Bedrock Geology of the West Grove Quadrangle PA-DE Piedmont
James Alcock1

1Department of Environmental Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, Abington, Pennsylvania 19001, USA

Data Originator:
James Alcock
Division of Engineering and Science

doi: 10.1130/2005.DMCH002
Year: 2005
Area: West Grove Quadrangle, Pennsylvania-Delaware piedmont
Scale: 1:24,000
Resolution: Variable

Description: Three lithotectonic units are exposed acroos the West Grove Quadrangle in the Pennsylvania-Delaware piedmont. These are mid-Proterozoic gneisses that core the Landenberg, Avondale, and Woodville Massifs, latest Proterozoic to Early Paleozoic metasediments of the Glenarm Series (Setters Formation and Cockeysville Marble) that form the margins of the massifs, and the allocthonous latest Proterozoic to early Paleozoic metasediments of the Wissahickon Formation. Metamorphic and structural discontinuities can be used to establish that each unit has experienced a distinct metamorphic and tectonic history.

Keywords: Pennsylvania-Delaware piedmont, Glenarm Series, Wissahickon Formation, metamorphic discontinuity, structural discontinuity, Map Images (AI, PDF)

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