GeoCorps Resources

Participant Resources

Congratulations on your acceptance into the GeoCorps program!

Pre-Program Materials

Before beginning a project, each participant is expected to review and/or submit the following documents.

  1. Participant Handbooks (Include the GeoCorps Gear List!)
  2. GeoCorps (BLM & U.S. Forest Service)
    BLM DHA-RAI Program
  3. Participant Pre-Program Surveys
    To be completed before starting the project, to inform GSA of expectations, etc.
    BLM Survey
    U.S. Forest Service Survey
  4. Participant Hours Spreadsheet (Excel)
    To be used to keep track of project hours. Use of this spreadsheet is not a substitute for submitting hours through the official time sheet system, and is optional.

Program Resources

Alumni Resources

Post-Program Materials

Once your assignment is over, you must provide the following to GSA:

  1. Final Report Guidelines and Template (PDF)
    Must be filled out and returned as an e-mail attachment, or shared through cloud sharing service.
    BLM Interim & Final Reports
    U.S. Forest Service Interim & Final Reports
  2. Post-Program/Evaluation Survey (Online Form)
    BLM Post-Program/Evaluation Survey
    U.S. Forest Service Participant Post-Program/Evaluation Survey
  3. Sponsor Thank-You Letter
    Example Letters (PDF)
  4. Five to 10 high-resolution digital photos
    See photo guidelines and enter photo captions in Final Report Document
    Photograph Examples
  5. Share the Experience Photo Contest
    GeoCorps participants are encouraged to submit photos to the nationwide "Share the Experience" contest, which seeks images that highlight the best of America's public lands.
  6. Materials Produced (if applicable)
    Provide one copy of each item you produced for your project, such as presentations (PowerPoint), maps, brochures, lesson plans, reports, data sheets, and so forth.

If you wish to publish or present work completed as part of your project you must:

  1. Get permission from your agency mentor
  2. This must be the agency staff member listed as the primary or secondary contact for your project.
  3. Complete a form confirming you have permission to publish/present your work (Online Form)
  4. If you wish to present at the GSA Annual Meeting this form must be submitted by the deadline to submit abstracts.
    GSA Field Experience Programs: Permission to Publish/Present Work 

Contact Information

Matt Dawson

GeoCorps Program Manager: Matthew Dawson
Phone: +1-303-357-1025
E-mail: Address: 3300 Penrose Place, P.O. Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301
FAX: +1-303-357-1070