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A young woman makes observations on a blackened snowfield.

GSA provides approachable events, high-impact publications, and inspiring programs that build community and advance geoscience.


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Membership Dues:

Professional with a Bachelor's degree in geology, a related field, or equivalent work experience.

Early Career Professional

Membership Dues:

In the past six years received a degree in geology or related science and not planning to re-enter an academic program.


Membership Dues:

Undergraduate or graduate student enrolled and majoring in geology or a related science.

K-12 Teacher

Membership Dues:

Currently employed as a teacher at an elementary or secondary-level institution.


Membership Dues:

Interest in geology but neither studying nor working in the geosciences or related field.

Membership Dues

Your dues help support scientific discovery, programs for students and early career professionals, premier meetings, and networking in an active geoscience community.

* Dues are in U.S. dollars and may be reduced based on country economic classifications according to the World Bank. View list of eligible countries. For newly joining members, dues rates are adjusted to reflect the month joined.

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Lifetime membership option eliminates annual membership renewals and ensures against future dues increases. Find out more.

Membership is on an anniversary basis.

Membership dues are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions; however, your dues may be deductible as a business or other itemized expense.


High Income Country Dues

Member Category Dues
Professional $110
Early Career Professional $55
Student $25
K–12 Teacher, or Affiliate $45

Upper-Middle and Low Income Country Dues

Member Category Upper-Middle Income
Low Income
Professional $25 $20
Early Career Professional $11 $6
Student, K–12 Teacher, or Affiliate $11 $6
Member Category High Income
Upper-Middle Income
Low Income
Professional $110 $25 $20
Early Career Professional $55 $11 $6
Student $25 $11 $6
K–12 Teacher, or Affiliate $45 $11 $6
Senior Members/Fellows
(65 years of age or older, and a member for 25 or more years)
$45 $20 $20
Senior Members/Fellows
(70 years of age or older, and a member for 30 or more years)
$0 $0 $0

Affiliations (Expand to add to your membership)


To pay Division dues, please contact Sales & Service at or +1-800-472-1988.

Members may belong to as many Divisions as they like. Division dues are waived for senior members, senior Fellows, and Students. Affiliate members pay Professional rate, and K-12 Teacher members pay Early Career Professional (ECP) rate.

Division Professional/
Early Career
Continental Scientific Drilling $10 $5 Free
Energy Geology $10 $5 Free
Environmental and Engineering Geology $10 $5 Free
Geoarchaeology $10 $5 Free
Geobiology & Geomicrobiology $10 $5 Free
Geochronology $10 $5 Free
Geoinformatics and Data Science $10 $5 Free
Geology and Health $10 $5 Free
Geology & Society $10 $5 Free
Geophysics and Geodynamics $10 $5 Free
Geoscience Education $10 $5 Free
History and Philosophy of Geology $10 $5 Free
Hydrogeology $10 $5 Free
Karst $10 $5 Free
Limnogeology $10 $5 Free
Marine and Coastal Geoscience Division $10 $5 Free
Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division $10 $5 Free
Planetary Geology $10 $5 Free
Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology $10 $5 Free
Sedimentary Geology $10 $5 Free
Soils and Soil Processes $10 $5 Free
Structural Geology & Tectonics $10 $5 Free

To pay Section dues, please contact Sales & Service at or +1-800-472-1988.

All members get one free Section affiliation with their membership, and can then purchase additional Section affiliations for $3.

  • Cordilleran
  • North-Central
  • Northeastern
  • Rocky Mountain
  • South-Central
  • Southeastern

GSA Section Map
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International is an informal member group that primarily communicates via GSA’s online Member Community regarding scientific interests and opportunities.

To pay International dues, please contact Sales & Service at or +1-800-472-1988.

International, $5

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Contact GSA Sales and Service at or +1-800-472-1988.


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