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A group sits at a round table listening to one member speak at GSA Annual Meeting.
OTF participants at the GSA 2019 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Applying is easy. Simply determine your eligibility and complete the online application.

Deadline: 28 May 2021


Application deadline passed.

Note about GSA Connects 2021

GSA Connects 2021 is currently being planned as an in-person meeting with online components, but we are ready to pivot to a fully online meeting if needed. Read GSA’s official statement here. Nevertheless, OTF will award full meeting registration, membership, and other costs which may include travel and/or lost wages for attending the meeting should the meeting be fully online.


Eligible applicants meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate/graduate student at an accredited North American institution or a recent college graduate who resides in North America.
  • From a community underrepresented in the geosciences, such as low-income, ethnic, minority, first generation, non-traditional, women, veterans, LGBTQ+, and/or persons with disabilities.
  • Never attended a GSA annual meeting.

Application Details

  1. Application Questions:
    • Explain your academic and professional goals and how your attendance to the GSA Connects meeting will help you reach these goals.
    • Describe your financial need, indicate how much you are requesting, and how these funds will be used. Explain your plan to find additional funds to support your travel to the GSA Connects meeting. Use this budget template and associated tips to help you answer this question. Read through the Funding Guide for suggestions.
    • Explain why you are requesting these funds. In addition, please explain any hardships you may have encountered and how you have responded to those hardships that would make you a deserving awardee.
    • If awarded, you will choose a mentor to meet with each day of the meeting. What are your expectations for your mentoring experience such as advice on academic or career trajectory, navigating the meeting, networking, resume/cv advice, research, or other expectations you may have?
    • Explain how you can enrich GSA’s goal to support a diverse and inclusive geoscience community (300 characters)? Read through GSA's Position Statement on Diversity if you do not know how to answer this question.
  2. One Letter of Recommendation

OTF Contact:

Jazzy Graham-Davis, OTF/Diversity Program Coordinator

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