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Geology science by Berend A. Verberne and colleagues, "Drill core from seismically active sandstone gas reservoir yields clues to internal deformation mechanisms" was highlighted by Science in it's editor's choice section.

Geology science by William Rapin and colleagues, "Alternating wet and dry depositional environments recorded in the stratigraphy of Mount Sharp at Gale crater, Mars" was covered by New Science and Cosmos Magazine.

Geology science by Kunio Kaiho and colleagues, "Pulsed volcanic combustion events coincident with the end-Permian terrestrial disturbance and the following global crisis" was covered by The New York Times.

Geology science by Qiang Jiang and colleagues, "Longest continuously erupting large igneous province driven by plume-ridge interaction" was covered by ScienMag.

GSA Bulletin science by Spencer Fuston and Jonny Wu, "Raising the Resurrection plate from an unfolded-slab plate tectonic reconstruction of northwestern North America since early Cenozoic time" was covered by Live Science and Newsweek.

Geology science by Steven Emslie, "Ancient Adélie penguin colony revealed by snowmelt at Cape Irizar, Ross Sea, Antarctica" was covered by Cosmos Magazine, Yahoo! News, Smithsonian, Forbes, and the New York Times.

Geology science by Gaia Stucky de Quay and colleagues, "Precipitation and aridity constraints from paleolakes on early Mars" was covered by and Universe Today.

GSA Bulletin science by Jack J. Matthews and colleagues, "A Chronostratigraphic Framework for the Rise of the Ediacaran Macrobiota: New Constraints from Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, Newfoundland" was covered by The Journal Pioneer and The Guardian (Canada).

Geology science by F.J. Rodríguez-Tovar and colleagues, "Rapid macrobenthic diversification and stabilization after the end-Cretaceous mass extinction event" was picked up by UPI.

Geology science by L.S. Ducet and colleagues, "Archean lithospheric differentiation: Insights from Fe and Zn isotopes" was covered by the

Geology science by L.T. Elkins-Tanton and colleagues, "Field evidence for coal combustion links the 252 Ma Siberian Traps with global carbon disruption" was covered by the Daily Mail and Wired.

Geology science by Ji Gao and colleagues, "Magma recharging beneath the Weishan volcano of the intraplate Wudalianchi volcanic field, northeast China, implied from 3-D magnetotelluric imaging" was covered by Yahoo! News and Newsweek.

Geology science by David P.G. Bond and Stephen E. Grasby, "Late Ordovician mass extinction caused by volcanism, warming, and anoxia, not cooling and glaciation," was covered by The New York Times and Vice.

Geology science by Ying Cui and colleagues, "A 23 million-year record of low atmospheric CO2," was covered by Tribune India, Earth Sky, and The Daily Mail.

Geology science by Thomas R. Knott and colleagues, "Discovery of two new super-eruptions from the Yellowstone hotspot track (USA): Is the Yellowstone hotspot waning?," was covered by Environmental News Network, LiveScience, Newsweek, Yahoo! News, USA Today the National Review, the Syndey Herald, the Billings Gazette, Forbes, and Scientific American.

Geology science by B.A. Kiesling and colleagues, "Pliocene–Pleistocene megafloods as a mechanism for Greenlandic megacanyon formation," was covered by the ABC News.

Geology science by G.W. Evatt and colleagues, "The spatial flux of Earth’s meteorite falls found via Antarctic data," was covered by the BBC.

Geology science by M. Jacquemart and colleagues, "What drives large-scale glacier detachments? Insights from Flat Creek glacier, St. Elias Mountains, Alaska," was covered by MSN, Yahoo! News, and The Independent.

Geology science by Rupert Sutherland and colleagues, "Continental-scale geographic change across Zealandia during Paleogene subduction initiation," was covered by Fox News and the New Zealand Herald.

Geology science by Erin L. Matchan and colleagues, "Early human occupation of southeastern Australia: New insights from 40Ar/39Ar dating of young volcanoes," was covered by Forbes, Science, and Ancient Origins.

Geology science by Bettina Schaefer and colleagues, "Microbial life in the nascent Chicxulub crater," was covered by The New York Times.

GSA Today science by Paul Bierman and colleagues, "¡Cuba! River Water Chemistry Reveals Rapid Chemical Weathering, the Echo of Uplift, and the Promise of More Sustainable Agriculture," was covered by WCAX TV, Nature, A Green Living Blog and EOS, and was also picked up by Reddit with more than 30,000 shares.

Geology science by C. O'Neill and colleagues, "The role of impacts on Archaean tectonics," was covered by Popular Mechanics.

