Wilson Cliffs and Potosi Mountain Area, Nevada
B.C. Burchfiel, C.S. Cameron, and L.H. Royden

doi: 10.1130/2010.DMCH009
Year: 2010
Area: Wilson Cliffs and Potosi Mountain, Nevada
Scale: 1:24,000

Parameters: UTM
Description: The map area is the Wilson Cliffs and Potosi Mountain area in southern Nevada. The area is roughly west and southwest of Las Vegas. Data are included for the geology of the area and all of the topographic maps for the map area. These topographic maps were created using the Large-Scale DLGs (1:24,000 scale digital line graphs) from the U.S. Geological Survey for the La Madre Mountain, La Madre Springs, Mountain Springs, Blue Diamond, Cottonwood Pass, and Potosi 1:24,000 quadrangles. Geologic data are fully attributed. Topography contains attributed contours as well as roads, streams, and public land survey system data.

Exported Coverages: These are contained in the /exports and /shapes directory. The /exports directory contains files that are in Arc export format. They have an .e00 suffix. In the /shapes directory, all of the coverages are exported as ArcView shape files. Each file therefore has a .dbf, .shp, and .shx file associated with it. You will have to copy all of these.

Map Files:

Map Files (in zip folders): Each file has an extension that gives the particular file type (export or shape files).

  • fbsc = Geologic contacts
  • fbsf = Folds
  • fbsfp = Fold symbology points
  • fbspsd = Strike and dip measurements
  • fbsr = Rock unit polygons
  • fbsu = Label points for rock units
  • lmtopo = La Madre Mountain Topography
  • lmhyd = La Madre Mountain Hydrography
  • lmpl = La Madre Mountain Public Land
  • lstopo = La Madre Springs Topography
  • lshyd = La Madre Springs Hydrography
  • lspl = La Madre Springs Public Lands
  • lstra = La Madre Springs Transportation
  • mstopo = Mountain Springs Topography
  • mshyd = Mountain Springs Hydrography
  • mspl = Mountain Springs Public Lands
  • mstra = Mountain Springs Transportation
  • bdtopo = Blue Diamond Topography
  • bdhyd = Blue Diamond Topography
  • bdpl = Blue Diamond Public Lands
  • bdtra = Blue Diamond Transportation
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