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2018001: Geology, 2018. Y. Li et al. Pulsed magmatic fluid release for the formation of porphyry deposits: Tracing fluid evolution in absolute time from the Tibetan Qulong Cu-Mo deposit

2018002: Geology, 2018. S. Chen et al. Dehydration of phengite inferred by electrical conductivity measurements: Implication for the high conductivity anomalies relevant to the subduction zones

2018003: Geology, 2018. P.D. Clift et al. The Sabine block, Gulf of Mexico: Promontory on the North American margin?

2018004: Geology, 2018. J.-L. Chen et al. Late Cenozoic magmatic inflation, crustal thickening, and >2 km of surface uplift in central Tibet

2018005: Geology, 2018. G. Seropian and J. Stix Monitoring and forecasting fault development at actively forming calderas: An experimental study

2018006: Geology, 2018. U. Linnemann et al. New U-Pb dates show a Paleogene origin for the modern Asian biodiversity �hot spots�

2018007: Geology, 2018. A. Husker et al. A geologic recipe for transient slip within the seismogenic zone: Insight from the Guerrero seismic gap, Mexico

2018008: Geology, 2018. A. Gartman et al. Boiling-induced formation of colloidal gold in black smoker hydrothermal fluids

2018009: Geology, 2018. T.K. Knobbe and M.F. Schaller A tight coupling between atmospheric pCO2 and sea-surface temperature in the Late Triassic

2018010: Geology, 2018. G.T. Swindles et al. Climatic control on Icelandic volcanic activity during the mid-Holocene

2018011: Geology, 2018. M. Kowalewski et al. One fossil record, multiple time resolutions: Disparate time-averaging of echinoids and mollusks on a Holocene carbonate platform

2018012: Geology, 2018. E.H. Hauri et al. CO2 content beneath northern Iceland and the variability of mantle carbon

2018013: Geology, 2018. H.J. Gray et al. Off-fault deformation rate along the southern San Andreas fault at Mecca Hills, southern California, inferred from landscape modeling of curved drainages

2018014: Geology, 2018. N.A. Niemi and M.K. Clark Long-term exhumation rates exceed paleoseismic slip rates in the central Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County, California  Total file size: 12.9 MB.

2018015: Geology, 2018. �. Fagereng et al. Quartz vein formation by local dehydration embrittlement along the deep, tremorgenic subduction thrust interface

2018016: Geology, 2018. W. Shen et al. Seismic evidence for lithospheric foundering beneath the southern Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

2018017: Geology, 2018. M. Korges et al. Depressurization and boiling of a single magmatic fluid as a mechanism for tin-tungsten deposit formation

2018018: Geology, 2018. A. Sluijs et al. Single-species dinoflagellate cyst carbon isotope ecology across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

2018019: Geology, 2018. M. Abelson et al. Nanoseismicity forecasts sinkhole collapse in the Dead Sea coast years in advance

2018020: Geology, 2018. V. Levin et al. Seismic evidence for a recently formed mantle upwelling beneath New England

2018021: Geology, 2018. P.A. Finke et al. Climate-soil model reveals causes of differences between Marine Isotope Stage 5e and 13 paleosols

2018022: Geology, 2018. L.S. Mondy et al. The role of asthenospheric flow during rift propagation and breakup

2018023: Geology, 2018. B.J. Slater et al. Widespread preservation of small carbonaceous fossils (SCFs) in the early Cambrian of north Greenland

2018024: Geology, 2018. A.J.R. Kent and K.M. Cooper How well do zircons record the thermal evolution of magmatic systems?

