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2020001: Geology, 2020. L. Kämpf et al. Stable oxygen and carbon isotopes of carbonates in lake sediments as a paleoflood proxy

2020002: Geology, 2020. S. Kelly et al. Inherited terrane properties explain enigmatic post-collisional Himalayan-Tibetan evolution

2020003: Geology, 2020. A.K. Ault et al. Nanoscale evidence for temperature-induced transient rheology and postseismic fault healing

2020004: Geology, 2020. G.G. Kenny et al. Recrystallization and chemical changes in apatite in response to hypervelocity impact

2020005: Geology, 2020. L. Li et al. Uranium isotopic constraints on the nature of the prehistoric flood at the Lajia site, China

2020006: Geology, 2020. M. Alvaro et al. Fossil subduction recorded by quartz from the coesite stability field

2020007: Geology, 2020. M.P. D'Antonio et al. Land plant evolution decreased, rather than increased, weathering rates

2020008: Geology, 2020. B.J. Linzmeier et al. Calcium isotope evidence for environmental variability before and across the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction

2020009: Geology, 2020. K. Fujita et al. Reef-flat and back-reef development in the Great Barrier Reef caused by rapid sea-level fall during the Last Glacial Maximum (30-17 ka)

2020010: Geology, 2020. B. Rasmussen et al. A 1.25 Ga depositional age for the "Paleoproterozoic" Mapedi red beds, Kalahari manganese field, South Africa: New constraints on the timing of oxidative weathering and hematite mineralization

2020011: Geology, 2020. P. Baccheschi et al. The preparatory phase of the Mw 6.1 2009 L'Aquila (Italy) normal faulting earthquake traced by foreshock time-lapse tomography

2020012: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y. Wu et al. Generation of Late Cretaceous Ji'an basalts through asthenosphere-slab interaction in South China

2020013: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y.-J. Xu et al. The Mesoproterozoic Baoban Complex, South China: A missing fragment of western Laurentian lithospheren

2020014: GSA Bulletin, 2020. W. Fang et al. Tectonic transition from oceanic subduction to continental collision: New geochemical evidence from Early-Middle Triassic mafic igneous rocks in southern Liaodong Peninsula, east-central China

2020015: GSA Bulletin, 2020. S. Umino et al. The conversion tectonics from spreading to subduction: Paleostress analysis of dike swarms during the subduction initiation in the Oman Ophiolite

2020016: GSA Bulletin, 2020. M.C. Reheis et al. Pleistocene lakes and paleohydrologic environments of the Tecopa basin, California: Constraints on the drainage integration of the Amargosa River

2020017: Geology, 2020. S.J. Watson et al. Focused fluid seepage related to variations in accretionary wedge structure, Hikurangi margin, New Zealand

2020018: Geology, 2020. M.J. Bojanowski et al. Pedogenic siderites fossilizing Ediacaran soil microorganisms on the Baltica paleocontinent

2020019: Geology, 2020. S.Zhang and N.J. Planavsky Revisiting groundwater carbon fluxes to the ocean with implications for the carbon cycle

2020020: GSA Bulletin, 2020. C.B. DuRoss et al. Holocene earthquake history and slip rate of the southern Teton fault, Wyoming, USA

2020021: GSA Bulletin, 2020. A.C. Denny et al. A history of pore water oxygen isotope evolution in the Cretaceous Travis Peak Formation in East Texas

2020022: GSA Bulletin, 2020. C. Ribes et al. Tectono-sedimentary evolution of a fossil ocean-continent transition: Tasna nappe, central Alps (SE Switzerland)

2020023: GSA Bulletin, 2020. J.B. Paces et al. 300,000 yr history of water-table fluctuations at Wind Cave, South Dakota, USA-Scale, timing, and groundwater mixing in the Madison Aquifer

2020024: GSA Bulletin, 2020. C. Mays et al. Refined Permian-Triassic floristic timeline reveals early collapse and delayed recovery of south polar terrestrial ecosystems

2020025: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y.-W. Tang et al. Geochemical evidence for the production of granitoids through reworking of the juvenile mafic arc crust in the Gangdese orogen, southern Tibet

2020026: GSA Bulletin, 2020. L. Tao et al. Petrogenesis of the Cretaceous granitoids in Zhejiang, northeast South China Block and their implications for episodic retreat and roll-back of the Paleo-Pacific Plate

2020027: GSA Bulletin, 2020. L. Quick et al. Conglomerate recycling in the Himalayan foreland basin: Implications for grain size and provenance

2020028: Geology, 2020. M.J. Craig et al. Biomediation of submarine sediment gravity flow dynamics

2020029: Geology, 2020. Q. Zhang et al. Mechanism for enhanced eolian dust flux recorded in North Pacific Ocean sediments since 4.0 Ma: Aridity or humidity at dust source areas in the Asian interior?

