Penrose Conference

These conferences, named in honor of R.A.F. Penrose, Jr., a major GSA benefactor and past president (1930), were established in 1969 to further GSA's service to the geosciences.

Upcoming Conferences:

No upcoming conferences.

These conferences provide an informal atmosphere to

  • Bring together multidisciplinary groups of geoscientists;
  • Facilitate open and frank discussion of ideas;
  • Stimulate individual and collaborative research; and
  • Exchange of current information and newly emerging ideas.

Topics should

  • Be under current investigation and active discussion;
  • Be broad enough to attract the points of view of a range of specialists; and
  • Catalyze multidisciplinary communication and collaboration.


  • Participants: min. 50; max.: 80;
  • Informal and small to encourage personal discussion among participants, yet large enough for diversity and depth;
  • Penrose Conferences consist of invited and interested participants (anyone can apply to attend a Penrose Conference);
  • Length: Five to seven days; participants are expected to attend the entire conference;
  • Location: Conferences can be held anywhere;
  • Funding: GSA and the GSA Foundation provide US$10,000 in unrestricted funds for each conference; and
  • Conference announcements will be featured in GSA Today and GSA Connection.