News Releases

Change Coming to Lithosphere
GSA News Release 19-31, 9/17/2019

Ages for the Navajo Sandstone
GSA News Release 19-30, 9/9/2019

Early Start of 20th Century Arctic Sea Ice Decline
GSA News Release 19-29, 8/30/2019

Reconstructing the Anak Krakatau flank collapse that caused the December 2018 Indonesian tsunami
GSA News Release 19-28, 8/30/2019

Geological Society of America Announces 2019–2020 Fellows for Science Policy and Communication
GSA News Release 19-27, 8/2/2019

GSA in the News

Geology science by Matthew Chojnacki and colleagues, "Boundary condition controls on the high-sand-flux regions of Mars," was highlighted by EarthSky.

GSA Today science by Patricia L. Corcoran and colleagues, "An anthropogenic marker horizon in the future rock record," was discussed in Forbes.

Geology science by Christopher H. Kremer and colleagues, "A widespread olivine-rich ash deposit on Mars," was covered by LiveScience and Fox News.