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Volume 34, Issue 2
(February 2024)

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Featured Articles


Align: A User-Friendly App for Numerical Stratigraphic Correlation

Cedric J. Hagen et al.



The Balanced Billion

Ross N. Mitchell and David A.D. Evans



Is Geology Accreditation Needed? It Is Already Here!

Laurie C. Anderson et al.




Table of Contents

GSA News

12 – J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarship Award Bolsters Student’s Confidence

14 – Penrose Conference Report: The Role of Outburst Floods in Earth and Planetary Evolution

18 – Second Announcement and Final Call for Papers: Joint Meeting: Cordilleran and Rocky Mountain Sections

24 – GeoCareers Programs at the 2024 Section Meetings

26 – 2023 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Awards

27 – GSA Foundation

30 – 2025 GSA Calendar Photo Search


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