Geology science by Alexandre Normandeau and colleagues, "Are submarine landslides an underestimated hazard on the western North Atlantic passive margin?," was covered by AGU's Landslide blog.

Geology science by Zhiyu Yi and colleagues, "A true polar wander trigger for the Great Jurassic East Asian Aridification," was covered by National Geographic.

Geology science by A. Canals and colleagues, "The origin of large gypsum crystals in the Geode of Pulpí (Almería, Spain)," was covered by Newsweek, National Geographic, Forbes, and Interez.

Geology science by Takaaki K. Watanabe, "Oman corals suggest that a stronger winter shamal season caused the Akkadian Empire (Mesopotamia) collapse," was covered by Forbes.

Geology science by Raphael J. Baumgartner and colleagues, "Nano−porous pyrite and organic matter in 3.5-billion-year-old stromatolites record primordial life," was covered by The Sun Best, MSN, Science Alert, New Scientist, the New York Post, the Florida Daily Heralds,, and Cosmos Magazine.

Geology science by Jeremy Tsung-Jui Wu and Jonny Wu, "Izanagi-Pacific ridge subduction revealed by a 56 to 46 Ma magmatic gap along the northeast Asian margin," was covered by Eco Magazine.

Geology science by Chelsie N. Bowman and colleagues, "Linking the progressive expansion of reducing conditions to a stepwise mass extinction event in the late Silurian oceans," was covered by the Florida Daily Heralds, Eco Magazine, and News 18.

Geology science by Rebecca Williams and colleagues, "Reconstructing the Anak Krakatau flank collapse that caused the December 2018 Indonesian tsunami," was covered by AGU's Landslide blog.

Geology science by Victor E. Camp, "Plume-modified mantle flow in the northern Basin and Range and southern Cascadia back-arc region since ca. 12 Ma," was covered by Newsweek.

Geology science by Kohei Tanaka and colleagues, "Exceptional preservation of a Late Cretaceous dinosaur nesting site from Mongolia reveals colonial nesting behavior in a non-avian theropod," was covered by New Scientist and the Daily Mail.

Geology science by Matthew Chojnacki and colleagues, "Boundary condition controls on the high-sand-flux regions of Mars," was highlighted by EarthSky.

GSA Today science by Patricia L. Corcoran and colleagues, "An anthropogenic marker horizon in the future rock record," was discussed in Forbes.

Geology science by Christopher H. Kremer and colleagues, "A widespread olivine-rich ash deposit on Mars," was covered by LiveScience and Fox News.

GSA Bulletin science by Brian D. Collins and Mark E. Reid, "Enhanced landslide mobility by basal liquefaction: The 2014 State Route 530 (Oso), Washington, landslide," was covered by New Atlas.

A new GSA Special Paper edited by Karsten Piepjohn, Justin V. Strauss, Lutz Reinhardt, and William C. McClelland, Circum-Arctic Structural Events: Tectonic Evolution, was highlighted as an NSF top story.

Geology science by Calvin J. Anderson and colleagues, "Natural solid-state ion conduction induces metal isotope fractionation," was covered by National Geographic.

Geology science by A. Drouard and colleagues, "The meteorite flux of the past 2 m.y. recorded in the Atacama Desert," was covered by LiveScience.

Geology science by Aaron J. Cavosie and Christian Koeberl, "Overestimation of threat from 100 Mt–class airbursts? High-pressure evidence from zircon in Libyan Desert Glass," was covered by multiple outlets, including Yahoo! News UK, Forbes, LiveScience, and Fox News.

Geology science by P.G. Albert and colleagues, "Evidence for a large-magnitude eruption from Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy) at 29 ka," was covered by Newsweek.

Geololgy science by Farid Saleh and colleagues, "Orbital control on exceptional fossil preservation," was covered by Eos.

Geological Society of America Bulletin science by Yani Najman and colleagues, "Spatial and temporal trends in exhumation of the Eastern Himalaya and syntaxis as determined from a multitechnique detrital thermochronological study of the Bengal Fan," was covered by Eos.

Geology science by Tore Grane Klausen and colleagues, "The largest delta plain in Earth's history," was covered by Eos and the New Scientist.

Geology science by Byron R. Parizek and colleagues, "Ice-cliff failure via retrogressive slumping," was covered by Yahoo! News Canada and the CBC.

Geology science by Fernando Tornos and colleagues, "Do microbes control the formation of giant copper deposits?," was covered by Eos.

Geology science by Camille Thomas and colleagues, "Recycling of archaeal biomass as a new strategy for extreme life in Dead Sea deep sediments," was covered by LiveScience and Scientific American.