2020030: Geology, 2020. T. Hopkinson et al. Evolution of the melt source during protracted crustal anatexis: An example from the Bhutan Himalaya

2020031: Geology, 2020. B.R. Johnson et al. Phosphorus burial in ferruginous SiO2-rich Mesoproterozoic sediments

2020032: Geology, 2020. C.G. Barcheck et al. Icequake streaks linked to potential mega-scale glacial lineations beneath an Antarctic ice stream

2020033: GSA Bulletin, 2020. T.-Y. Lu et al. Two phases of post-onset collision adakitic magmatism in the southern Lhasa subterrane, Tibet, and their tectonic implications

2020034: Geology, 2020. G.R. Osinski et al. Explosive interaction of impact melt and seawater following the Chicxulub impact event

2020035: GSA Bulletin, 2020. J. Soldner et al. Grenvillean evolution of the Beishan Orogen, NW China: Implications for development of an active Rodinian margin

2020036: GSA Bulletin, 2020. J. Bucher et al. Multiproxy paleosol evidence for a rain shadow effect linked to Miocene uplift of the North Patagonian Andes

2020037: Geology, 2020. H.L. Ford and M.E. Raymo Regional and global signals in seawater δ18O records across the mid-Pleistocene transition

2020038: Geology, 2020. D. Balseiro and M.G. Powell Carbonate collapse and the late Paleozoic ice age marine biodiversity crisis

2020039: Geology, 2020. N. Zitellini et al. Recent inversion of the Tyrrhenian Basin

2020040: Geology, 2020. P. Guo et al. Lithosphere thickness controls continental basalt compositions: An illustration using Cenozoic basalts from eastern China

2020041: Geology, 2020. E. Zucker et al. Salt tectonics in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Where a giant delta meets a salt giant

2020042: Geology, 2020. B. Lehmann et al. Postglacial erosion of bedrock surfaces and deglaciation timing: New insights from the Mont Blanc massif (western Alps)

2020043: Geology, 2020. H. Cui et al. Forming sulfate- and REE-rich fluids in the presence of quartz

2020044: Geology, 2020. R.A. Hodge et al. X-ray computed tomography reveals that grain protrusion controls critical shear stress for entrainment of fluvial gravels

2020045: Geology, 2020. A. Harris et al. How shear helps lava to flow

2020046: Geology, 2020. L.S. Doucet et al. Coupled supercontinent-mantle plume events evidenced by oceanic plume record

2020047: Geology, 2020. J.B. Chapman et al. Geochemical evidence for an orogenic plateau in the southern U.S. and northern Mexican Cordillera during the Laramide orogeny

2020048: Geology, 2020. Z. Wang et al. Metasomatized lithospheric mantle for Mesozoic giant gold deposits in the North China craton

2020049: Geology, 2020. C. O'Neill et al. The role of impacts on Archaean tectonics

2020050: GSA Bulletin, 2020. A. Gumsley et al. Neoarchean large igneous provinces on the Kaapvaal Craton in southern Africa re-define the formation of the Ventersdorp Supergroup and its temporal equivalents

2020051: GSA Bulletin, 2020. M.N. Muhtar et al. Late Paleozoic tectonic transition from subduction to post-collisional extension in Eastern Tianshan, Central Asian Orogenic Belt

2020052: GSA Bulletin, 2020. H. Li et al. Neotectonics of the Bailongjiang and Hanan faults: New insights into late Cenozoic deformation along the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau

2020053: Geology, 2020. F.J. Clubb et al. Differences in channel and hillslope geometry record a migrating uplift wave at the Mendocino triple junction, California, USA

2020054: Geology, 2020. R.A. DiBiase and M.P. Lamb Dry sediment loading of headwater channels fuels post-wildfire debris flows in bedrock landscapes

2020055: Geology, 2020. D.S. Jones et al. Sea level, carbonate mineralogy, and early diagenesis controlled δ13C records in Upper Ordovician carbonates

