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GeoCorps Application Profile

While most opportunities closed after 3 February this season, check and see if there are any current GeoCorps opportunities to apply for now.

Spring/summer positions are posted in early December; applications are due at the beginning of February. Occasionally, select fall/winter positions are posted in early May; applications are due at the beginning of July.

The button above allows you to begin and return to your application profile. GSA recommends setting up your online application and adding your project selections early after the application period opens. We have recently updated our application process so that projects can accept the first 100 applicants. 


Eligibility &

Applicants must meet the following to apply:

  • Be at least 18 years old by the time they plan to participate.
  • Be either a U.S. citizen or U.S. lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder).
  • Be able to pass a federal background check and an employment background check from our program's staffing partner.
  • Possess a valid U.S. driver's license, and have a current and valid auto insurance policy.
  • GeoCorps participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Learn more.

You do not need to be a GSA member to apply. Joining GSA helps you find the connections and resources you need to confidently pursue a fulfilling geoscience career. It can also make it easier to apply for GSA member programs like the J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarships in the future, because the common application information you enter under your member ID will be available to edit when applying.

Online Application System

Tip Sheet
How to Apply
  • We accept applications through the online system only; materials sent by email or regular mail will not be accepted.
  • The How To Apply Guide is an easy-to-use resource for navigating how to create and complete your application.
  • The Application Worksheet provides a preview of questions candidates are required to answer.
  • The Application Tip Sheet gives advice on how to successfully submit an application.
  • You can login to your application profile and view your home page anytime during the application period, it will list the completion status of the different GeoCorps application components.
  • You will need to complete only one set of GeoCorps program application questions, even if you apply for more than one GeoCorps project.
  • You can apply for up to 10 GeoCorps projects per season by adding them to your GSA application profile. Make sure you are logged into your application profile before adding projects.
  • You must provide a cover letter for each project that you apply for. You can add a cover letter below where the project title appears in your application profile. The cover letter can be addressed to the Primary and Secondary Contact listed in each project description, or it can be more generally addressed to the project mentors at the project location. It should not be addressed to GSA staff.
  • One letter of recommendation is required; you may include up to three. You will send recommendation requests via the application profile. Recommendations must be submitted electronically through the online application system. GSA advises you contact your references early on and ask if they can provide a strong recommendation for you, and then launch the recommendation requests via your application profile. This helps ensure there is adequate time to complete recommendations by the deadline. It is a good idea to request two to three recommendations so you have at least one as a backup.
  • You must enter a list of your relevant courses and grades directly into the online system. Detailed instructions are provided once you set up your application profile. Please do not send transcripts; they will not be considered as part of your application.
  • You can modify your application profile at any time before the application deadline. All application profiles will be considered final after the posted deadline.
  • Each GeoCorps project will only accept the first 100 applicants. After 100 individuals have selected to apply for a single GeoCorps project, the project will automatically stop accepting additional applicants. GSA recommends setting up your online application and adding your project selections early in the application process.
  • Any application materials received (not submitted, but received) after the deadline will not be considered. Incomplete applications cannot be guaranteed consideration.

What to Expect after Applying

Tip Sheet
  • Agency supervisors will begin to contact and interview select applicants about three weeks after the application deadline.
  • Project offers will be made about six weeks after the application deadline.
  • If you will be out of town (for spring break, field work, etc.) during the interview and selection process, make sure you are accessible either by phone or email so that you do not miss a potential interview.
  • When a position is filled, GSA will update the project's status on the GeoCorps projects page. We will also send an email to project applicants about the position being filled.
  • Selected participants can only accept one project offer per season.


Contact Lesley Petrie and Matt Dawson.

Sign up for GeoCorps America e-News to get notified when you can apply for GeoCorps positions. This list is used just a few times a year to alert potential applicants about when projects are being posted and applications are being accepted. We also make program-related announcements in the GeoScene, which is a monthly email digest designed for geoscience students and early career professionals.