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2019001: Geology, 2019. T.A. Goudge et al. Incision of paleolake outlet canyons on Mars from overflow flooding

2019002: Geology, 2019. S.A.J. Pattison Using classic outcrops to revise sequence stratigraphic models: Reevaluating the Campanian Desert Member (Blackhawk Formation) to lower Castlegate Sandstone interval, Book Cliffs, Utah and Colorado, USA

2019003: Geology, 2019. H.D. Sinclair et al. Detrital cosmogenic 21Ne records decoupling of source-to-sink signals by sediment storage and recycling in Miocene to present rivers of the Great Plains, Nebraska, USA

2019004: Geology, 2019. S.R. David et al. Channelization of meandering river floodplains by headcutting

2019005: Geology, 2019. A.C. Da Silva et al. Millennial-scale climate changes manifest Milankovitch combination tones and Hallstatt solar cycles in the Devonian greenhouse world

2019006: Geology, 2019. P. Nimis et al. Fe-rich ferropericlase and magnesiow�stite inclusions reflecting diamond formation rather than ambient mantle

2019007: Geology, 2019. C. Pagli et al. Strike-slip tectonics during rift linkage

2019008: Geology, 2019. D. Simon et al. The sensitivity of middle Miocene paleoenvironments to changing marine gateways in Central Europe

2019009: Geology, 2019. G.J. Crutchley et al. How tectonic folding influences gas hydrate formation: New Zealand's Hikurangi subduction margin

2019010: Geology, 2019. M.J. Drignon et al. Upper mantle origin of plagioclase megacrysts from plagioclase-ultraphyric mid-oceanic ridge basalt

2019011: Geology, 2019. R.I. Koshnaw et al. Timing of the Arabia-Eurasia continental collision-Evidence from detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Red Bed Series strata of the northwest Zagros hinterland, Kurdistan region of Iraq

2019012: Geology, 2019. P. Granado et al. Structural styles in fold-and-thrust belts involving early salt structures: The Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)

2019013: GSA Bulletin, 2019. E. Enkelmann et al. Detrital Zircon double-dating of forearc basin strata reveals magmatic, exhumational, and thermal history of sediment source areas

2019014: GSA Bulletin, 2019. D.P. Moynihan et al. Upper Windermere Supergroup and the transition from rifting to continent-margin sedimentation, Nadaleen River area, northern Canadian Cordillera

2019015: GSA Bulletin, 2019. A. Blowick et al. All mixed up: Pb isotopic constraints on the transit of sands through the Mississippi-Missouri drainage basin

2019016: GSA Bulletin, 2019. N. Hughes et al. The Cambrian geology of the Salt Range of Pakistan: Linking the Himalayan margin to the Indian craton

2019017: GSA Bulletin, 2019. F.A. Robinson et al. U-Pb and oxygen isotope characteristics of Timanian- and Caledonian-age detrital zircons from the Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska, USA

2019018: GSA Bulletin, 2019. X. Zhang et al. Discovery of Middle-Late Devonian and Early Permian magmatic events in East Asia and their implication for the Indosinian orogeny in South China: Insights from the sedimentary record

2019019: Lithosphere, 2019. X. Kong et al. Disequilibrium partial melting of metasediments in subduction zones: Evidence from O-Nd-Hf isotopes and trace elements in S-type granites of the Chinese Altai

2019020: GSA Bulletin, 2019. A. Dokuz et al. Postcollisional transition from subduction- to intraplate-type magmatism in the eastern Sakarya zone, Turkey: Indicators of northern Neotethyan slab breakoff

2019021: GSA Bulletin, 2019. E.W. Portenga et al. Erosion rates and sediment flux within the Potomac River basin quantified over millennial timescales using beryllium isotopes

2019022: Geology, 2019. A.P. Shillito and N.S. Davies Death near the shoreline, not life on land: Ordovician arthropod trackways in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, UK

2019023: Geology, 2019. A. Tessin et al. Molybdenum speciation as a paleo-redox proxy: A case study from Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway black shales

2019024: GSA Bulletin, 2019. M.M. Jones et al. Astronomical pacing of relative sea level during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2: Preliminary studies of the expanded SH#1 Core, Utah

2019025: GSA Bulletin, 2019. C.R. Bacon and J.E. Robinson Postglacial faulting near Crater Lake, Oregon, and its possible association with the Mazama caldera-forming eruption

2019026: Geology, 2019. P.W. Lipman When ignimbrite meets water: Megascale gas-escape structures formed during welding  Total file size: 74 MB.

