News Releases

Sunset Crater, San Francisco Volcanic Field
GSA News Release 18-44, 11/19/2018

Punctuated earthquakes for the New Madrid area: New research uncovers a cluster of past events
GSA News Release 18-43, 11/6/2018

How invasive earthworm feces is altering U.S. soils
GSA News Release 18-42, 11/6/2018

Villagers Follow the Geology to Safer Water in Bangladesh
GSA News Release 18-40, 11/5/2018

Turning marginal farmlands into a win for farmers and ecosystems
GSA News Release 18-41, 11/5/2018

GSA in the News

Geology science by G. Racki and colleagues, "Mercury enrichments and the Frasnian-Famennian biotic crisis: A volcanic trigger proved?," was covered by EARTH on p. 25 of its Sept/Oct. 2018 issue.

Lithosphere science by S.U. Jänecke and colleagues, "Durmid ladder structure and its implications for the nucleation sites of the next M >7.5 earthquake on the San Andreas fault or Brawley seismic zone in southern California," was covered by EARTH on p. 32 of its Sept/Oct. 2018 issue.

GSA Bulletin science by Shu-Zhong Shen and colleagues, "A sudden end-Permian mass extinction in South China," was covered by Newsweek.