News Releases

How Nodules Stay on Top at the Bottom of the Sea
GSA News Release 20-02, 1/13/2020

REE Mineral-Bearing Rocks Found in Eastern Mojave Desert
GSA News Release 20-01, 1/2/2020

GSA Announces Partnership with Zeiss for Scholarship in Microscopy Research
GSA News Release 19-48, 12/13/2019

Announcing New GSA Division Award for Career Achievement in Petroleum Geology
GSA News Release 19-47, 12/3/2019

Extra-Terrestrial Impacts May Have Triggered “Bursts” of Plate Tectonics
GSA News Release 19-46, 11/25/2019

GSA in the News

Geology science by C. O'Neill and colleagues, "The role of impacts on Archaean tectonics," was covered by Popular Mechanics.

Geology science by Alexandre Normandeau and colleagues, "Are submarine landslides an underestimated hazard on the western North Atlantic passive margin?," was covered by AGU's Landslide blog.

Geology science by Zhiyu Yi and colleagues, "A true polar wander trigger for the Great Jurassic East Asian Aridification," was covered by National Geographic.