2017 NE/NC GSA Joint Section Meeting

Shale Gas Production: Views from h2e Energy Roller Coaster
19–21 March 2017 • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Omni William Penn Hotel


Direct your workshop proposals to the workshop coordinator: Timothy Fisher.

1. 3D Printing of Terrain Models. 
March 18, 1-4 p.m. Fee: $40 Professional & $30 Student
Chris Harding, Iowa State Univ., charding@iastate.edu.
Description: Hands-on instruction on how to create 3D terrain models suitable for 3D printing from public DEM raster data such as the USGS NED 10 m dataset. We will use a combination of several free software tools: QGIS, Blender, MeshLab, and MakerWare Desktop. Participants should bring a laptop with these tools already installed.

2. Geologic Overview and Environmental Considerations in Marcellus and Utica-Point Pleasant Exploration & Production. 
March 18

3. Ground Penetrating Radar for the Earth Sciences
March 18, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Fee: $60 Professional & $40 Studen (lunch included)
Harry M. Jol, Univ. of Wisconsin, jolhm@uwec.edu.
Description: Our goal in this workshop is to demonstrate how ground penetrating radar (GPR) can aid in better understanding different geologic, geomorphic, and geoarchaeological environments. This hands-on session with in-class exercises will provide an overview of GPR theory, data collection procedures, processing flow, and interpretation based on radar stratigraphic concepts.

4. An Introduction to QGIS and Geoscience Applications. 
March 18, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Fee: $60 Professional & $40 Student (lunch included)
John G. Van Hoesen, Green Mountain College, vanhoesenj@greenmtn.edu.
Description: The utility of leveraging a GIS to explore spatial relationships within geologic data is well-documented and has resulted in increased incorporate of geospatial exercises throughout the geoscience education. QGIS is an open-source alternative to the more common proprietary options and offers a powerful suite of tools for exploring and visualizing geologic data. This workshop will first give participants an introduction to the QGIS interface and then primarily focus on relevant tools available from the GDAL, GRASS, and SAGA libraries accessible through the QGIS Processing Toolbox. This will be a hands-on workshop providing participants an opportunity to explore an additional tool for supporting either teaching or research activities.

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