2019027: Geology, 2019. A. Namiki et al. Volcanic activities triggered or inhibited by resonance of volcanic edifices to large earthquakes

2019028: Geology, 2019. J. Řihošek et al. Evolution of natural rock arches: A realistic small-scale experiment

2019029: Geology, 2019. J. Farr�-de-Pablo et al. A shallow origin for diamonds in ophiolitic chromitites

2019030: Lithosphere, 2019. S.I. Briggs and J.M. Cottle Accessory mineral petrochronology reveals 30 m.y. of partial melting during the separation of Zealandia from eastern Gondwana

2019031: Lithosphere, 2019. C. Villaseca et al. Dating metasomatic events in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Calatrava volcanic field (central Spain)

2019032: Lithosphere, 2019. H. Lu et al. Towards a clarification of the provenance of Cenozoic sediments in the northern Qaidam Basin

2019033: Lithosphere, 2019. A. Schartman et al. Uplift and exhumation of the Russell Fiord and Boundary blocks along the northern Fairweather transform fault, Alaska

2019034: GSA Bulletin, 2019. R.-Z. Zhu et al. Petrogenesis of high-K calc-alkaline granodiorite and its enclaves from the SE Lhasa block, Tibet (SW China): Implications for recycled subducted sediments

2019035: Geology, 2019. T.R. Clark et al. Episodic coral growth in China's subtropical coral communities linked to broad-scale climatic change

2019036: Geology, 2019. H. Wu et al. An ~34 m.y. astronomical time scale for the uppermost Mississippian through Pennsylvanian of the Carboniferous System of the Paleo-Tethyan realm

2019037: Geology, 2019. Y. Taran and E. Kalacheva Role of hydrothermal flux in the volatile budget of a subduction zone: Kuril arc, northwest Pacific

2019038: Geology, 2019. A. Dutkiewicz et al. Sequestration and subduction of deep-sea carbonate in the global ocean since the Early Cretaceous

2019039: GSA Bulletin, 2019. K. Dewing et al. Early Ordovician to Early Devonian tectonic development of the northern margin of Laurentia, Canadian Arctic Islands

2019040: GSA Bulletin, 2019. D.P. Moecher et al. Proof of recycling in clastic sedimentary systems from textural analysis and geochronology of detrital monazite: Implications for detrital mineral provenance analysis

2019041: Special Paper 541, 2019. W.P. Ward et al. Age, geochemistry and significance of Devonian felsic magmatism in the North Slope subterrane, Yukon, Canadian Arctic

2019042: Geology, 2019. K.B. Sauer et al. Deep-crustal metasedimentary rocks support Late Cretaceous "Mojave-BC" translation

2019043: GSA Bulletin, 2019. M. Franceschi et al. Tethyan carbonate platform transformations during the Early Jurassic (Sinemurian-Pliensbachian, Southern Alps): Comparison with the Late Triassic Carnian Pluvial Episode

2019044: Geology, 2019. F. Saleh et al. Orbital control on exceptional fossil preservation

2019045: Geology, 2019. R. Han et al. Dynamic weakening of ring faults and catastrophic caldera collapses

2019046: Geology, 2019. A.S. Dalton et al. Was the Laurentide Ice Sheet significantly reduced during Marine Isotope Stage 3?

2019047: Geology, 2019. L. Jiang et al. Authigenic origin for a massive negative carbon isotope excursion

2019048: Geology, 2019. A.-C. Sarr et al. Subsiding Sundaland

2019049: Geology, 2019. M. Grund and J. R.R. Ritter Widespread seismic anisotropy in Earth's lowermost mantle beneath the Atlantic and Siberia

2019050: Geology, 2019. M. Van Daele et al. Distinguishing intraplate from megathrust earthquakes using lacustrine turbidites

2019051: GSA Today, 2019. S. OConnell Holes in the Bottom of the Sea: History, Revolutions, and Future Opportunities

2019052: Geology, 2019. S.A. Robinson et al. Southern Hemisphere sea-surface temperatures during the Cenomanian-Turonian: Implications for the termination of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2

2019053: Geology, 2019. Y.-C. Zheng et al. Cu isotopes reveal initial Cu enrichment in sources of giant porphyry deposits in a collisional setting

2019054: Geology, 2019. D. Chiarella et al. Different stacking patterns along an active fold-and-thrust belt-Acerenza Bay, Southern Apennines (Italy)

2019055: Geology, 2019. F. Tornos et al. Do microbes control the formation of giant copper deposits?

