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The purpose of GSA International is to promote, create, and enhance opportunities for international cooperation, provide a forum for science and policy discussions that are international in scope and relevance, build collaborative relationships with GSA Divisions and Associated Societies on international issues, and strengthen cooperation with international geoscientific societies.

International provides a communication platform for GSA members and promotes international relevant discussions around global geoscience hot topics, meetings, and GSA global activities.

International encourages and hosts international geoscience and environmental-related discussion topics through the Connected Community platform and promotes meetings, exchanges of visiting scholars/lecturers, organizes Annual Meeting topical sessions, and helps organize and promote field workshops.

Serving members in 118 countries, GSA programs unite the global science community in shaping the future of the Earth sciences. Wherever you live or work, GSA invites you to become involved by joining our network.

GSA James B. Thompson, Jr., Distinguished International Lecturers

Laurent Jolivet
2023 Lecturer Laurent Jolivet

The award is made possible through a gift to the GSA Foundation by James B. Thompson, Jr., whose bequest contributed to the endowment of two lecture tours by distinguished geologists, one a non-North American scientist to tour academic and related institutions within North America, and the other a North American scientist to tour foreign universities and geological institutions. Both tours are arranged under the guidance of GSA International.

About the Award, Tour Dates, and How to Nominate

Now accepting nominations for 2023.

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