Geology science by Brian R. Pratt and Julien Kimmig, "Extensive bioturbation in a middle Cambrian Burgess Shale–type fossil Lagerstätte in northwestern Canada," was covered by LiveScience and Yahoo! News Canada.

Geology science by Adriana Dutkiewicz and colleagues, "Sequestration and subduction of deep-sea carbonate in the global ocean since the Early Cretaceous," was covered by Cosmos Magazine and Newswise.

GSA Today science by Erin K. Bessette-Kirton and colleagues, "Landslides Triggered by Hurricane Maria: Assessment of an Extreme Event in Puerto Rico," was covered by AGU's Landslide blog.

Geology science by G. Everett Lasher and Yarrow Axford, "Medieval warmth confirmed at the Norse Eastern Settlement in Greenland," was covered by CNN, UPI, Quartz, and

Geology science by Farid Saleh and colleagues, "Orbital control on exceptional fossil preservation," was covered by The Economist.

Geosphere science by Paul R. Hernandez and colleagues, "Role modeling is a viable retention strategy for undergraduate women in the geosciences," was covered by Science.

Geology science by Timothy A. Goudge and colleagues, "Incision of paleolake outlet canyons on Mars from overflow flooding," was covered by the Yahoo! News.

Geology science by Louise Farquharson and colleagues, "Alaskan marine transgressions record out-of-phase Arctic Ocean glaciation during the last interglacial," was covered by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

GSA Today science by Daniel Soeder and Douglas Kent, "When oil and water mix: Understanding the environmental impacts of shale development," was covered by the HazMat Magazine.

Geology science by G. Racki and colleagues, "Mercury enrichments and the Frasnian-Famennian biotic crisis: A volcanic trigger proved?," was covered by EARTH on p. 25 of its Sept/Oct. 2018 issue.

Lithosphere science by S.U. Jänecke and colleagues, "Durmid ladder structure and its implications for the nucleation sites of the next M >7.5 earthquake on the San Andreas fault or Brawley seismic zone in southern California," was covered by EARTH on p. 32 of its Sept/Oct. 2018 issue.

Geology science by J.A. Mulder and colleagues, "Rodinian devil in disguise: Correlation of 1.25–1.10 Ga strata between Tasmania and Grand Canyon," was covered by Newsweek, New Scientist, and MSN News.

GSA Bulletin science by Shu-Zhong Shen and colleagues, "A sudden end-Permian mass extinction in South China," was covered by Newsweek.

Geology science by Matthew J. Genge, "Electrostatic levitation of volcanic ash into the ionosphere and its abrupt effect on climate," was covered by LiveScience and Yahoo! News.

Geology science by Ashton F. Flinders and colleagues, "Seismic evidence for significant melt beneath the Long Valley Caldera, California, USA," was covered by Newsweek and New Scientist.

Lithosphere science by Susanne Jänecke and colleagues, "Durmid ladder structure and its implications for the nucleation sites of the next M >7.5 earthquake on the San Andreas fault or Brawley seismic zone in southern California," was covered by several local TV stations, inlcuding , ABC Eyewitness News, ABC 10 News, and KESQ, and by the Daily Mail.

Geosphere science by N. McMillan and colleagues, Direct measurement of advective heat flux from several Yellowstone hot springs, Wyoming, USA, was covered by Yahoo! News on 5 June.

Geology science by A.K. Behrensmeyer and colleagues, The Oltulelei Formation of the southern Kenyan Rift Valley: A chronicle of rapid landscape transformation over the last 500 k.y., was picked up by UPI on 16 March.

Geology science by Morelia Urlaub and colleagues, Diatom ooze: Crucial for the generation of submarine mega-slides?, is covered by a 13 Feb. AGU Landslide Blog post and by LiveScience (14 Feb.).

Geology science by L. Zhang and colleagues, Deccan volcanism caused coupled pCO2 and terrestrial temperature rises, and pre-impact extinctions in northern China, is covered in National Geographic (7 Feb.).

Geosphere science by A.U. Gold and colleagues, Spatial skills in undergraduate students—Influence of gender, motivation, academic training, and childhood play, is covered in the Boulder Daily Camera (6 Feb.).

Geology science by M.S.Delucia and colleague, Thermochronology links denudation of the Great Unconformity surface to the supercontinent cycle and snowball Earth, is covered by Eos (2 Feb.).

Geology science by D.L. Schutt and colleagues, Moho temperature and mobility of lower crust in the western United States, is covered in Newsweek (1/30).

