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Rezina Shams – The First Known Female Geologist from Dhaka University (Bangladesh) to Obtain a PhD
Nazrul I. Khandaker
GSA Fellow and Chair, GSA International; Professor of Geology at York College and Graduate Center, City University of New York

Reconciliating with our Past: The Reconciliation in Place Names Act
Connor Dacey
GSA Science Policy Fellow

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Selenium May Support Deep Microbial Life in Earth’s Continental Crust
GSA News Release 21-43, 7/26/2021

Geological Society of America Award Winners for 2021
GSA News Release 21-42, 7/14/2021

Geological Society of America Announces 2021–2022 Officers and Councilors
GSA News Release 21-41, 7/6/2021

New GSA Bulletin Articles Published Ahead of Print in June
GSA News Release 21-40, 7/1/2021

New Articles for Geosphere Posted Online in June
GSA News Release 21-39, 6/30/2021

GSA in the News

GSA books science by Gillian R. Foulger and colleagues, "Icelandia" was covered by the Daily Mail.

Geology science by Denis Fougerouse and colleagues, "A new kind of invisible gold in pyrite hosted in deformation-related dislocations" was covered by Forbes,, and LiveScience.

Geology science by J.L. Dickson and colleagues, "The global distribution of depositional rivers on early Mars" was covered by Massive Science.

GSA Bulletin science by Catherine H. Ross and colleagues, "Evidence of Carboniferous arc magmatism preserved in the Chicxulub impact structure" was covered by Eos.