2020056: Geology, 2020. Y. Yu et al. Foundered lithospheric segments dropped into the mantle transition zone beneath southern California, USA

2020057: Geology, 2020. S.T.M. Peters et al. Triple oxygen isotope variations in magnetite from iron-oxide deposits, central Iran, record magmatic fluid interaction with evaporite and carbonate host rocks

2020058: Geology, 2020. D. Hernández-Uribe et al. Oceanic slab-top melting during subduction: Implications for trace-element recycling and adakite petrogenesis

2020059: Geology, 2020. R.J.M. Taylor et al. Persistence of melt-bearing Archean lower crust for >200 m.y.-An example from the Lewisian Complex, northwest Scotland

2020060: Geology, 2020. P.T.W. Chan et al. Recent density decline in wild-collected subarctic crustose coralline algae reveals climate change signature

2020061: Geology, 2020. B.G. McVey et al. Magma accumulation beneath Santorini volcano, Greece, from P-wave tomography

2020062: Geology, 2020. A. Cugerone et al. Redistribution of germanium during dynamic recrystallization of sphalerite

2020063: Geology, 2020. M.G. Gadd et al. A Middle Devonian basin-scale precious metal enrichment event across northern Yukon (Canada)

2020064: Geology, 2020. M. Sardar Abadi et al. Atmospheric dust stimulated marine primary productivity during Earth's penultimate icehouse

2020065: Geology, 2020. A. Braathen and P.T. Osmundsen Extensional tectonics rooted in orogenic collapse: Long-lived disintegration of the Semail Ophiolite, Oman

2020066: Lithosphere, 2020. H. Yang et al. Petrogenesis of Early Paleozoic high Sr/Y intrusive rocks from the North Qilian orogen: Implication for diachronous continental collision

2020067: GSA Bulletin, 2020. A. Tasistro-Hart et al. Astronomically forced hydrology of the Late Cretaceous sub-tropical Potosí Basin, Bolivia

2020068: GSA Bulletin, 2020. S.M. Rooyakkers et al. Emplacement of unusual rhyolitic to basaltic ignimbrites during collapse of a basalt-dominated caldera: The Halarauður eruption, Krafla (Iceland)

2020069: GSA Bulletin, 2020. C. Montanaro et al. Complex crater fields formed by steam-driven eruptions: Lake Okaro, New Zealand

2020070: GSA Bulletin, 2020. R.P. Cole et al. Glaciovolcanic emplacement of an intermediate hydroclastic breccia-lobe complex during the penultimate glacial period (190-130 ka), Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand

2020071: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y. Zhang et al. Two late Carboniferous belts of Nb-enriched mafic magmatism in the Eastern Tianshan: Heterogeneous mantle sources and geodynamic implications

2020072: GSA Bulletin, 2020. H. He et al. Permo-Triassic granitoids, Hainan Island, link to Paleotethyan not Paleopacific tectonics

2020073: Geology, 2020. R. Law and M.B. Allen Diachronous Tibetan Plateau landscape evolution derived from lava field geomorphology

2020074: Geology, 2020. N. Holschuh et al. Linking postglacial landscapes to glacier dynamics using swath radar at Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica

2020075: Geology, 2020. M. Fan et al. Late Paleogene emergence of a North American loess plateau

2020076: Geology, 2020. H. Choe and J. Dyment Fading magnetic anomalies, thermal structure and earthquakes in the Japan Trench

2020077: Geology, 2020. J. Lan et al. Dramatic weakening of the East Asian summer monsoon in northern China during the transition from the Medieval Warm Period to the Little Ice Age

2020078: Geology, 2020. E. Rodríguez-Escudero et al. Pulverized quartz clasts in gouge of the Alhama de Murcia fault (Spain): Evidence for coseismic clast pulverization in a matrix deformed by frictional sliding

2020079: Geology, 2020. D. Chu et al. Ecological disturbance in tropical peatlands prior to marine Permian-Triassic mass extinction

2020080: Geology, 2020. A. Dutkiewicz et al. Environmental predictors of deep-sea polymetallic nodule occurrence in the global ocean

2020081: Geology, 2020. W. Yuan et al. Magnetite magnetofossils record biogeochemical remanent magnetization in hydrogenetic ferromanganese crusts

2020082: Geology, 2020. P.J. Bart and S. Tulaczyk A significant acceleration of ice volume discharge preceded a major retreat of a West Antarctic paleo-ice stream

