The Geological Society of America is delighted to work with other groups to promote the EarthCache program. To ensure that this is done in a consistent way, GSA manages the use of its trademarks - "EarthCache" and its associated logos through a licensing agreement.

Any use of the name and/or logo for any purpose requires entering into a licensing agreement with GSA prior to the production or use of those trademarks.

As the program operates with a very small budget, part of this licensing process involves an agreement on royalties being paid for the use of the name and/or any logo by any operation who wishes to use those trademarks to produce income/revenue. We feel it is only fair that our program benefits financially from the use of its trademarks when they are being used to sell coins, T shirts, books or any other item for profit.

Use of the name and/or logo for promotional and non-profit use still requires having a licensing agreement in place.

Below is a link to the draft agreement. We strongly advise you to read through this document before you contact us using this email link about arranging an agreement to use our name/logos.

EarthCache name/logo Trademark License Agreement

Failure to have an agreement in place will mean that GSA will have to seek legal action against the offending group.