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GSA Connection, GeoMart, GSA Today Geoscience Job Board

Geoscience-related organizations may elect to place small banner ads on certain Society e-mail products and web pages for promotion of products & services, meetings & events, educational activities, employment & other opportunities, equipment, books, and other items of interest to the geological community.

Currently, banner ads are accepted in:

Acceptance and placement at discretion of GSA's Advertising Manager and Web Manager.

Advertisers earn cross frequency discounts with banner ads placed in these GSA products.

In accordance with The Geological Society of America’s (GSA) mission to advance the geosciences and to support the geoscience workforce, GSA offers advertising services. GSA accepts tasteful geoscience-related advertisements that may be of interest to the geoscience community. The Society reserves the right to decline advertising at its sole discretion.

Acceptance of advertising does not in any manner constitute GSA’s endorsement or recommendation of the providers’ products, services, policies, or practices.


Banner Ads
1x 3x 6x 12x
Banner Ads $400
per month
per month
per month
per month
Cross frequency is earned with other GSA products.

Discounting may be offered if client is also advertising in other GSA publications.
Exhibitors: special discounts may apply.

Recognized ad agencies: Banner ads are not commissionable.

Special position placement

GSA Connection
Above the fold positioning: 4 placements available
Top position: add $175 [inquire for availability]
2nd-4th position: add $150 position fee

Trivia Answer page: add $200 [inquire for availability]

Top banner position: add $150 [inquire for availability]

GSA Today Geoscience Job Board
Top banner position: add $150 [inquire for availability]


GSA Connection

  • Requests to reserve space must be received by the 20th, one month prior to the issue;
  • final art file is due by the 30th, one month prior to the issue.
  • GSA Connection is released by email about mid-month.


Submit ad any time for posting.

Geoscience Job Board

(Online extension of the GSA Today recruitment /classified ads.)

Send at least 30 days prior to position closing dates; postings in 30 day increments only.

Ad Specifications

100 pixels wide × 200 pixels tall
72 dpi
256 colors
File format: .gif or .jpg
File size: 10kb or less (GSA Connection)
[ no size restriction for GeoMart ]

Animation / rotation available on on GeoMart and the Geoscience Job Board [animated .gif file (no flash); 3 loops]
GSA Connection banner ads must be static.

Ad content must be relevant to the geosciences and in good taste. Keep text to a minimum and make sure it is legible.

Include contact information (web, phone, email) in the ad or link directly to organization website.Client must provide live web page link and assumes responsibility for link accuracy. Links will be made active at no additional charge.

Send as e-mail attachment to company contact name, address, phone number, and e-mail address with all correspondence.


Advertising Manager will contact client with cost of advertisement; provide remittance form and payment information.

Terms: due upon receipt; credit cards are accepted for payment. Client may request invoice to be sent with remittance form.

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