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  • GSA's Annual Meeting attracts more than 6,000 attendees to participate in a high energy science exchange. Field trips, technical sessions, exhibits, networking opportunities, and short courses offer something for everyone.
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  • Geology — This is GSA's most-cited and widely read earth-science journal; with more than 20 thought-provoking articles each month.
  • GSA Bulletin — GSA's first earth-science journal publishes classical-style research papers in all disciplines.
  • Geosphere — This online-only journal covers all geoscience disciplines in a medium that accommodates animations and sound.
  • Lithosphere — This jounal focuses on tectonic processes at all scales that affect the crust and upper mantle.
  • Environmental & Engineering Geoscience (co-published by AEG and GSA)
  • Online Store: Books, maps & charts, special papers, and more.

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Earth-science enthusiasts


  • A person interested in geoscience but who does not have a degree in geology or related field.
  • A person who is neither professionally trained nor employed in geology or related field (i.e., any physical or biological sciences, or other disciplines such as engineering, or geography).
  • Not currently studying such science at the collegiate level.

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