News Releases

2020 Volcanic Eruption Leads to Hours-Long Thunderstorm
GSA News Release 22-04, 1/19/2022

New GSA Bulletin Articles Published Ahead of Print in December
GSA News Release 22-03, 1/4/2022

New Articles for Geosphere Posted Online in December
GSA News Release 22-02, 1/4/2022

New Geology Articles Published Online Ahead of Print in December
GSA News Release 22-01, 1/3/2022

Discovering Sources of Roman Silver Coinage from the Iberian Peninsula
GSA News Release 21-74, 12/17/2021

GSA in the News

Geology science by Adrian M. Bender, "Bedrock gorge incision via anthropogenic meander cutoff" was covered by Eos.

Science in an upcoming GSA Special Paper edited by John P. Craddock, David H. Malone, Brady Z. Foreman, and Alexandros Konstantinou, Tectonic Evolution of the Sevier-Laramide Hinterland, Thrust Belt, and Foreland, and Postorogenic Slab Rollback (180–20 Ma), was covered by The Washington Newsday and Newsweek.