2020083: Geology, 2020. R.F. Hayes et al. Modeling the Dynamics of a Late Triassic Vertebrate Extinction: the Adamanian/Revueltian faunal turnover, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, USA

2020084: GSA Bulletin, 2020. J.-G. Wang et al. From extension to tectonic inversion: Mid-Cretaceous onset of Andean-type orogeny in the Lhasa block and early topographic growth of Tibet

2020085: GSA Bulletin, 2020. M. Donnini et al. A new Alpine geo-lithological map (Alpine-Geo-LiM) and global carbon cycle implications

2020086: Geology, 2020. C.L. Nathwani et al. Multi-stage arc magma evolution recorded by apatite in volcanic rocks

2020087: Geology, 2020. B. Schaefer et al. Microbial life in the nascent Chicxulub crater

2020088: Geology, 2020. R. Wolff et al. Fast cooling of normal-fault footwalls: Rapid fault slip or thermal relaxation?

2020089: Lithosphere, 2020. J.R. Stanley and R.M. Flowers Mesozoic denudation history of the lower Orange River and eastward migration of erosion across the southern African Plateau Total file size: 26 MB.

2020090: GSA Bulletin, 2020. L. Yang et al. Indo-Burma passive amalgamation along the Kaladan Fault: Insights from zircon provenance in the Chittagong-Tripura Fold Belt (Bangladesh)

2020091: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Z. Liu et al. Evidence of wildfires and elevated atmospheric oxygen at the Frasnian-Famennian boundary in New York (USA): Implications for the Late Devonian mass extinction

2020092: Geology, 2020. M.F. Isla et al. Record of a nonbarred clastic shoreline

2020093: Geology, 2020. E.B. Cahoon et al. Reshuffling the Columbia River Basalt chronology-Picture Gorge Basalt, the earliest- and longest-erupting formation

2020094: Geology, 2020. E. Miramontes et al. Channel-levee evolution in combined contour current-turbidity current flows from flume-tank experiments

2020095: GSA Bulletin, 2020. M.E. Lupo et al. New paleontological evidence for complex middle Paleozoic tectonic evolution in the Appalachian western Blue Ridge

2020096: Geology, 2020. A.W. Heard and N. Dauphas Constraints on the coevolution of oxic and sulfidic ocean iron sinks from Archean-Paleoproterozoic iron isotope records

2020097: GSA Today, 2020. P. Bierman et al. ¡Cuba! River Water Chemistry Reveals Rapid Chemical Weathering, the Echo of Uplift, and the Promise of More Sustainable Agriculture

2020098: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y. Zhong et al. Geochemical, biostratigraphic, and high-resolution geochronological constraints on the waning stage of Emeishan Large Igneous Province

2020099: Special Paper 544, 2020. N. Youbi et al. The Central Iapetus magmatic province: An updated review and link with the ca. 580 Ma Gaskiers glaciation

2020100: Special Paper 536, 2020. J.R. Redwine et al. Middle and late Pleistocene pluvial history of Newark Valley, central Nevada, USA

2020101: GSA Bulletin, 2020. L.P. Beranek et al. Detrital zircon U-Pb-Hf isotope signatures of Old Red Sandstone strata constrain the Silurian to Devonian paleogeography, tectonics, and crustal evolution of the Svalbard Caledonides

2020102: GSA Bulletin, 2020. S. Zhang et al. Temporal variations in the dynamic evolution of an overriding plate: Evidence from the Wulong area in the eastern North China Craton, China

2020103: Lithosphere, 2020. R.J. Leary et al. Provenance of Pennsylvanian-Permian sedimentary rocks associated with the Ancestral Rocky Mountains orogeny in southwestern Laurentia: Implications for continental-scale Laurentian sediment transport systems

2020104: Geology, 2020. K. Cheng et al. Early Mississippian ocean anoxia triggered organic carbon burial and late Paleozoic cooling: Evidence from uranium isotopes recorded in marine limestone

2020105: Geology, 2020. S.P. Long and M.J. Kohn Distributed ductile thinning during thrust emplacement: A commonly overlooked exhumation mechanism

2020106: Geology, 2020. M. Wang et al. Direct evidence for fluid overpressure during hydrocarbon generation and expulsion from organic-rich shales

2020107: Geology, 2020. G.E. Hilley et al. Coexisting seismic behavior of transform faults revealed by high-resolution bathymetry

