Iowa State University
View of the Campanile on the Iowa State University campus.
Photograph by Bri Gerke.

The 52nd Annual Meeting of GSA’s North-Central Section returns to the location of its 30th Annual Meeting at the Iowa State University Conference Center in the Scheman Building, located at 1805 Center Dr, Ames, Iowa, on the campus of Iowa State University, in Ames, Iowa, USA. As a premiere university-based convention and meeting location, Ames is centrally located in America’s Heartland. Known for one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, Iowa State University is easy to navigate, and the Conference Center offers easy access to community and campus amenities. Whether you’re looking for unique dining options or distinctive shopping experiences, you’ll enjoy the Midwestern hospitality in Ames. If you’re driving, Ames is easily accessible from both I-35 and I-80. If flying, the Des Moines International Airport is served by all major airlines and is 45 minutes from Ames by car. We look forward to presentations and posters that highlight advancements in the geosciences, including current or emerging research issues at the boundary of geoscience and related disciplines.

Thank You, Meeting Sponsors!

S.S. Papadopulos
Iowa State College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Iowa State Geological & Atmospheric Sciences
Iowa Limestone Producers Association, Inc.
Braun Intertec


General Chair:
William Simpkins,

Vice Chair and Sponsorship:
Alan Wanamaker,

Technical Program Co-Chairs:
Neal Iverson,
Kristie Franz,

Short Course/Workshop Co-Chairs:
Yuyu Zhou,
Chris Harding,

Field Trip Co-Chairs:
Franciszek Hasiuk,
Aaron Wood,

DeAnn Frisk,

Betsy Swanner,

Student Volunteers:
Suzanne Ankerstjerne,

K–12 and Informal Education Co-Chairs:
Beth Caissie,
Aaron Wood,

Activities Co-Chairs:
Jacqueline Reber,
Jane Dawson,

Student Judging:
Paul Spry,

IT Liaison:
Mark Mathison,