News Releases

East Coast landslide impacts from Puerto Rico to Vermont and in between
GSA News Release 23-16, 3/15/2023

New GSA Bulletin Articles Published Online Ahead of Print
GSA News Release 23-15, 3/8/2023

New Articles for Geosphere Posted Early Online
GSA News Release 23-14, 3/8/2023

Sediments, Structures, Shores, and Storms: Keeping a Keen Eye on Eastern Geology
GSA News Release 23-11, 3/7/2023

Gas Monitoring at Volcanic Fields outside Naples Exposes Multiple Sources of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
GSA News Release 23-13, 3/7/2023

GSA in the News

Geology science by M.R. Siegfried and colleagues, "The life and death of a subglacial lake in West Antarctica," was covered by KBPS.

Geology science by Ruonan Chen and colleagues, "Martian soil as revealed by ground-penetrating radar at the Tianwen-1 landing site," was covered by Yahoo! News.

Geology science by Dimitri Laurent and colleagues, "Unravelling biotic versus abiotic processes in the development of large sulfuric-acid karsts," was covered by Sky News.