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Regional Section Meetings

Five or six regional section books are produced each spring as part of the Abstracts with Programs series.

Each volume includes abstracts of all scientific papers presented at its respective meeting. A full program of sessions and events is also included. Author's addresses are given in abstracts and an author index is included.

Advertise in these products to:

  • Connect with leaders and decision-makers in the earth sciences community
  • Regional market outreach
  • Extend your customer base
  • Enhance your marketing presence

In accordance with The Geological Society of America’s (GSA) mission to advance the geosciences and to support the geoscience workforce, GSA offers advertising services. GSA accepts tasteful geoscience-related advertisements that may be of interest to the geoscience community. The Society reserves the right to decline advertising at its sole discretion.

Acceptance of advertising does not in any manner constitute GSA’s endorsement or recommendation of the providers’ products, services, policies, or practices.


Frequency Discounts: Cross frequency is earned between all GSA products.
Annual contracts available — SAVE! Web promotional opportunities available with annual contracts.

Gross Black & White Rates
Ad Size 1 time 3 time 6 time 12 time Dimensions
Full page $354 $336 $319 $297 7" × 10"
1/2 Horizontal $220 $209 $198 $185 7-5/16" × 4-13/16"
1/4 Page $123 $117 $111 $103 3-9/16" × 4-3/4"


Position & Color Rates
Cover 2: $60
Cover 3: $60
Cover 4: $90
Color: Two-color on back cover only; no additional charge

Deadlines & Specifications


Publication dates vary; please call for dates.


Call for information regarding specs for electronic files which will be prepared for direct output. Advertising requiring typesetting and/or artwork will be charged at prevailing rates.

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