Mineral-encrusted rocks in the foreground of a still lake with snowy mountains against the horizon.
Panorama from the Mono Lake South Tufa Area. Photo credit: Dr. Philipp Ruprecht, UNR faculty member.

The Mono Basin hosting the lake is bound on the western side by the Eastern Sierra Nevada (snowy range in the background). In Pleistocene times, Mono Lake, then called Lake Russell, extended to much greater elevations with prominent Gilbert deltas exposed within the eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada

2023 Cordilleran Section Meeting

119th Annual Meeting of the Cordilleran Section

17–19 May 2023

Reno, Nevada, USA

Call For Proposals

For this meeting, we are seeking proposals for technical sessions, field trips, and short courses. Proposal submissions must include:

  • Title of session/field trip/short course
  • Principal organizer (name, affiliation, and email address)
  • Co-organizers (names, affiliations, and email addresses)
  • Preference for format (oral or poster) if applicable
  • A short description (50 words or less)

Please submit your proposal electronically using the the button below, before the proposal deadline of 1 August 2022.

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GSA meetings are committed to the ideal of scientific discovery, rigor, diversity, and integrity. Please think about broadening your reach with whom you lead a technical session, field trip, or short course by including diversity in all ways - discipline, career progression, and individuals.

Organizing Committee

Meeting General Chair:
Stacia Gordon, staciag@unr.edu
Technical Program Cochairs:
Andrew Zuza, azuza@unr.edu; Mike Darin, mdarin@unr.edu
Field Trip Cochairs:
Pat Cashman, patriciahcashman@gmail.com; Sue Cashman, smc1@humboldt.edu; Harvey Kelsey, hmk1@humboldt.edu
Exhibits Chair:
Joel DesOrmeau, jdesormeau@unr.edu
Student Volunteer Chair:
Wenrong Cao, wenrongc@unr.edu
Sponsorship Chair:
John Louie, louie@unr.edu
Short Course Chair:
Rich Koehler, rkoehler@unr.edu