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Challenges and Solutions for a Changing Climate: New Directions for GSA
Beth Bartel, Candace L. Kairies-Beatty, Luke J. Bowman, Malcolm Siegel, and Sinjini Sinha

An Interview with Kathleen Counter Benison, Ph.D.
Matthew Dawson
GSA Education Programs Manager

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New GSA Bulletin Articles Published Ahead of Print in April
GSA News Release 21-29, 5/4/2021

GSA Foundation Names New Executive Director
GSA News Release 21-27, 5/3/2021

Plastic Pollution in the Deep Sea: A Geological Perspective
GSA News Release 21-28, 5/3/2021

Articles for Geosphere Posted Online in April
GSA News Release 21-26, 4/30/2021

New Geology Articles Published Online Ahead of Print in April
GSA News Release 21-25, 4/29/2021

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