Agency Supervisor Mentoring Resources

Agency Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Prepare and post your project proposal on GSA's online application system.
  • Review applications electronically and conduct phone interviews with top candidates.
  • Select a candidate to participate in your program.
  • Coordinate start / end dates with participant. Projects should be a minimum of 10 weeks long.
  • Coordinate a daily work schedule with participant. Outline:
    • End product/results/desired outcome;
    • Weekly timeline & reporting;
    • On-site resources to complete project; and
    • Be very specific and clear about project objectives.
  • Explain training and vehicle guidelines.
  • Explain the housing arrangement when the offer is initially made.  For on-site housing, provide guidelines, directions, and the key prior to arrival. If a housing allowance is provided and the participant needs to find his or her own housing, please provide them with help locally and make the housing allowance amount clear.
  • Prior to arrival, send the participant:
    • An itemized list of what to bring;
    • Clear project objectives and background information on project;
    • Information about the site (history, district, geology of area, related on-going projects); and
    • Directions to your office.
  • Supervise participants. Weekly check-in is critical to make sure they are on track with project. Be a MENTOR!
  • Contact GSA immediately if any problems arise with the participant.
  • Contact GSA immediately if the participant leaves earlier than the agreed upon work project.
  • Since GSA sends the stipend & housing allowance payments to participants, contact GSA immediately if the situation changes and involves changes in payments.
  • Wrap-up session with participant:
    • Any agency reporting;
    • Check-out of agency housing;
    • Return uniform (if applicable); and
    • Allow time to work on GSA required final materials (final report, evaluation to GSA).
  • Submit an evaluation to GSA at end of the program
  • Provide GSA with electronic copies of all completed products (reports, trail guides, interpretive talks, etc.).

Guest Scientist Program Overview

The GeoCorps Guest Scientist Program has evolved as a branch of GeoCorps America. Traditionally, most GeoCorps participants have been university students for whom it is beneficial to spend time during the summer on a public land gaining on-the-ground experience in geoscience-related fields.

However, many public lands have needs for a higher level of expertise, or for a longer-term project than a three-month GeoCorps project can offer. Through the Guest Scientists program, lands are able to submit geoscience-related projects that require up to one year’s time and/or expertise within a specific field.

GSA Contact Information

Education and Outreach Program Coordinator: Lesley Petrie
Education Programs Manager: Matt Dawson

Mailing Address:
Geological Society of America - GeoCorps
P.O. Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301, USA

Physical Address:
Geological Society of America - GeoCorps
3300 Penrose Place
Boulder, CO 80301, USA