2020108: Geology, 2020. Y.X. Xu et al. Magnetotelluric imaging of a fossil oceanic plate in northwestern Xinjiang, China

2020109: Lithosphere, 2020. V. Olivetti et al. Cretaceous and late Cenozoic uplift of a Variscan Massif: The case of the French Massif Central studied through low-temperature thermochronometry

2020110: Geology, 2020. R. Sutherland et al. Continental-scale geographic change across Zealandia during Paleogene subduction initiation

2020111: Geology, 2020. E.L. Matchan et al. Early human occupation of southeastern Australia: New insights from 40Ar/39Ar dating of young volcanoes

2020112: Geology, 2020. A. Condron et al. Arctic sea ice export as a driver of deglacial climate

2020113: Special Paper 544, 2020. G. Le Hir et al. Amplifying factors leading to the collapse of primary producers during the Chicxulub impact and Deccan Traps eruptions

2020114: Lithosphere, 2020. A.A.G. Webb et al. A non-plate tectonic model for the Eoarchean Isua supracrustal belt

2020115: Lithosphere, 2020. P.J. Umhoefer et al. Quantifying rates of "rifting while drifting" in the southern Gulf of California: The role of the southern Baja California microplate and its eastern boundary zone

2020116: Geology, 2020. K.E. Karlstrom et al. Redefining the Tonto Group of Grand Canyon and recalibrating the Cambrian time scale

2020117: Geology, 2020. M. Chambers et al. Half a million years of magmatic history recorded in a K-feldspar megacryst of the Tuolumne Intrusive Complex, California, USA

2020118: Geology, 2020. V. Monteleone et al. Integrated geophysical characterization of crustal domains in the eastern Black Sea

2020119: Geology, 2020. T.A. Laakso et al. Herbivory and its effect on Phanerozoic oxygen concentrations

2020120: Geology, 2020. M. Townsend and C. Huber A critical magma chamber size for volcanic eruptions

2020121: Geology, 2020. M. Pistolesi et al. Tsunami and tephra deposits record interactions between past eruptive activity and landslides at Stromboli volcano, Italy

2020122: Geology, 2020. S. Attia et al. Erupted zircon record of continental crust formation during mantle driven arc flare-ups

2020123: Geology, 2020. A.K. Doran and W.C. Crawford Continuous evolution of oceanic crustal structure following an eruption at Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge

2020124: Geology, 2020. J.G. Shellnutt et al. Magmatic duration of the Emeishan large igneous province: Insight from northern Vietnam

2020125: Geology, 2020. Y. Zhou et al. Reconstructing Tonian seawater 87Sr/86Sr using calcite microspar

2020126: Geology, 2020. E.H. Dingle et al. Sediment dynamics across gravel-sand transitions: Implications for river stability and floodplain recycling

2020127: GSA Bulletin, 2020. A.G. Flynn et al. Early Paleocene Magnetostratigraphy and Revised Biostratigraphy of the Ojo Alamo Sandstone and Lower Nacimiento Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA

2020128: GSA Bulletin, 2020. J. Yin et al. Petrogenesis of Early Cambrian granitoids in the western Kunlun orogenic belt, Northwest Tibet: Insight into early stage subduction of the Proto-Tethys Ocean

2020129: GSA Bulletin, 2020. D. Li et al. Initiation of modern-style subduction in the Neoarchean: From plume to subduction with frequent slab break-off

2020130: Special Paper 545, 2020. L.A. Hinnov and R.J. Diecchio Upper Ordovician Juniata Formation, Central Appalachian Basin, USA: A record of Milankovitch-forced eustatic oscillations originating from glaciations in polar Gondwana

2020131: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y. Tang et al. First mid-ocean ridge-type ophiolite from the Meso-Tethys suture zone in the north-central Tibetan plateau

2020132: GSA Bulletin, 2020. L. Huang et al. Synrift basin inversion: Significant role of synchronous strike-slip motion in a rift basin

2020133: Lithosphere, 2020. D.S. Coutts et al. Along-strike variations in sediment provenance within the Nanaimo basin reveal mechanisms of forearc basin sediment influx events

2020134: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y. Yang et al. Exploring records of typhoon variability in eastern China over the past 2000 years