2019056: Geology, 2019. P.J. Heron et al. Deformation driven by deep and distant structures: Influence of a mantle lithosphere suture in the Ouachita orogeny, southeastern United States

2019057: Geology, 2019. J. Moore et al. Stress orientation-dependent reactions during metamorphism

2019058: Geology, 2019. T. Finley et al. Ongoing oroclinal bending in the Cascadia forearc and its relation to concave-outboard plate margin geometry

2019059: Geology, 2019. R.A. Duller et al. Delayed sedimentary response to abrupt climate change at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary, northern Spain

2019060: GSA Bulletin, 2019. K.E. Watts et al. Oxygen isotopic investigation of silicic magmatism in the Stillwater caldera complex, Nevada: Generation of large-volume, low-δ18O rhyolitic tuffs and assessment of their regional context in the Great Basin of the western United States

2019061: Geology, 2019. M. Pfeiffer et al. Rare calcium chloride-rich soil and implications for the existence of liquid water in a hyperarid environment

2019062: Geology, 2019. A.S. Madof et al. Discovery of vast fluvial deposits provides evidence for drawdown during the late Miocene Messinian salinity crisis

2019063: Geology, 2019. Y. Huang et al. Biotic responses to volatile volcanism and environmental stresses over the Guadalupian-Lopingian (Permian) transition

2019064: Geology, 2019. M. Colombier et al. In situ granulation by thermal stress during subaqueous volcanic eruptions

2019065: Geology, 2019. R. Coltat et al. Syntectonic carbonation during synmagmatic mantle exhumation at an ocean-continent transition

2019066: Geology, 2019. L.-L. Hao et al. First identification of postcollisional A-type magmatism in the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen

2019067: Geology, 2019. A. Lamur et al. Fracture healing and strength recovery in magmatic liquids

2019068: Geology, 2019. A. Galli et al. Jurassic carbonatite and alkaline magmatism in the Ivrea zone (European Alps) related to the breakup of Pangea

2019069: Geology, 2019. M. Page et al. Synchronous cooling and decline in monsoonal rainfall in northeastern Tibet during the fall into the Oligocene icehouse

2019070: GSA Bulletin, 2019. Lei Wu et al. Middle Miocene reorganization of the Altyn Tagh fault system, northern Tibetan Plateau

2019071: GSA Bulletin, 2019. R.S. Fiske et al. The Kulanaokuaiki-3 tephra, 900 CE: Products of a remarkably energetic pyroclastic eruption at Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i, USA

2019072: GSA Bulletin, 2019. E.L. Leithold et al. Repeated megaturbidite deposition in Lake Crescent, Washington, USA, triggered by Holocene ruptures of the Lake Creek-Boundary Creek fault system

2019073: GSA Bulletin, 2019. G. Andjic et al. Collision of the Caribbean Large Igneous Province with the Americas: Earliest evidence from the forearc of Costa Rica

2019074: GSA Bulletin, 2019. H. Wu et al. Late Paleoproterozoic granulite-facies metamorphism in the North Altyn Tagh area, southeastern Tarim craton: Pressure-temperature paths, zircon U-Pb ages, and tectonic implications

2019075: Geology, 2019. C.M. Lesher et al. Genesis of chromite deposits by dynamic upgrading of Fe � Ti oxide xenocrysts

2019076: Geology, 2019. E. Koeksoy et al. Formation of green rust and elemental sulfur in an analogue for oxygenated ferro-euxinic transition zones of Precambrian oceans

2019077: Geology, 2019. A.G. Liu et al. Petrological evidence supports the death mask model for the preservation of Ediacaran soft-bodied organisms in South Australia

2019078: Geology, 2019. L.B. Smith et al. Shallow-water onlap model for the deposition of Devonian black shales in New York, USA

2019079: GSA Today, 2019. E.K. Bessette-Kirton et al. Landslides Triggered by Hurricane Maria: Assessment of an Extreme Event in Puerto Rico