Geology science by A.R. Nordsvan and colleagues, "Laurentian crust in northeast Australia: Implications for the assembly of the supercontinent Nuna," is covered in The Guardian (19 Jan.), Yahoo! News (22 Jan.), the New York Daily News (22 Jan.), and Smithsonian (24 Jan.).

Geology science by R.M. Pollyea and colleagues, "Geospatial analysis of Oklahoma (USA) earthquakes (2011–2016): Quantifying the limits of regional-scale earthquake mitigation measures," is covered by Newsweek (1/1), KPVI News (1/12), and Tulsa World (1/12).

Geology science by T.M. Gibson and colleagues, "Precise age of Bangiomorpha pubescens dates the origin of eukaryotic photosynthesis," is highlighted on LiveScience (27 Dec.) and Yahoo! News (2 Jan.).

Geology science by S.M. Drake and colleagues, "Discovery of a meteoritic ejecta layer containing unmelted impactor fragments at the base of Paleocene lavas, Isle of Skye, Scotland," was covered on 14 Dec. by the International Business Times, 15 Dec. by Newsweek and the Argyll Free Press, and 18 Dec. by the Mirror

Geology science by V. Levin and colleagues, "Seismic evidence for a recently formed mantle upwelling beneath New England," has been covered extensively, including articles by the Boston Globe, National Geographic, Tech Times, Newsweek, UPI, LiveScience, NBC Connecticut, New Hampshire Public RadioUSA Today and Yahoo! News .

Geology science by G. Swindles and colleagues, "Climatic control on Icelandic volcanic activity during the mid-Holocene," is covered by a 30 Nov. The Economist article and by Scientific American on 21 Dec., and by NPR and Yahoo! News on 22 Dec.

Geology science by V. Levin and colleagues, "Seismic evidence for a recently formed mantle upwelling beneath New England," is covered by a 30 Nov. Newsweek article.

Feb. 2007 GSA Today science by R.J. Davies and colleagues, "Birth of a mud volcano: East Java, 29 May 2006," is discussed in an October 2017 National Geographic News article.

GSA Today science by Jean-Daniel Stanley and Pablo L. Clemente, "Increased Land Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise are Submerging Egypt’s Nile Delta Coastal Margin," is covered by USA Today and discussed in the National Geographic blog "Water Currents."

Geology science by J.E. Tierney and colleagues, "A climatic context for the out-of-Africa migration," is covered in New Scientist and the International Business Times.

GSA Bulletin science by K. Williscroft and colleagues, "Extensive Cretaceous methane seepage, Ellef Ringnes Island, Canadian High Arctic," is covered by the Washington Post.

Geology science by David S. Jones and colleagues, "A volcanic trigger for the Late Ordovician mass extinction? Mercury data from south China and Laurentia," is covered by the BBC, The International Business Times, and Yahoo! News.

The GSA Today Groundwork article by Jaap H. Nienhuis and colleagues, "A New Subsidence Map for Louisiana," published online ahead of print, received heavy news coverage, including articles in Yahoo! News, UPI, Time Magazine, the Boston Globe, The Times-Picayune, and LiveScience, and in the print edition of EARTH (p. 41).

Geology science by Thomas A. Hegna and colleagues, "Pyritized in situ trilobite eggs from the Ordovician of New York (Lorraine Group): Implications for trilobite reproductive biology," is covered in EARTH (p. 21 of the May/June 2017 issue).

The GSA Today science article by Nick Mortimer and colleagues, "Zealandia: Earth's Hidden Continent," which received heavy news coverage when it was first posted online, is discussed on the Open Mind blog and in articles by the Daily Mail, Smithsonian, the Boston Herald, and Reader's Digest .

GSA Today science by Giovanni Muttoni and Dennis V. Kent, "A Novel Plate Tectonic Scenario for the Genesis and Sealing of Some Major Mesozoic Oil Fields," is covered in EARTH (p. 20 in the May/June 2017 issue).

Geology science by Jun Yang and colleagues, "Persistence of a freshwater surface ocean after a snowball Earth," is covered in New Scientist.

Geology science by Kathleen C. Benison, "Gypsum gravel devils in Chile: Movement of largest natural grains by wind?," is covered by The Guardian, The New York Times, The Economist, Science News, The Weather Channel, and IFL Science.

GSA Today science by Patrick A. Burkhart and colleagues, "Savor the Cryosphere," is covered by LiveScience, Tree Hugger, Huffington Post Canada, ABC FOX Montana, the Associated Press wire service, the Seattle Times, the Washington Post, the Jakarta Post, Yahoo News, the Boston Globe, Sin Embargo, Science World Report, the New York Post, the Weather Channel, Mother Nature Network, and the India Times.

