Cordilleran Section

Best Student Papers

The Cordilleran Section recognizes the high quality of science being presented at our meetings in general, and by our student members in particular. The Section acknowledges this excellence by awarding Best Paper and Honorable Mention awards for student presentations in each of the following four categories: Undergraduate Poster, Undergraduate Oral, Graduate Poster, and Graduate Oral. If Professional members are interested in participating in evaluating these presentations, please contact the Section Chair, or the Local Organizing Committee Chair.

2019 Awardees

Katherine A. Alexander, Western Washington University, Graduate Poster Presentation
Rates and kinematics of active crustal faults in the central Oregon Cascades

Peter M. Zander, California State University, Sonoma, Undergraduate Poster Presentation

Daniel O'Hara, University of Oregon, Graduate Poster Presentation, Runner-up
Volcanic topography covaries with subsurface magmatic structures through time in the Cascades arc of the western U.S.

Jazzy M. Graham-Davis, Portland State University, Undergraduate Poster Presentation, Runner-up

2015 Awardees

Kyle Milke, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Undergraduate Poster
Transport mechanisms of metal-bearing historic mine tailings in a semi-arid environment

Riley Witte, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Undergraduate Oral Presentation
Evaluating potential for recovery of Te as a byproduct of Au extraction at the Golden Sunlight Mine (Whitehall, MT)

Nicole Knight, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Graduate Oral Presentation
An assessment of tellurium in semi-arid mine tailings at Delamar, Nevada: Implications for human and ecosystem health

Benjamin Johnson, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Graduate Oral Presentation
Early Paleozoic assembly of the north slope subterrane: Evidence from an accretionary complex exposed in the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska

Gabriela Ferreira, Portland State University, Graduate Poster
Arsenic mobilization from silicic volcanic rocks in the southern Willamette Valley

2011 Awardees

Jessica Bruns, California Polytechnic University-Pomona, Undergraduate Poster
Rare Earth Mineralization of Southern Clark County, Nevada

Brad Pitcher, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington, Undergraduate Poster
Crustal Assimilation in the Recent Mt. Etna Magma Plumbing System: Evidence From in Situ Plagioclase Textural And Compositional Data

Zachary Anderson, U.S. Geological Survey, Flagstaff, Arizona, Graduate Poster
Structural and Kinematic Analysis of Miocene Rocks, Black Canyon, Arizona and Nevada

Rachael Hunt, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington, Graduate Poster
Documenting the Origin of Compositional Diversity of Subduction Zone Magmatism, Alicudi, Aeolian Arc (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) Using in situ Plagioclase Data

2010 Awardees

Jeanette Arkle, California State University, Fullerton, Outstanding Graduate Oral Presentation
Focused exhumation in the Southern Alaska Syntaxis

Sarah Nagorsen, Central Washington University, Honorable Mention, Graduate Oral Presentation
Fault kinematics in the Western Mina Deflection: field studies in the Adobe Hills, California

Pamela Clay, San Jose State University, Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation
Tectonic implications of ductile shear zones in the Jurassic Keiths Dome Pluton, Northern Sierra Nevada Batholith, California

Chris Kohel, San Diego State University, Honorable Mention, Graduate Poster Presentation
Forearc basin evolution of the Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous Eugenia Formation: new mapping in the Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California Sur

Nathan Evenson, Carleton College, Outstanding Undergraduate Oral Presentation
U-Pb zircon geochronology and provenance of the Paleogene–Neogene Kootznahoo Formation, southeast Alaska

Tyanna Schlom, California State University, Fullerton, Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Earthquake magnitude and recurrence from scarp morphology, Eureka Valley Fault Zone, Eastern California

Michael Prior, California State University, Fullerton, Honorable Mention, Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Constraining the exhumation history along inferred faults in the Western Chugach Mountains, Alaska

2009 Awardees

Josh Goodman, San Francisco State University, Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation
New constraints on the style, timing, and rates of post-middle-Pleistocene deformation in the Confidence Hills, southern Death Valley, California

Marc Nabelek, Whitman College, Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Developing the Resazurin-Resorufin system as a “smart” tracer to measure microbial respiration and sediment-water interactions

Ben Shapiro, University of Puget Sound, Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Unique geochemsitry of Gravelly Lake, Tacoma, Washington: evidence for a deep groundwater component

2008 Awardees

Heather Green Lackey, San Francisco State University, Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation
New insights on the pluvial history of Lake Manly and tectonic development of Southern Death Valley recorded in Pliocene-to-Recent lacustrine stratigraphy

Michael Stearns, University of Utah, Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation
Assembly of the incrementally emplaced McDoogle Pluton, Central Sierra Nevada, CA

Steven Giovannoni, University of the Pacific, Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Impact of land use on water quality in the lower Calaveras River watershed

Mimi Pierson, Denison University, Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Geophysical evidence for Neoproterozoic rift basin underlying the Burke River Structural Belt, Eastern Georgina Basin, Central Australia

