2020 Joint Section Meeting

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Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations

Most oral sessions have 20 minutes per presentation (17 minutes, presentation; 3 minutes, question and discussion). Presentations must be prepared using PowerPoint or PDF formats, using a 16:9 screen ratio. One laptop with Windows 7 (no Macs available) with PowerPoint 2010, one LCD projector, and one screen is provided for all oral sessions. In addition, each room is equipped with a lectern, microphone, wireless computer mouse and PowerPoint advancer, and a speaker timer.

Speaker Ready Room

All oral session presenters must visit the Speaker Ready Room in the Town Center Room A–B before their scheduled presentation to ensure their PowerPoint or PDF file is properly configured and operating, and load it on one of the laptops. Failure to do so may result in presentations being omitted from sessions. Speaker Ready Room hours are as follows:

Thursday, 19 March 4–8:30 p.m.
Friday, 20 March 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
Saturday, 21 March 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
Sunday, 22 March 7–2 p.m.

Each speaker must bring his or her PowerPoint or PDF presentation on a USB-compatible flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive or memory stick) to the Speaker Ready Room to upload to the appropriate session folder according to the deadlines below. Morning presentations must be uploaded by the end of the day prior to the presentation. All afternoon presentations must be uploaded by noon on the day of the presentation.

Poster Presentations

Poster Sessions are located in the Grand Ballroom A–D and in Lake Anne, and the Grand Ballroom E–G on Sunday afternoon only. Poster presenters have one 4' x 8' horizontal (landscape) poster display surface. Please check the program for specific times and locations. Numbers on the display surfaces correspond to the poster booth numbers listed in the Program. Push pins are recommended to mount posters, and some pins are furnished for each poster board.

Session Chair Orientations

Each Session Chair is requested to attend a 15-minute “Session Chairs Orientation” held in Reston C, from 7–7:15 a.m. on the morning of the day on which your session is to take place. This meeting will include a review of session time management, AV procedures, and other information affecting the conduct of the day’s sessions. Session chairs are asked to strictly adhere to the technical program schedule and to limit speakers to their allotted time. If a speaker does not appear for an assigned time slot, session chairs should call a break or discussion period and begin the following presentation at its scheduled time.
A student volunteer is assigned to each oral session. Session chairs are asked to meet with the assigned student volunteer before the start of the session. The volunteers are there to help the sessions run smoothly and to contact the AV Coordinator in the event of technical problems.

Technical Sessions

Please direct questions related to the following sessions to the Technical Program co-chairs, Chuck Bailey, cmbail@wm.edu, or Wendell Barner, wendell.barner@gmail.com.


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Abstracts Due:
10 December

Early Registration Ends:
18 February

Hotel Deadline:
26 February