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MS Book and Mineral Co. Recent, Rare, and Out-of-print Books. Geoscience, paleontology, mineralogy, mining history, ore deposits, USGS publications, petroleum, remote sensing, and metallurgy. E-mail: We purchase books and entire collections. MS Book and Mineral Company, P.O. Box 6774, Lake Charles, LA 70606-6774 USA.

Mountain Press. Wonder. Explore. Discover. Mountain Press publishes nonfiction books on geology, natural history, and the history of the western United States for children and adults. We are known for our geology series, such as Roadside Geology, Geology Underfoot, and Geology Rocks. 728-1900, 800-234-5308.

GSA Member-Author Books

GSA Member Authors. Inquire about having your book title listed here. Contact GSA GeoMart Advertising ( for information.

Labs and Instrumentation

Bartington Instruments logo

Instrumentation.Environmental Magnetics (Magnetic Susceptibility System); Paleomagnetics (PSM Portable Spinning Magnetometer). U.S. Distributor: ASC Scientific.;

Beckman Coulter Inc. High-resolution laser diffraction particle size analyzers offering a variety of sizing ranges and sample delivery options.

Beta Analytic Inc. ISO 17028-accredited Beta Analytic Inc. is a dedicated radiocarbon dating (AMS) laboratory.


Stable isotope lab at Duke (DEVIL) analyzing for 13C, 15N, 18O, 2H in plants, animal tissues, soils, carbonates, phosphates, waters, carbon dioxide, methane (dissolved gases or mixtures in air). Contact Jon Karr,, 919-660-7418,

Fritsch. Milling and Sizing. Your Partner in the Laboratory. We are one of the leading manufacturers of application-oriented laboratory instruments worldwide for Sample Preparation and Particle Sizing. Our customers are organizations which are involved in research and quality control for solids.

GeoSep Services. Quality Mineral Separations and Analytical Services: Fission Track and Zircon UPb. Dedicated to providing high-quality mineral separations along with apatite and zircon fission track+UPb analyses to support the international geochronology/thermochronology community.; or +1-208-669-0727.

Isomass Scientific Inc. Our business revolves around supplying well-proven, world-class scientific instruments and providing the support required by our customer to obtain the very best of analytical results.

Isotopx Inc. The premier manufacturer of TIMS and Noble Gas MS instrumentation. Isotopx also provides electronics and software upgrades for a wide range of older noble gas mass spectrometers.

Geochron and indicator mineral extractions from rock and sediments. ODM’s highly experienced mineral processing lab produces research-grade products for all geochron methods. Our electric-pulse disaggregation (“EPD”) service provides contamination-free liberation of mineral grains from rock. Affordable with quick turn-around. For more details please visit 1-613-226-1771;

Proto Manufacturing Ltd. PROTO’s powder X-ray diffractometers provide accurate results for all your applications.

Rigaku Americas Corp. Rigaku has a complete line of X-ray diffraction, X-ray flluorescence instruments and components.

Sensors & Software Inc. Designs and manufactures ground penetrating radar (GPR) products for customers worldwide.

SPEX SamplePrep LLC For over 65 years SPEX SamplePrep has been providing superior sample preparation equipment and supplies for spectroscopists.

Thermo Fisher Scientific. We proudly offer the world’s largest geosciences research portfolio, ready and waiting for your next discovery.

Equipment and Supplies

American Elements logoAmerican Elements is the world’s manufacturer of engineered & advanced materials with a catalogue of over 16,000 products including high purity crystal-grown materials, semiconductors, metals and compounds for photovoltaics, lasers, optics, solar energy, and fuel cells.


ASC Scientific. Manufacturer and supplier of geology field, laboratory and geomagnetic research equipment.

Lane Scientific

Permanent Specimen Protection. Lane Science Equipment cabinets. First choice throughout the world for specimen preservation. New York, 212-563-0663;

Obvious in Hindsight Design. The MultiBoard Geology Kit. Fieldwork made easier. The MultiBoard is an innovative field binder that combines a clipboard, mapboard, and binder in one.

Plateau Design. Durable, lightweight field pouches designed by a geologist for all field work. (831) 515-8022,,


1 World Maps

1-World Globes & Maps provides the world's largest online selection of geographic globes and classroom maps, including raised-relief maps and globes, map wall murals, history map sets and celestial and terrestrial teaching aids. Visit or

Teaching Aids

Little River logo

Little River Research & Design River process geomodels. Hands-on tools for science education and research. Visit

Real World Globes. Dry Erase globes for lab, classroom, and brainstorming. Seafloor Magnetic Anomaly globe introduction.

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