The Balanced Billion
Ross N. Mitchell and David A.D. Evans
v. 34, no. 2


Nomination of T.rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) for National Fossil Reptile and Nomination of the American Mastodon (Mammut americanum) for National Fossil Mammal
Stanley M. Totten
v. 32, no. 5


Reginald Aldworth Daly on ‘much data, but little thinking’
A.M.C. Şengör
v. 31, no. 12


Decoupling Process from Form in Landscape Evolution Studies
D.W. Hedding
v. 30, no. 2


The Geology of Capitol Hill
Paul K. Doss
v. 27, no. 8, p. 17. (148KB )
Is it “the earth” or Earth?
A.M. Celâl Şengör
v. 27, no. 3-4, p. 19. (232KB PDF)
Response by James R. Ebert (v.27, no. 6, p. 35)


GSA Connected Community Initiative
Robert J. “Bob” Tracy (GSA Fellow)
v. 24, no. 6, p. 32.
Full Text | PDF (181KB)


GSA Position Statement on Climate Change
William F. Ruddiman
v. 20, no. 7, p. 40.
Abstract | PDF (181KB)


2009 GSA Geologic Time Scale
J.D. Walker, J.W. Geissman
v. 19, no. 4, p. 60.
Abstract | PDF (115KB)


Spatial analysis of fossil sites in the northern plains: A unique model for teacher education
George D. Stanley, Jr., Heather Almquist
v. 18, no. 2, p. 24.
PDF (664KB)


Would some form of accreditation of academic programs be beneficial to the geosciences?
For the accreditation committee, Bill Thomas, chair
v. 17, no. 4, p. 57
PDF (129KB)
Next time you are asked to review a manuscript
John Geissman, Hugh Jenkyns, Yildirim Dilek, G. Randy Keller
v. 17, no. 3, p. 17
PDF (157KB)
The GSA Critical Issues Caucus
E-an Zen
v. 17, no. 10, p. 10
PDF (419KB)


International Union of Geological Sciences: What is it and what is the role of the United States?
Farouk El-Baz
v. 16, no. 2, p. 29
PDF (49KB)


Forensic Geomorphology
Stanley A. Schumm
v. 15, no. 12, p. 42
PDF (114KB)
Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail
Bruce Bjornstad
v. 15, no. 7, p. 22
PDF (269KB)


Post-Seattle Reflections on a Different Kind of GSA
Lisa Greer
v. 14, no. 2, p. 16
PDF (86KB)
Toward the Unification of Disciplines
Craig M. Ashbrook
v. 14, no. 7, p. 20
PDF (104KB)
Earth Science in Texas: A Primer on Petty Politics
David E. Dunn and Edward C. Roy Jr.
v. 14, no. 12, p. 36
PDF (158KB)
Jailhouse Rock
v. 14, no. 9 , p. 30
PDF (xxKB)


Research and Education in Taiwan
Robert M. Thorson
v. 13, no. 12, p. 30
PDF (154KB)
Anonymous Reviews—Are the Pros Worth the Cons?
Alexander McBirney
v. 13, no. 3, p. 21
PDF (43KB)


What's Wrong with Shortening?
A.M.C. Şengör
v. 12, no. 1, p. 31
PDF (444KB)
A Solution to the Uncertain Fate of a Geologist's Library
George D. Klein
v. 12, no. 6, p. 48
PDF (697KB)
Geoinformatics: A Nascent Revolution in the Earth Sciences
M. Lee Allison, Walter S. Snyder, J. Douglas Walker
v. 12, no. 7, p. 17
PDF (163KB)
Biological Clocks and Tenure Timetables: Restructuring the Academic Timeline
Carol B. de Wet, Gail M. Ashley, Daniel P. Kegel
v. 12, no. 11, p. 24
PDF (158KB)