 2007 Awardees

No information

2006 Awardees

Andrew Greene, Univ. of British Columbia, Outstanding student oral presentation
Wrangellia flood basalts: Exploring the architecture and composition of an accreted oceanic plateau

Patrick Hanley, Trinity University, Texas, Outstanding undergraduate poster presentation
Detrital zircon dating of Jurassic Great Valley Group strata: implications for the early evolution of the Great Valley forearc basin

 2005 Awardees

Heather Bleick, Vanderbilt University — Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation
Production and distribution of hybridized magma in a replenished, open-system magma chamber; Aztec Wash pluton, Eldorado Mountains, Nevada

Valbone Memeti, University of Southern California — Honorable Mention, Graduate Poster Presentation
Regional and emplacement-related tectonism during intrusion of the Tuolumne batholith: Results from the Benson Lake and May Lake Pendants, Sierra Nevada, California - Honorable mention, Graduate Poster Presentation.

Sunshine Mansfield, Humboldt State University — Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Geology south of Punta Gorda, Mendocino Triple Junction region, CA

Dylan Rood, UC Santa Barbara — Outstanding Graduate Oral Presentation
Neogene to Quaternary kinematics of the central Sierran frontal fault system in the Sonora Pass region: Preliminary structural, paleomagnetic, and neotectonic results

Lee Murai, Moss Landing Marine Labs — Honorable Mention, Graduate Oral Presentation.
Trans-terrestrial landslides along the northern rim of the Circum-Pacific and the impact on the marine environment: Big Sur coastline, California

 2004 Awardees

No information

 2003 Awardees

Martín Hernández-Marín, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México -- Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Deformability of volcano-lacustrine sediments during subsidence by aquitard consolidation

Sarah Gaudio, College of Wooster — Honorable Mention Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Discrimination and correlation of Peach Springs Tuff and Peach Spring age-equivalent ignimbrites by geochronology, petrology, and immobile element geochemistry, northern Colorado River extensional corridor

Ryan Gold, Whitman College — Outstanding Undergraduate Oral Presentation
A comparative study of aerial photograph sand LIDAR imagery for landslide detection in the Puget lowland, Washington

David Barbeau, University of Arizona — Honorable Mention Undergraduate Oral Presentation
Detrital zircon geochronology of basement and cover rocks from the Santa Lucia Mountains, California; new evidence for limited transport of Salinia

Lorna Jaramillo, University of Colorado -- Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation
Remote sensing evaluation of element dispersion characteristics of porphyry copper deposits in the Silver Bell Mountains, Arizona

Ewa Szynkaruk, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México — Honorable Mention Graduate Poster Presentation
Tectonic implications of geomorphologic an structural characteristics of the Morelia - Acambay fault system, central Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

Vlad Constantin Manea, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México — Outstanding Graduate Oral Presentation
Thermal models, coupling and metamorphism for the Mexican subduction zone beneath Guerrero

Matthew Forrest, Moss Landing Marine Labs — Honorable Mention Graduate Oral Presentation
Present-day shallow-water hydrothermal venting along the El Requesón fault zone provides possible analog for formation of Pliocene-age chert deposits in Bahía Concepción, B.C.S. México

 2002 Awardees

Matthew Silver, Whitman College -- Outstanding Undergraduate Oral Presentation
Analysis of plan-view geometry of clastic dike networks in Missoula flood slackwater sediments (Touchet beds), southeastern Washington

Robyn Cook, Middlebury College -- Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Differentiation of two Quaternary Mt. Hood lahars by clay mineralogical, quantitative X-ray diffraction and particle size analyses

Tandis Bidgoli, San Francisco State University -- Honorable Mention Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Determining uplift rates and patterns from Quaternary marine terraces of the Point Reyes Peninsula, California

Jessica Olsen, California State University, Northridge -- Honorable Mention Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Changes in the hydrogeology of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, Utah defined by shifts in mineralogy and Sr-isotope composition

Brian Collins, University of California, Berkeley -- Outstanding Graduate Oral Presentation
Geotechnical observations and analyses of recent coastal bluff failures, Pacifica California

Derek Ryter, University of Oregon -- Honorable Mention Graduate Oral Presentation
Quaternary tectonic evolution of the central San Jacinto fault zone, southern California

Heather Petcovic, Oregon State University -- Honorable Mention Graduate Oral Presentation
Dike-wallrock interactions in granitoids of the Wallowa Mountains, NE Oregon

Michael O'Neal, University of Washington -- Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation
The effects of moraine degradation on lichenometric dating of Little Ice Age moraines

Brandi Molitor, Western Washington University -- Honorable Mention Graduate Poster Presentation
Extent and climatic implications of the Upper Truckee Glacier during the Tahoe glaciation -Assessing conflicting scenarios

Todd Williams, Humboldt State University -- Honorable Mention Graduate Poster Presentation
The geodetic signature of modern deformation within the southern Cascade margin, northwestern California

Sean Fleming, University of British Columbia -- Honorable Mention Graduate Poster Presentation
Single and multiple mass transfer rates: Implications to groundwater contaminant transport at large temporal and spatial scales from deterministic and stochastic analysis