Geology of the Benson Lake Pendant, Western Yosemite National Park, Central Sierra Nevada
Vali Memeti, Scott R. Paterson, Rita Economos, Saskia Erdmann, Robert B. Miller

doi: 10.1130/2012.DMCH013
Year: 2012
Area: Western Yosemite National Park, Central Sierra Nevada
Scale: 1:10,000

Projection: UTM
Units: meters
Description: NAD 1927. Detailed mapping of the geology of the Benson Lake pendant and surrounding intrusions is presented in a geologic map at 1:10,000 scale. Protoliths of the multiply deformed metasedimentary rocks of the pendant are Precambrian to Paleozoic shallow water passive margin deposits. The pendant is located between the 102 Ma intrusion of the Yosemite Valley intrusive suite to the west, and the 95–85 Ma Tuolumne Intrusive Complex to the east. The Yosemite Valley intrusive suite is characterized by dominantly granitic rocks, which locally mingled with granitic to gabbroic compositions near the metasedimentary pendant. Basic descriptions of the lithologies and their structural relationships are given.

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