Geologic Map of Barbados: Volume II
Robert C. Speed, author; with Christine Speed, Richard Sedlock, and Lawrence Andreas, editors

Data Originator: Robert C. Speed* Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA

Year: 2019
Area: Scotland District and Windward Slope of Barbados
Scale: Originally mapped at 1:2500.
Resolution: Resolution of all of the final JPEG files is 315 pixels per in. at 1:5000. Scale varies depending on viewing size. These are huge files to print at a scale of 1:2500. For example, sheet 7 at a 1:2500 scale is 55 in. 88 in.

Projection: Transverse Mercator
Spheroid: Clark 1880
Central Meridians: 59° 33′ 33″ W, 13° 10′ 3″ N
Origin: 30,000m Easting, 75,000m Northing
Parameters: Original mapping was performed at a scale of 1:2500 as hand-drawn pencil line drawings on vellum sheets. Sixty-one maps have been digitally superimposed upon seven base map sheets at 1:10,000 scale and then the base map has been enlarged to 1:5000 with geological legend, locator legend, and title blocks added. (Volume I includes sheets 1 and 8-12, which are not part of this volume.)
Units: Volume I: Geology and Geomorphology of Barbados was published in 2012 as (GSA Special Paper 491). It addressed the geology of the entire island and consisted of 12 maps at a scale of 1:10,000. An expanded explanation of units listed in the Volume II legend can be found in Volume I on p. 12–21.

Description: Geology—Barbados—pre-Quaternary basal complex of the Scotland District and Windward Slope
Keywords: structural; geomorphology; subduction complex

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