2019080: Geology, 2019. C. Anzolini et al. Depth of diamond formation obtained from single periclase inclusions

2019081: Geology, 2019. A.P.G. Fowler et al. Vapor-driven sublacustrine vents in Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming, USA

2019082: Lithosphere, 2019. M.B. Callihan and C. Klimczak Topographic expressions of lunar graben

2019083: Special Paper 536, 2019. J.R. Knott et al. A Pliocene pluvial lake in Eureka Valley, eastern California

2019084: Geology, 2019. A. Molina-Aguilera et al. Connection between the Jurassic oceanic lithosphere of the Gulf of C�diz and the Alboran slab imaged by Sp receiver functions

2019085: Geology, 2019. B.R. Pratt and J. Kimmig Extensive bioturbation in a middle Cambrian Burgess Shale-type fossil Lagerst�tte in northwestern Canada

2019086: Lithosphere, 2019. A. Lenhart et al. Structural architecture and composition of crystalline basement offshore west Norway

2019087: Geology, 2019. S. Incel et al. Reaction-induced embrittlement of the lower continental crust

2019088: Geology, 2019. D.J. Ciarletta et al. Mechanism for retreating barriers to autogenically form periodic deposits on continental shelves

2019089: Geology, 2019. E. Chi Fru et al. The rise of oxygen-driven arsenic cycling at ca. 2.48 Ga

2019090: Geology, 2019. M.J. Cramwinckel et al. Harmful algae and export production collapse in the equatorial Atlantic during the zenith of Middle Eocene climatic optimum warmth

2019091: Geology, 2019. C. Zhou et al. Calibrating the terminations of Cryogenian global glaciations

2019092: Geology, 2019. H. Xu et al. Arid Central Asia saw mid-Holocene drought

2019093: Geology, 2019. S.J. Poŗebski et al. Hirnantian icebergs in the subtropical shelf of Baltica: Evidence from sedimentology and detrital zircon provenance

2019094: Geology, 2019. S. Pechlivanidou et al. Tipping the balance: Shifts in sediment production in an active rift setting

2019095: Geology, 2019. Z. Sylvester et al. High curvatures drive river meandering

2019096: Geology, 2019. G.E. Lasher and Y. Axford Medieval warmth confirmed at the Norse Eastern Settlement in Greenland

2019097: Geology, 2019. S.E. Munoz et al. Radiogenic fingerprinting reveals anthropogenic and buffering controls on sediment dynamics of the Mississippi River system

2019098: Geology, 2019. A. Morris et al. What do variable magnetic fabrics in gabbros of the Oman ophiolite reveal about lower oceanic crustal magmatism at fast spreading ridges?

2019099: GSA Today, 2019. A Netto et al. Synoptic View of Lithospheric S-Wave Velocity Structure in the Southern United States: A Comparison of 3D Seismic Tomographic Models

2019100: Lithosphere, 2019. D.M. Fisher et al. Numerical models for slip on the subduction interface motivated by field observations

2019101: Special Paper 536, 2019. S.P. Lund and L.V. Benson A comparison of western Great Basin paleoclimate records for the last 3000 yr: Evidence for multidecadal- to millennial-scale drought?

2019102: Geology, 2019. B.M. Goehring et al. Late-glacial grounding line retreat in the northern Ross Sea, Antarctica

2019103: Geology, 2019. J. Clark et al. Glacial isostatic adjustment in central Cascadia: Insights from three-dimensional Earth modeling

2019104: Geology, 2019. S.R. Eaves et al. Climate amelioration during the Last Glacial Maximum recorded by a sensitive mountain glacier in New Zealand

2019105: Geology, 2019. Y. Miao et al. Miocene fire intensification linked to continuous aridification on the Tibetan Plateau

2019106: Geology, 2019. G. Hagen-Peter et al. Strontium isotope systematics for plagioclase of the Skaergaard intrusion (East Greenland): A window to crustal assimilation, differentiation, and magma dynamics

2019107: Geology, 2019. D.E. Penman and A.D. Rooney Coupled carbon and silica cycle perturbations during the Marinoan snowball Earth deglaciation

2019108: GSA Bulletin, 2019. Y. Najman et al. Spatial and temporal trends in exhumation of the Eastern Himalaya and syntaxis as determined from a multitechnique detrital thermochronological study of the Bengal Fan

