Geologic map and structure of the west-central part of the Grant Range, Nye County, Nevada
Phyllis A. Camilleri

doi: 10.1130/2013.DMCH014
Year: 2013
Area: Grant Range, Nye County, Nevada
Scale: 1:18,000

Units: meters
Description: This map covers exposures of polydeformed metamorphosed and unmetamorphosed Paleozoic and Cenozoic sedimentary and igneous rocks along the west-central margin of the Grant Range and adjacent Railroad Valley in Nevada. Structurally, the eastern part of the map depicts Paleozoic strata cut by an arched imbricate array of Tertiary low-angle normal faults, and strata between the faults preserve a series of overprinting Mesozoic folds and thrust faults that are broadly coeval with metamorphism. The western part of the map shows a series of range-bounding normal faults that cut Quaternary alluvial fan surfaces. The map's text contains descriptions of stratigraphic units and detailed descriptions of structures and metamorphism, including geometric data pertaining to fabric and fold elements. The text also contains discussion about the age and origin of structures.

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