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What Geoarchaeology can Tell Us About the Past and Future
Claire Gibson
2023 Science Communication Intern

Wildfire: An Evolving Geohazard
Elliot Witscher
2023 Science Communication Intern

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New vestiges of the First Life on Earth Discovered in Saudi Arabia
GSA News Release 24-05, 5/31/2024

Chevron Partners with the Geological Society of America to Offer Geology Field Trip Grants to Students and Early Career Professionals
GSA News Release 24-04, 5/22/2024

Top Geoscience Conference Invites Abstract Submissions for Technical Program
GSA News Release 24-03, 5/10/2024

Reversible Deformation, Permanent Fabric Development
GSA News Release 24-01, 2/6/2024

Early-Stage Subduction Invasion
GSA News Release 24-02, 2/5/2024

GSA in the News

Geology science by Ricardo Pereira and Davide Gamboa, "In situ carbon storage potential in a buried volcano," was covered by Good News Network.

Science presented at GSA Connects 2022 by Michael O'Driscoll and colleagues was covered by PBS North Carolina.

Geology science by M.R. Siegfried and colleagues, "The life and death of a subglacial lake in West Antarctica," was covered by KBPS.

Geology science by Ruonan Chen and colleagues, "Martian soil as revealed by ground-penetrating radar at the Tianwen-1 landing site," was covered by Yahoo! News.