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Holes in the Bottom of the Sea: History, Revolutions, and Future Opportunities
Suzanne OConnell

The AGeS2 (Awards for Geochronology Student research 2) Program
Rebecca M. Flowers, J Ramón Arrowsmith, Vicki McConnell, James R. Metcalf, Tammy Rittenour, and Blair Schoene

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GSA’s Director for Geoscience Policy testifies at Appropriations Hearing
Laura Szymanski
GSA Science Policy Fellow

Wildfires, Landslides, and the Risk Equation
Spencer Patrick
GSA Science Communication Intern – Undergraduate at Occidental College

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Southeastern Hospitality in the Geosciences: From Ancient Systems to Modern Resiliency
GSA News Release 19-06, 3/18/2019

Source to Sink Across the Midcontinent: Geosciences from the Rockies to the Gulf
GSA News Release 19-05, 3/14/2019

GSA Northeastern Section Meeting: Portland, Maine, USA
GSA News Release 19-04, 3/7/2019

Landslides Triggered by Hurricane Maria
GSA News Release 19-03, 2/6/2019

William R. Dickinson's Enduring Legacy
GSA News Release 19-02, 2/4/2019

GSA in the News

Geology science by Adriana Dutkiewicz and colleagues, "Sequestration and subduction of deep-sea carbonate in the global ocean since the Early Cretaceous," was covered by Cosmos Magazine and Newswise.

GSA Today science by Erin K. Bessette-Kirton and colleagues, "Landslides Triggered by Hurricane Maria: Assessment of an Extreme Event in Puerto Rico," was covered by AGU's Landslide blog.

Geology science by G. Everett Lasher and Yarrow Axford, "Medieval warmth confirmed at the Norse Eastern Settlement in Greenland," was covered by CNN, UPI, Quartz, and