An OTF mentor and mentee at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.
An OTF mentor and mentee at the GSA 2019 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mentors are a key part of the OTF experience. Create a profile to volunteer this year at the Annual Meeting.


Mentor Role

  • Be a mentor to an OTF student for the duration of the Annual Meeting.
  • Guide a student who has never attended the meeting before, and share your professional and personal experiences in the geosciences. See the Discussion Guide for conversation topics.
  • Introduce your mentee to your network or others in the field (5 contacts).
  • Be open to non-traditional views that an OTF mentee might have.

How to Sign Up

  • Create a profile in the mentor platform once you are registered for the upcoming Annual Meeting. All mentor-mentee matches are through this student-driven online network.
  • Once you accept a mentor request, contact your mentee 1-2 weeks before the Annual Meeting to introduce yourself and set up a time to meet with your mentee daily at the meeting.
  • The end of the conference will be the end of the mentorship. If you would like to stay in contact, speak with your mentee directly.

OTF Contact:

Elizabeth Long, Associate Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion