RISE Liaisons

RISE Liaisons play an important role in making GSA meetings safe, respectful, and inclusive.

These volunteers wear visible RISE pins at our meetings to signify that they have completed a training session on what to do if they receive a complaint or learn about inappropriate conduct.

Who may serve as a RISE Liaison?

All GSA members, staff, and others in good standing, defined below, may serve as RISE Liaisons.

Many GSA staff members are expected to act as RISE Liaisons, and we strongly encourage all GSA leaders, including councilors, committee members, and Section leaders, to serve in this important role.

Good Standing

To be in good standing, RISE Liaisons must certify that they are not under investigation for professional misconduct of the type covered in GSA's Code of Ethics and that no court, regulatory agency, employer, or other public or private entity has issued a restriction, sanction, ban, or any other form of discipline against them based on a finding that you engaged in such professional misconduct.

What steps are needed to become a RISE Liaison?

  1. Watch the 15-minute RISE Liaison Training Video
  2. Complete the RISE Liaison Training Verification form
  3. Read the RISE Liaison Tips after you have completed the training, if you’d like a refresher.

RISE Liaison Training