Field Experiences

Short-Term Field Opportunities

NPS Scientists in Parks

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Applications closed for winter 2021. Check back in early December for new summer projects.

Scientists in Parks provides immersive, science-related, career-building experiences in partnership with the National Park Service.


GeoCorps™ America

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Now accepting applications for late-breaking summer 2021 projects.

GeoCorps America is a program of the Geological Society of America that partners with the BLM and U.S. Forest Service to offer short-term, paid geoscience opportunities on federal lands.


Field Camp Awards & Scholarships

J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarships

2021 application deadline passed

This award is for undergraduate students to attend summer field camp. Students will be awarded $2,000 each to attend the field camp of their choice based on diversity, economic/financial need, and merit.


GSA/ExxonMobil Field Camp Excellence Award

2021 application deadline passed

This $10,000 award is given each year to a six week traditional geology field camp that teaches the fundamentals of geology and can be used to assist with the summer field season. It is based on safety awareness, diversity, and technical excellence.


GSA/ExxonMobil Bighorn Basin Field Award

The Bighorn Basin Field Award will not be offered in 2021.


Special addition to the 2021 J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarships: GSA partner Brunton will provide each recipient with a ComPro Transit! Maker of the essential geologist's instrument, Brunton aims to inspire, educate, and support professional pursuits in the sciences. GSA is proud to work with a company so aligned with its own mission.


Other Field Programs


Let the Earth be Your Teacher

The very first EarthCache ("EarthCache I" [GCHFT2]) was placed by user "geoaware" on 10 Jan. 2004 on a headland in New South Wales, Australia. Since then, more than 6.3 million people have logged visits to EarthCache sites, and the number is growing exponentially. GSA is very proud to be part of the exciting geocaching community and hope we can continue to add value and wonderful Earth science experiences through the EarthCache program.