promoting Respectful Inclusive Scientific Events

GSA is committed to providing a professional environment at all of our events, welcoming people from diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging points of view.

Attending GSA events is a privilege, and we expect all attendees and participants to comply with the Events Code of Conduct and live up to GSA’s pledge to provide Respectful, Inclusive Scientific Events (RISE).

Do your part to promote a safe, respectful, professional meeting!

1. Read and comply with the Events Code of Conduct;

2. Remember that GSA will not tolerate:

  • Harassment, intimidation, bullying, or discrimination in any form, including: comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or national origin; sexual images in public spaces or presentations; unwelcome physical contact;
  • Real or implied threats, stalking, intimidation, or physical or verbal abuse;
  • Behaviors that disrupting presentations at oral or poster sessions, in the exhibit hall, on field trips, or at other events organized by GSA at the meeting venue, hotels, or other GSA-contracted facilities;
  • Taking pictures or making audio or video recordings after a presenter or convener has communicated that such images are not allowed;
  • Drinking or using other intoxicants to excess or to the extent that your ability to act professionally is compromised.

Speak up if you experience or witness inappropriate or unprofessional behavior.

GSA will follow up on every report of improper conduct under the Events Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to remove offenders from our events without refund and to take other disciplinary steps we find necessary and appropriate.

If you are the target of or witness improper conduct, please let us know immediately by:

  • Making a report to the GSA Events Code Hotline by emailing ethics@geosociety.org or calling +1-720-507-7523;
  • Notifying anyone at our events who is wearing a RISE button;
  • Notifying any GSA leader with whom you feel comfortable, including but not limited to GSA’s Executive Director, President, Councilor, Division or Section leader, or field trip leader.

Download the GSA Diversity Button

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