2019109: Lithosphere, 2019. W. Shifeng et al. Geochronological, geochemical, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic characteristics of granitoids in eastern Tibet and implications for tectonic correlation with southeastern Asia

2019110: Geology, 2019. W. Wang et al. No collision between Eastern and Western Gondwana at their northern extent

2019111: Geology, 2019. M.L.M. Gleeson and S.A. Gibson Crustal controls on apparent mantle pyroxenite signals in ocean-island basalts

2019112: Geology, 2019. Y. Qu et al. Evidence for molecular structural variations in the cytoarchitectures of a Jurassic plant

2019113: Geology, 2019. S. Slagter et al. Environmental controls on silica sinter formation revealed by radiocarbon dating

2019114: Geology, 2019. Y. Xing et al. Arsenic evolution as a tool for understanding formation of pyritic gold ores

2019115: Geology, 2019. M. B�hme et al. Comparison of monitoring data with paleo-slip rates: Cosmogenic nuclide dating detects acceleration of a rockslide

2019116: Geology, 2019. T. Ishikawa and K. Ujiie Geochemical analysis unveils frictional melting processes in a subduction zone fault

2019117: Geology, 2019. J.K.G. Prince et al. Evaporite deposition in the mid-Neoproterozoic as a driver for changes in seawater chemistry and the biogeochemical cycle of sulfur

2019118: Geology, 2019. E.T. Mansur et al. Textural and compositional evidence for the formation of pentlandite via peritectic reaction: Implications for the distribution of highly siderophile elements

2019119: Geology, 2019. T. Blackburn et al. Composition and formation age of amorphous silica coating glacially polished surfaces

2019120: GSA Bulletin, 2019. A. Chin et al. Interacting geomorphic and ecological response of step-pool streams after wildfire

2019121: GSA Bulletin, 2019. L.M. Alva-Valdivia et al. Paleomagnetism and tectonics from the late Pliocene to late Pleistocene in the Xalapa monogenetic volcanic field, Veracruz, Mexico

2019122: Geology, 2019. P.D. Duff and J.N. Kellogg The Brunswick magnetic anomaly: Geophysical signature and geologic source

2019123: Geology, 2019. H. Pingel et al. Pliocene-Pleistocene orographic control on denudation in northwest Argentina

2019124: Geology, 2019. A.N. Abbott A benthic flux from calcareous sediments results in non-conservative neodymium behavior during lateral transport: A study from the Tasman Sea

2019125: Lithosphere, 2019. C. Liu et al. Petrogenesis and tectonic significance of Early Paleozoic magmatism in the northern margin of the Qilian block, northeastern Tibetan Plateau

2019126: Geology, 2019. C. Ma et al. From the Alleghanian to the Atlantic: Extensional collapse of the southernmost Appalachian orogen

2019127: Geology, 2019. M.D. Long et al. Seismic imaging of mid-crustal structure beneath central and eastern North America: Possibly the elusive Grenville deformation?

2019128: Geology, 2019. Y. Cai et al. Diverse biomineralizing animals in the terminal Ediacaran Period herald the Cambrian explosion

2019129: Lithosphere, 2019. Z. Liu et al. Petrogenesis of mid-Neoproterozoic (ca. 750 Ma) mafic and felsic intrusions in the Ailao Shan-Red River belt: Geochemical constraints on the paleogeographic position of the South China block

2019130: Lithosphere, 2019. D.A. Nelson and J.M. Cottle Tracking voluminous Permian volcanism of the Choiyoi Province into central Antarctica

2019131: Geology, 2019. L.R.W. Ives and N.R. Iverson Genesis of glacial flutes inferred from observations at M�laj�kull, Iceland

2019132: Geology, 2019. L.M. West et al. Multi-event organization of deepwater sediments into bedforms: Long-lived, large-scale antidunes preserved in deepwater slopes

2019133: Geology, 2019. W. Zhang et al. Kimberlite magmatism induced by west-dipping subduction of the North American plate

2019134: Geology, 2019. Y. Lim et al. Ice cover as a control on the morphodynamics and stratigraphy of Arctic deltas

2019135: Geology, 2019. E. Park and E.M. Latrubesse A geomorphological assessment of wash-load sediment fluxes and floodplain sediment sinks along the lower Amazon River

