 53)
Deep drilling of the oceanic crust and upper mantle
John Malpas (GSA Fellow)
PDF (817KB)
February (v. 3, no. 2, p. 29)
It's only topography: Part 2
Ken C. MacDonald (GSA Senior Fellow), Daniel S. Scheirer, Suzanne Carbotte, and P.J. Fox
PDF (730KB)
January (v. 3, no. 1, p. 1)
It's only topography: Part 1
Ken C. MacDonald (GSA Senior Fellow), Daniel S. Scheirer, Suzanne Carbotte, and P.J. Fox
PDF (196KB)


December (v. 2, no. 12, p. 257)
Morphology of the island of Hawaii
James G. Moore (GSA Fellow) and Robert K. Mark
PDF (715KB)
November (v. 2, no. 11, p. 237)
On the organization of American plates in the Neoproterozoic and the breakout of Laurentia
Ian W.D. Dalziel (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (405KB)
October (v. 2, no. 10, p. 213)
Encounters with the land
Lauret E. Savoy (GSA Fellow)
PDF (1168KB)
September (v. 2, no. 9, p. 185)
Aridity, continental weathering, and ground-water chemistry
David T. Long (GSA Senior Fellow) and William Berry Lyons (GSA Fellow)
PDF (781KB)
July (v. 2, no. 7, p. 141)
Long-term controls on eustatic and epeirogenic motions by mantle convection
Michael Gurnis (GSA Fellow)
PDF (682KB)
June (v. 2, no. 6, p. 117)
Tectonics and topography of the western United States—An application of digital mapping
David W. Simpson and Mark Anders
PDF (992KB)
May (v. 2, no. 5, p. 93)
180 million years of subduction
David C. Engebretson, Kevin P. Kelley, Harold J. Cashman, and Mark A. Richards
PDF (544KB)
April (v. 2, no. 4, p. 69)
Cretaceous-Tertiary events and the Caribbean caper
Charles B. Officer (GSA Senior Fellow), Charles L. Drake (GSA Senior Fellow [deceased]), James L. Pindell, and Arthur A. Meyerhoff
PDF (791KB)
February (v. 2, no. 2, p. 25)
The Ross Orogen of the Transantarctic Mountains in light of the Laurentia-Gondwana split
Edmund Stump (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (785KB)


December (v. 1, no. 12, p. 265)
Ocean drilling and accretionary processes
J. Casey Moore (GSA Senior Fellow), Asahiko Taira (GSA Senior Fellow), and Greg Moore (GSA Fellow)
PDF (798KB)
November (v. 1, no. 11, p. 241)
Surface features of central North America: A synoptic view from computer graphics
Richard J. Pike (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (406KB)
October (v. 1, no. 10, p. 213)
Ocean drilling and the volcanic record of hotspots
Robert A. Duncan
PDF (655KB)
September (v. 1, no. 9, p. 185)
Tectonic wedging beneath fore-arc basins: Ancient and modern examples from California and the Lesser Antilles
Jeffrey R. Unruh, Vincent R. Ramirez, Stephen P. Phipps, and Eldridge M. Moores (GSA Senior Fellow and 1996 GSA President)
PDF (491KB)
July (v. 1, no. 7, p. 141)
Ruling reptiles and wandering continents: A global look at dinosaur evolution
Paul C. Sereno
PDF (730KB)
June (v. 1, no. 6, p. 117)
Vibrational spectroscopy of minerals at pressure: Application to the mantle
Anne M. Hofmeister
PDF (420KB)
May (v. 1, no. 5, p. 93)
Hydrogeology: It is
David A. Stephenson (GSA Senior Fellow and 1995 GSA President), Bruce L. Cutright (GSA Senior Fellow), and William W. Woessner (GSA Fellow)
PDF (588KB)
April (v. 1, no. 4, p. 69)
The Precambrian/Cambrian boundary: Magnetostratigraphy and carbon isotopes resolve correlation problems between Siberia, Morocco, and south China
Joseph L. Kirschvink, Mordeckai Magaritz, Robert L. Ripperdan, A. Yu. Zhuravlev, and A. Yu Rozanov
PDF (673KB)
March (v. 1, no. 3, p. 49)
Geology of Venus: A perspective from early Magellan mission results
James W. Head (GSA Senior Fellow) and R. Stephen Saunders
PDF (1172KB)
February (v. 1, no. 2, p. 29)
The gentle art of scientific trespassing
Walter Alvarez (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (516KB)
January (v. 1, no. 1, p. 1)
Fractals in geology: What are they and what are they good for?
Donald L. Turcotte (GSA Senior Fellow)
PDF (378KB)