Structural Geologic Maps of Conjugate Normal-Fault and Strike-Slip Deformation Band Shear Zones in Navajo Sandstone
George H. Davis, James P. Holmlund, and Stephen G. Ahlgren

Sheet 1: Cottonwood Study Area, Kane County, Utah
Sheet 2: Sheets Gulch Study Area, Capitol Reef National Park, Garfield County, Utah

Data originators: George H. Davis and James P. Holmlund
doi: 10.1130/2013.DMCH015.S1 and 10.1130/2013.DMCH015.S2
Year: 2013
Area: Parts of East Kaibab monocline and Waterpocket fold, southern Utah
Scale: Field mapping = 1:600, published maps = 1:1200

Projection: Plane
Parameters: Photogrammetric horizontal target coordinates based on relative tangent plane survey (1996) using arbitrary English coordinates. Approximate latitude/longitude positions shown on map established by referencing map landforms to WGS84 geodetic positions on Google™ Earth maps (2013). Approximate NGVD29 elevations reference a USGLO 1918 section corner stamped 6310 ft observed with kinematic GPS.
Units: feet
Description: These maps contain nearly every single deformation band that exists within these areas.

Keywords: Faults, deformation bands, shear zones, monoclines, structural geology, Colorado Plateau, Navajo Sandstone, Capitol Reef National Park

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