If We Build It...

Tips and Techniques in Dynamic Content

Short Course 518 · Saturday, 3 November · 1−5 p.m. · 2018 GSA Annual Meeting

Cost: $25
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Join instructors Craig Jones (University of Colorado) and Shan de Silva (Oregon State University) for a fun and informative course on simple, accessible ways to make your data more dynamic and interactive.

For new and experienced authors! Draw readers in with easy-to-create interactive visualizations. Learn how to spruce up your papers and more effectively communicate your complex data through animations, movies, and more. Take advantage of all that current technology has to offer. Participate in discussions of more advanced techniques and what cutting-edge publications should offer to authors and readers.

See published examples of dynamic content that can be embedded directly in your paper:

Layered/interactive PDF file:

3-D figure: