News Releases

Geological Society of America Award Winners for 2018
GSA News Release 18-28, 7/5/2018

When Oil and Water Mix
GSA News Release 18-27, 7/3/2018

Geological Society of America Announces 2018–2019 Officers & Councilors
GSA News Release 18-26, 7/2/2018

Rapid 3-D Analysis of Rockfalls in Yosemite
GSA News Release 18-25, 6/28/2018

Learning About the Himalayas Using Mars Technology
GSA News Release 18-24, 6/20/2018

GSA in the News

Lithosphere science by Susanne Jänecke and colleagues, "Durmid ladder structure and its implications for the nucleation sites of the next M >7.5 earthquake on the San Andreas fault or Brawley seismic zone in southern California," was covered by several local TV stations, including KRON4, ABC Eyewitness News, ABC 10 News, and KESQ, and was also covered by the Daily Mail and Newsweek.

Geosphere science by N. McMillan and colleagues, "Direct measurement of advective heat flux from several Yellowstone hot springs, Wyoming, USA," was covered by Yahoo! News on 5 June.

Geology science by A.K. Behrensmeyer and colleagues, "The Oltulelei Formation of the southern Kenyan Rift Valley: A chronicle of rapid landscape transformation over the last 500 k.y.," was picked up by UPI on 16 March.

Geology science by Morelia Urlaub and colleagues, "Diatom ooze: Crucial for the generation of submarine mega-slides?," was covered by a 13 Feb. AGU Landslide Blog post and by LiveScience (14 Feb.).