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Volume 30, Issue 8
(August 2020)

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Featured Articles


StraboTools: A Mobile App for Quantifying Fabric in Geology

Allen F. Glazner and J. Douglas Walker


Rock Stars

The Lady and Her Fossils: Katherine Van Winkle Palmer (1895–1982)

William R. Brice



Silence Comes at a Cost: Sexual Harassment Reporting in STEM

Maria Daniella Douglas and Barbara C. Bruno


A Boost for the CURE: Improving Learning Outcomes with Curriculum-Based Undergraduate Research

Joseph L. Allen et al.



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12 - Letter from the General Chair

13 - GSA 2020 Connects Online Schedule

14 - GeoCareers

14 - Transform Your Career by Attending a Short Course

14 - Be a Mentor and Make a Difference

15 - Poster Advice from Students

16 - 2019–2020 GSA Science Communication Fellowship Wrap-Up: Propelling Geoscience Communication into the Future

18 - GSA Scientific Divisions Celebrating Milestones

22 - New Comment and Reply Published Online

23 - Geoscience Jobs & Opportunities

26 - GSA Update on Sexual Harassment Reporting

30 - GSA Foundation Update

31 - 2021 GSA Section Meetings


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