2019136: Lithosphere, 2019. T. Sizemore et al. Structural evolution of central Death Valley, California, using new thermochronometry of the Badwater turtleback

2019137: Lithosphere, 2019. T.M. Belgrano and L.W. Diamond Subduction-zone contributions to axial volcanism in the Oman-U.A.E. ophiolite

2019138: GSA Bulletin, 2019. W. Lai et al. Initial growth of the Northern Lhasaplano, Tibetan Plateau in the early Late Cretaceous (ca. 92 Ma)

2019139: Geology, 2019. G. Bonnet et al. No large earthquakes in a fully exposed subducted seamount

2019140: GSA Bulletin, 2019. T.J. Napier et al. Provenance of detrital sediments in Santa Barbara Basin, California, USA: Changes in source contributions between the Last Glacial Maximum and Holocene

2019141: Geology, 2019. L.J. Jackson et al. Testing stable isotope paleoaltimetry with Quaternary volcanic glasses from the Ecuadorian Andes

2019142: GSA Bulletin, 2019. L. Wang et al. New insights into the Precambrian tectonic evolution and continental affinity of the Qilian block: Evidence from geochronology and geochemistry of metasupracrustal rocks in the North Wulan terrane

2019143: GSA Bulletin, 2019. S.A.J. Pattison High resolution linkage of channel-coastal plain and shallow marine facies belts, Desert Member to Lower Castlegate Sandstone stratigraphic interval, Book Cliffs, Utah-Colorado, USA

2019144: Geology, 2019. H.R. Shaddox and S.Y. Schwartz Subducted seamount diverts shallow slow slip to the forearc of the northern Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand

2019145: Geology, 2019. J. Zhang et al. Accommodation- versus supply-dominated systems for sediment partitioning to deep water

2019146: GSA Bulletin, 2019. J.-W. Zi et al. U-Pb monazite ages of the Kabanga mafic-ultramafic intrusions and contact aureoles, central Africa: Geochronological and tectonic implications

2019147: Special Paper 536, 2019. M.D. Shapley et al. Characteristics of landslide-formed lakes of central Idaho: High-resolution archives of watershed productivity and clastic sediment delivery

2019148: GSA Bulletin, 2019. X. Hu et al. Sedimentary evolution of the foreland basin in the NE Tibetan Plateau and the growth of the Qilian Shan since 7 Ma

2019149: Geology, 2019. P.W. Richardson et al. Influences of climate and life on hillslope sediment transport

2019150: Geology, 2019. M. Chojnacki et al. Boundary condition controls on the high-sand-flux regions of Mars

2019151: Geology, 2019. F. Nestola et al. Protogenetic garnet inclusions and the age of diamonds

2019152: GSA Bulletin, 2019. J. Wang et al. Geology of a Neoarchean suture: Evidence from the Zunhua ophiolitic m�lange of the Eastern Hebei Province, North China Craton

2019153: Lithosphere, 2019. S. Mandal et al. Examining the tectono-stratigraphic architecture, structural geometry, and kinematic evolution of the Himalayan fold-thrust belt, Kumaun, northwest India

2019154: Geology, 2019. M. Barham et al. Spot the difference: Zircon disparity tracks crustal evolution

2019155: GSA Bulletin, 2019. O. Parlak et al. Rapid cooling history of a Neotethyan ophiolite: Evidence for contemporaneous subduction initiation and metamorphic sole formation

2019156: GSA Bulletin, 2019. G.A. Lerner et al. Recognizing long-runout pyroclastic flow deposits using paleomagnetism of ash

2019157: GSA Bulletin, 2019. M. Wang et al. Petrogenesis of the southern Qiangtang mafic dykes, Tibet: link to a late Paleozoic mantle plume on the northern margin of Gondwana?

