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Volume 20 Issue 7 (July 2010)

GSA Today

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GSA Position Statement on Climate Change

William F. Ruddiman1

1 University of Virginia (emeritus),

Jean M. Bahr
Eric J. Barron
Julie Brigham-Grette
Thure Cerling
Peter U. Clark
John E. Kutzbach
Judith Lean
Donald L. Paul
William F. Ruddiman
Cathy Whitlock
about panel members

GSA recently released its new position statement on climate change. Because this issue has been highly controversial in recent years, this article is written to provide information on the history of developing the statement and its scientific basis. I write this in my former capacity as chair of the panel that assembled the early draft statement, and as a GSA member since 1966 and Fellow since 1971.

In 2007, I was invited to become a member of the Critical Issues Caucus (CIC), a group of about two-dozen GSA scientists who exchange opinions about emerging environmental issues with the goal of suggesting new initiatives to the GSA, and specifically to the GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee (GPPC). In spring 2008, I concluded that the next GSA position statement on climate change …
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