Geology science by S.L. Rathburn and colleagues, "The fate of sediment, wood, and organic carbon eroded during an extreme flood, Colorado Front Range, USA," is covered by Yahoo News UK and Scientific American.

Geology science by Sami Nabhan and colleagues, "Biogenic overgrowth on detrital pyrite in ca. 3.2 Ga Archean paleosols," is covered in a March/April 2017 (p. 25) article in EARTH.

Geology science by Elan J. Levy and colleagues, "Pore fluids in Dead Sea sediment core reveal linear response of lake chemistry to global climate changes," is covered by the Jerusalem Post.

The GSA Today article, "Increased Land Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise are Submerging Egypt’s Nile Delta Coastal Margin," by Jean-Daniel Stanley and Pablo L. Clemente, is discussed in the International Business Times, Quartz Africa, Cairo Scene, the Daily News Egypt (20 Jan. 2018), and Bloomberg News (25 Jan. 2018). 

The GSA Today article, "Zealandia: Earth's Hidden Continent," by Nick Mortimer and colleagues, has been covered extensively, including articles in the Daily Mail (UK), Nature, the Huffington Post, Forbes, National Geographic, Time, CNN, USA Today, BBC News, Washington Post, NPR, and the ScienceNews print edition, 18 Mar. 2017, p. 11, and online, and was named one of the 17 most amazing moments in science by CTV News.

Geology science by M.J. Genge and colleagues, "An urban collection of modern-day large micrometeorites: Evidence for variations in the extraterrestrial dust flux through the Quaternary," published online in December, is covered by ABC news Australia, Nature World News, Wired, the New York Times and a Scientific American Blog post .

Geology science by A.D. Czaja and colleagues, "Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria prior to the Great Oxidation Event from the 2.52 Ga Gamohaan Formation of South Africa," is covered by Science Magazine, and Science World Report

Geology science by J.M. Pownall and colleagues, "Rolling open Earth’s deepest forearc basin," is covered by Nature World News and Science World Report

The Science Explorer 8 Nov., covered Geology science by Sami Nabhan and colleaguesBiogenic overgrowth on detrital pyrite in ca. 3.2 Ga Archean paleosols.

A 17 Nov. Eos article covers GSA Bulletin science, "Emergence and evolution of Santa Maria Island (Azores)—The conundrum of uplifted islands revisited," by R.S. Ramalho and colleagues.

Geosphere science by Scott P. Hippensteel, "Carbonate rocks and American Civil War infantry tactics," was covered by Discovery News.

Open-access Geology science by Thomas R. Knott and colleagues, "Mid-Miocene record of large-scale Snake River-type explosive volcanism and associated subsidence on the Yellowstone hotspot track: The Cassia Formation of Idaho, USA," published online ahead of print on 7 March 2016, was covered by Science News, the Statesman Journal, the Casper Star Tribune, the Elko Daily Free Press, The Christian Science Monitor, and Discovery News.

Open-access Geology science by Fukashi Maeno and colleagues, "Morphological evolution of a new volcanic islet sustained by compound lava flows," published online ahead of print on 24 Feb. 2016, was covered by the Daily Mail (UK).

The Geology article, "The oldest Pinus and its preservation by fire," by Howard J. Falcon-Land and colleagues, published online ahead of print on 7 Mar. 2016, was covered by Science, Discovery News, the Daily Mail (UK), and BBC News.

Geology science by S.E. Grasby and colleagues, "Early Triassic productivity crises delayed recovery from world's worst mass extinction," is covered by Science News.

Geology science from 2010 by Noah J. Finnegan and colleagues, "Coupling of rock uplift and river incision in the Namche Barwa–Gyala Peri massif, Tibet," has recently been covered by LiveScience and Yahoo! News.

Geology science by M. Barham and colleagues, "The answers are blowin' in the wind: Ultra-distal ashfall zircons, indicators of Cretaceous super-eruptions in eastern Gondwana," is covered in New Scientist.

Geology science by Nigel J.F. Blamey et al., "Paradigm shift in determining Neoproterozoic atmospheric oxygen," is covered in The Scotsman, the Washington Post, and the Daily Mail.

Geology science by Aaron J. Cavosie et al., "Transformations to granular zircon revealed: Twinning, reidite, and ZrO2 in shocked zircon from Meteor Crater (Arizona, USA)," is covered by Space Daily.

Geology science by Sharon A. Newman et al., "Insights into cyanobacterial fossilization in Ediacaran siliciclastic environments," is covered in Eos.