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GSA Members

GSA encourages you to participate in the EarthCache program.

For information on how to get involved, please read EarthCaching: A guide for GSA members, as well as the article EarthCaching: How You Can Get Involved.


International EarthCache Day:

13 October 2024

Each year GSA celebrates International EarthCache Day on the first Sunday of Earth Science Week.

EarthCaches are special geological locations anyone can visit to learn about our planet. On International EarthCache Day, GSA encourages geocachers to visit EarthCaches and host EarthCache-themed events or hikes. If you run an event or visit an EarthCache, post about it in the Geocaching forums, or share it on social media and tag it with #EarthCache. offers a special souvenir for people who log an EarthCache on the weekend of International EarthCache Day.

For future Earth Science Week dates and themes (and thus, future International EarthCache Day dates), please see AGI's Earth Science Week homepage.