2020135: GSA Bulletin, 2020. D. Fu et al. Structural anatomy of the early Paleozoic Laohushan ophiolite and subduction complex: Implications for accretionary tectonics of the Proto-Tethyan North Qilian orogenic belt, northeastern Tibet

2020136: GSA Bulletin, 2020. Y. Xin et al. Early Devonian (415-400 Ma) A-type granitoids and diabases in the Wuyishan, eastern Cathaysia: A signal of crustal extension coeval with the separation of South China from Gondwana

2020137: GSA Bulletin, 2020. C. Liu et al. Detrital zircon records of late Paleoproterozoic to early Neoproterozoic northern North China Craton drainage reorganization: Implications for supercontinent cycles

2020138: GSA Bulletin, 2020. S. Wu et al. Metamorphic evolution of high-pressure felsic and pelitic granulites from the Qianlishan Complex and tectonic implications for the Khondalite Belt, North China Craton

2020139: Geology, 2020. J.J. King and J.A. Cartwright Ultra-slow throw rates of polygonal fault systems

2020140: Geology, 2020. J. Gigon et al. Tracing metal sources for the giant McArthur River Zn-Pb deposit (Australia) using lead isotopes

2020141: Geology, 2020. I.S. Abu-Mahfouz et al. Silica diagenesis promotes early primary hydrocarbon migration

2020142: Geology, 2020. M. Brown et al. Evolution of geodynamics since the Archean: Significant change at the dawn of the Phanerozoic

2020143: Geology, 2020. S.R. Davidson et al. Conjugate strike-slip faulting across a subduction front driven by incipient seamount subduction

2020144: Geology, 2020. K.L. Huppert et al. The influence of wave power on bedrock sea-cliff erosion in the Hawaiian Islands

2020145: Geology, 2020. S.J. Barker et al. What lies beneath? Reconstructing the primitive magmas fueling voluminous silicic volcanism using olivine-hosted melt inclusions

2020146: Geology, 2020. S.J. Haynes et al. Constraining sources and relative flow rates of bottom waters in the Late Cretaceous Pacific Ocean

2020147: GSA Bulletin, 2020. A.E. Walker et al. Channel narrowing by inset floodplain formation of the lower Green River in the Canyonlands region, Utah

2020148: Geology, 2020. G. Calzolari et al. Hematite (U-Th)/He thermochronometry detects asperity flash heating during laboratory earthquakes

2020149: Geology, 2020. J. Du and A. Audétat Early sulfide saturation is not detrimental to porphyry Cu-Au formation

2020150: GSA Today, 2020. E.J. Ramos et al. Remnants and Rates of Metamorphic Decarbonation in Continental Arcs

2020151: Geology, 2020. H. Soleymani et al. The effect of cooling during deformation on recrystallized grain-size piezometry

2020152: Geology, 2020. J. Vasseur et al. Permeability of polydisperse magma foam

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2020154: Geology, 2020. J.F. Bramante et al. Experimental quantification of bedrock abrasion under oscillatory flow

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2020156: Geology, 2020. F. Klein and V. Le Roux Quantifying the volume increase and chemical exchange during serpentinization

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2020161: GSA Bulletin, 2020. B.C. Frederick et al. Early Mesozoic synrift Eagle Mills Formation and coeval siliciclastic sources, sinks, and sediment routing, northern Gulf of Mexico basin

2020162: GSA Bulletin, 2020. G. Zhou et al. A clearer view of crustal evolution: U-Pb, Sm-Nd, and Lu-Hf isotope systematics in five detrital minerals unravel the tectonothermal history of northern China

2020163: GSA Bulletin, 2020. A.L. Layzell and R.D. Mandel Late Quaternary landscape evolution and bioclimatic change in the central Great Plains, USA

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2020168: Geology, 2020. A.K. Kronenberg et al. Water loss during dynamic recrystallization of Moine thrust quartzites, northwest Scotland

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2020171: Geology, 2020. Y. Yang et al. Is the upward release of intermediate ocean heat content a possible engine for low-latitude processes?

2020172: Geology, 2020. J.-B. Zhang et al. Archean, highly unradiogenic lead in shallow cratonic mantle

2020173: Geology, 2020. P.G. Albano et al. Radiocarbon dating supports bivalve-fish age coupling along a bathymetric gradient in high-resolution paleoenvironmental studies

2020174: Geology, 2020. S. Mohadjer et al. Temporal variations in rockfall and rock-wall retreat rates in a deglaciated valley over the past 11 k.y.

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