2019158: GSA Bulletin, 2019. D. Dean and D. Topping Geomorphic change and biogeomorphic feedbacks in a dryland river: The Little Colorado River, Arizona, USA

2019159: Lithosphere, 2019. D.B. Imrecke et al. Mesozoic evolution of the eastern Pamir

2019160: Lithosphere, 2019. S.P. Long et al. A structural model for the South Tibetan detachment system in northwestern Bhutan from integration of temperature, fabric, strain, and kinematic data

2019161: Lithosphere, 2019. X. Chen et al. Convergence of the Pamir and the South Tian Shan in the late Cenozoic: Insights from provenance analysis in the Wuheshalu section at the convergence area

2019162: Lithosphere, 2019. C. Wu et al. Mesozoic-Cenozoic evolution of the Eastern Kunlun Range, central Tibet, and implications for basin evolution within the Indo-Asian collision

2019163: GSA Bulletin, 2019. Ming Lei et al. Late Cretaceous magmatism in the NW Lhasa Terrane, southern Tibet: Implications for crustal thickening and initial surface uplift

2019164: Geology, 2019. P. Nuriel et al. Reactivation history of the North Anatolian fault zone based on calcite age-strain analyses

2019165: GSA Bulletin, 2019. T.M. Gibson et al. Radiogenic isotope chemostratigraphy reveals marine and nonmarine depositional environments in the late Mesoproterozoic Borden Basin, Arctic Canada

2019166: GSA Bulletin, 2019. M.L. Vickers et al. The duration and magnitude of Cretaceous cool events: Evidence from the northern high latitudes

2019167: GSA Bulletin, 2019. T.N. Lamont Compressional origin of the Naxos metamorphic core complex, Greece: Structure, petrography, and thermobarometry

2019168: GSA Bulletin, 2019. K.F. Townsend et al. Anatomy and evolution of a dynamic arroyo system, Kanab Creek, southern Utah, USA

2019169: Geology, 2019. E.M. Bertolett et al. Compacted cumulates revealed by electron backscatter diffraction analysis of plutonic lithics

2019170: Geology, 2019. B.R. Parizek et al. Ice-cliff failure via retrogressive slumping

2019171: GSA Bulletin, 2019. A. Claude et al. Changes in landscape evolution patterns in the northern Swiss Alpine Foreland during the mid-Pleistocene revolution

2019172: Geology, 2019. E.G. Ceperley et al. The role of permafrost on the morphology of an MIS 3 moraine from the southern Laurentide Ice Sheet

2019173: Geology, 2019. L.E. Morgan et al. A supervolcano and its sidekicks: A 100 ka eruptive chronology of the Fish Canyon Tuff and associated units of the La Garita magmatic system, Colorado, USA

2019174: GSA Bulletin, 2019. �. Kandemir et al. From arc evolution to arc-continent collision: Late Cretaceous-middle Eocene geology of the Eastern Pontides, northeastern Turkey

2019175: Geology, 2019. C.C. Hay et al. A library of early Cambrian chemostratigraphic correlations from a reproducible algorithm

2019176: Geology, 2019. R.T. Williams Coseismic boiling cannot seal faults: Implications for the seismic cycle

2019177: Geology, 2019. T.G. Klausen et al. The largest delta plain in Earth's history

2019178: Geology, 2019. S.B. Pruss et al. Marine anoxia and sedimentary mercury enrichments during the Late Cambrian SPICE event in northern Scotland

2019179: Geology, 2019. C. Thomas et al. Recycling of archaeal biomass as a new strategy for extreme life in Dead Sea deep sediments

2019180: Geology, 2019. B.M. House et al. Carbon cycling at the Sunda margin, Indonesia: A regional study with global implications

2019181: Geology, 2019. A.P. Murch et al. Unusual fluidal behavior of a silicic magma during fragmentation in a deep subaqueous eruption, Havre volcano, southwestern Pacific Ocean

2019182: Special Paper 542, 2019. W. Alvarez A review of the Earth history record in the Cretaceous, Paleogene, and Neogene pelagic carbonates of the Umbria-Marche Apennines (Italy): Twenty-five years of the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco

2019183: Geology, 2019. P. Nyman et al. Debris flows in southeast Australia linked to drought, wildfire, and the El Ni�o-Southern Oscillation

2019184: Geology, 2019. J. Clarke et al. The relation between viscosity and acoustic emissions as a laboratory analogue for volcano seismicity

2019185: Special Paper 542, 2019. D. Lenaz et al. Terrestrial Cr-spinels in the Maiolica limestone: Where are they from?

2019186: Geology, 2019. T.M. Erickson et al. Shock-produced high-pressure (La, Ce, Th)PO4 polymorph revealed by microstructural phase heritage of monazite

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