Getting Started

The most exciting way to learn about Earth and its processes is to head outdoors and experience it first hand. Visiting an EarthCache site is a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy.

What is an EarthCache?

An EarthCache site is a specific geological location that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of Earth. Visitors to EarthCache sites can see how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how we manage resources, and how scientists gather evidence. As a part of geocaching — an adventure game based around the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to find caches of small hidden treasures — an EarthCache adventure is treasure hunting for geological and geographical caches that Earth itself has stored. The treasure is the lessons people learn about our planet.

How do I find an EarthCache?

EarthCache sites are listed on Start by signing up on the website and create a free account. You can search for EarthCache listings using a web browser or a geocaching app. The app makes it easy to find EarthCache locations quickly. If you are using a web browser, use the geocaching website to search for EarthCache listings. Start by clicking "Play," then "Find a Geocache." Enter a location, such as a street address, city, or postal code. Click "Add Filters," and make sure to check the EarthCache box under "Geocache Types." You can un-check the boxes for other geocache types if you are only looking for an EarthCache. You can also add other filters to narrow your search. Your search should bring up a list of EarthCache sites; on a specific EarthCache in the list to view its full description. This will include the location data for your GPS devise or smartphone, some reading materials about the site, and a list of educational logging tasks that you will need to undertake. Then enjoy the outdoor adventure of looking for your EarthCache and expanding your knowledge of Earth science.

How do I create an EarthCache?

An EarthCache is a type of geocache; it follows all the rules plus the EarthCache guidelines. One of the best ways to develop your first EarthCache is to read about and visit some existing sites to get a feel for how things are set up. You can also contact the local geoaware reviewer, normally listed as the person who published the EarthCache, to get advice. [ Geocache Help Center ]

Learn More

Stay informed about EarthCache news at the Geocaching blog and by following GSA's EarthCache Facebook page .