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About On To the Future

On To the Future celebrates the growing diversity of the GSA community and the importance of GSA's student membership through inviting, supporting, and mentoring an increased number of students from diverse backgrounds to their first GSA meeting. This community is designed to provide a place for OTF students to gain exposure to the wide array of geoscience research and career options available. It is intended to facilitate effective mentoring relationships and networking opportunities to help OTF students become engaged leaders in the scientific and professional community.

Initiated in 2013 by the GSA Diversity in the Geosciences Committee with strong support from the GSA President, Council, and Foundation, the program formed part of GSA's 125th celebrations. With funding from individual members and donors, corporate sponsors, and GSA’s Sections, Divisions and Associated Societies, OTF will continue to support underrepresented students to attend the GSA Annual Meeting.

On To the Future Goals

  • To enable a cohort of diverse students to attend their first GSA Annual Meeting.
  • To provide students with information, activities, and opportunities in career and leadership development to increase the pool of participants in the global geoscience workforce.
  • To build and sustain relationships among all OTF students through ongoing opportunities for community service and career development.
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On To the Future Facts

  • OTF aims to award 75 students annually and has supported over 500 students attend their first GSA Annual Meeting.
  • OTF aims not only for diversity of our students but in the geographic areas they come from: 24% from GSA’s Cordilleran Section; 17% North Central Section; 15% Northeast Section; 12% Rocky Mountain Section; 17% South Central Section; and 15% Southeast Section. See graphic.
  • The average award is $507 with awards ranging from $50 - $1,000.
  • 51% of students are First Generation students (the first in their families to attend college); 64% non-Caucasian; 7% veterans; and 4% students with disabilities. See graphic.
  • 65% of students are undergraduates; 20% Master’s students; 11% PhD students; and 2% high school students. See graphic.

OTF Contact:

Tahlia Bear
Career and Diversity Officer
Geological Society of America
3300 Penrose Place
Boulder, CO 80301

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