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Web media

print media option in monthly issues of GSA Today

Includes: Positions Open, Fellowship Opportunities, Opportunities for Students, Scholarship Opportunities.
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  1. Geoscience Job Board (GJB) / Web media 
    Ads run on the GJB for 30 days and longer if requested (billed in 30 day increments) from the post date.
    Ads may be designated as a "Featured Job."
    Added value: ads may run in coinciding monthly print/digital issues of GSA Today.
  2. Boxed Display Job Ad in print issues of GSA Today
    Client may purchase display ad space for advertising a job. Display ad sizes and rates vary, and space must scheduled two months ahead of any issue. See GSA Today Display Rates for information .

In accordance with The Geological Society of America’s (GSA) mission to advance the geosciences and to support the geoscience workforce, GSA offers advertising services. GSA accepts tasteful geoscience-related advertisements that may be of interest to the geoscience community. The Society reserves the right to decline advertising at its sole discretion.

Acceptance of advertising does not in any manner constitute GSA’s endorsement or recommendation of the providers’ products, services, policies, or practices.

Rates & Information

Product / Service Ads
> GSA Today Display Ads monthly print/digital issues
> Annual Meeting Program Book annual print/digital issue

> GeoMart Services & Supplies web page
Classified / Recruitment Job Ads
Classifieds / Recruitment Job ads
Geoscience Job Board/web and GSA Today/print
Digital Ads
Display Ads 
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Ann Crawford
GSA Advertising Manager
+1-800-472-1988, ext. 1053 (toll-free)


Geoscience Job Board (GJB) web media
Price per month
Positions Open, Fellowship, and Scholarship Opportunities $1.40/word; minimum charge $150 (~107 words)
Opportunities for Students - first 190 words 190 words FREE
Opportunities for Students - additional words  additional 30 day postings $1.00/word; minimum charge $50

ADD-ON OPTIONS (adds to price of job ad)
Featured Ad: US$150 / month. Added to cost of job ad. Featured ads sort at the top of the page with a purple highlight band.
Logo: US$50 one-time fee. Added to cost of job ad. Formats: PNG, JPG, or GIF.

Minimum charge per ad per month is US$150 (about 107 words). GSA will calculate cost of ad.
Added value benefit. Free print opportunity when Geoscience Job Board/web posting coincides with month(s) of print issue.
Hyperlinks: more than 5 hyperlinks will be assessed additional fee of $5/each and included in first month cost.
Links are not published independent of any recruitment ad copy. Links must be contained within the client's ad.


GEOSCIENCE JOB BOARD, WEB-MEDIA: Submit anytime. Ads run for 30 days or longer.

Added value option: print issues of GSA Today will be offered when client's GJB ad coincides with a print issue. GJB ad must be scheduled by the 1st of the month, one month prior to the month of next coinciding issue (also applies to cancellations) . Example: Ads for the June issue are due 1 May. Note: March/April combined issue, publishes in March.

How to Submit Job Ads

  1. Send ad copy as a Word attachment (no PDFs) OR in body of email to Be sure to include a title/header for the posting.
  2. GSA Advertising Manager will return cost (per 30 day posting periods) and any options to client, and will send payment form.
  3. Client will let GSA Advertising Manager know what to schedule and return payment to GSA Advertising Manager.
  4. GSA Advertising Manager will post the ad to the Geoscience Job Board after approval and payment are received from client.
  5. Clients do not post ads to the Geoscience Job Board. Payments are not currently submitted via GSA website.

Include complete address, phone number, and e-mail address with all correspondence.


Payment by credit card. US$ funds. Purchase Orders not accepted. Client submits payment to GSA Advertising Manager for processing (payments are not made via GSA website).
All line ad costs are net; no agency discounts.