2018025: Geology, 2018. R.E. Bell et al. High-angle, not low-angle, normal faults dominate early rift extension in the Corinth Rift, central Greece

2018026: Geology, 2018. T.B. Phillips et al. Determining the three-dimensional geometry of a dike swarm and its impact on later rift geometry using seismic reflection data

2018027: Geology, 2018. E.L. Tomlinson et al. An exsolution origin for Archean mantle garnet

2018028: GSA Bulletin, 2018. L.M. Boschman et al. Paleomagnetic Constraints on the Kinematic Relationship between the Guerrero terrane (Mexico) and North America since Early Cretaceous time

2018029: Geology, 2018. B. Kr�ger Changes in the latitudinal diversity gradient during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event

2018030: Geology, 2018. T.M. Gibson et al. Precise age of Bangiomorpha pubescens dates the origin of eukaryotic photosynthesis

2018031: Geology, 2018. M. Zhao et al. Terrestrial methane fluxes and Proterozoic climate

2018032: Geology, 2018. J.S.K. Barnet et al. A new high-resolution chronology for the late Maastrichtian warming event: Establishing robust temporal links with the onset of Deccan volcanism

2018033: Geology, 2018. T.J. Algeo and A.D. Herrmann An ancient estuarine-circulation nutrient trap: The Late Pennsylvanian Midcontinent Sea of North America

2018034: Geology, 2018. A.M. Barth et al. Persistent millennial-scale glacier fluctuations in Ireland between 24 ka and 10 ka

2018035: Geology, 2018. D.J. Leydet et al. Opening of glacial Lake Agassiz's eastern outlets by the start of the Younger Dryas cold period

2018036: Geology, 2018. T.R.C. J�rgensen et al. Decoupling of Zr-Hf during contact metamorphic anatexis of metabasalts and timing of zircon growth, Sudbury, Canada

2018037: Geology, 2018. C. Delle Piane et al. Generation of amorphous carbon and crystallographic texture during low-temperature subseismic slip in calcite fault gouge

2018038: Geology, 2018. M.S. DeLucia et al. Thermochronology links denudation of the Great Unconformity surface to the supercontinent cycle and snowball Earth

2018039: Geology, 2018. S.M. Drake et al. Discovery of a meteoritic ejecta layer containing unmelted impactor fragments at the base of Paleocene lavas, Isle of Skye, Scotland

2018040: Geology, 2018. Y. Sagy et al. 80 m.y. of folding migration: New perspective on the Syrian arc from Levant Basin analysis

2018041: Geology, 2018. P.W. Crockford et al. Linking paleocontinents through triple oxygen isotope anomalies

2018042: GSA Bulletin, 2018. C.E. Leslie et al. Revised age constraints for Late Cretaceous to early Paleocene terrestrial strata from the Dawson Creek section, Big Bend National Park, west Texas

2018043: GSA Bulletin, 2018. H. Liu et al. Geodynamics of the Indosinian orogeny between the South China and Indochina blocks: Insights from latest Permian-Triassic granitoids and numerical modeling

2018044: Geology, 2018. K.M. Konsoer et al. Channel slope adjustment in reduced gravity environments and implications for Martian channels

2018045: Geology, 2018. D.T. Harper et al. Subtropical sea-surface warming and increased salinity during Eocene Thermal Maximum 2

2018046: Geology, 2018. D.L. Schutt et al. Moho temperature and mobility of lower crust in the western United States

2018047: Geology, 2017. J.M. Rahl et al. Rhomb-dominated crystallographic preferred orientations in incipiently deformed quartz sandstones: A potential paleostress indicator for quartz-rich rocks Total file size: 90.3 MB.

2018048: Geology, 2018. J. van de L�cht et al. Earth's oldest mantle peridotites show entire record of late accretion

2018049: Geology, 2018. A.J. Cavosie et al. New clues from Earth's most elusive impact crater: Evidence of reidite in Australasian tektites from Thailand

2018050: Geology, 2018. R.J. Hansman et al. Absolute ages of multiple generations of brittle structures by U-Pb dating of calcite

2018051: Geology, 2018. T.R. Lakeman et al. Collapse of a marine-based ice stream during the early Younger Dryas chronozone, western Canadian Arctic

2018052: Geology, 2018. R.M. Pollyea et al. Geospatial analysis of Oklahoma (USA) earthquakes (2011-2016): Quantifying the limits of regional-scale earthquake mitigation measures

2018053: Geology, 2018. W. Hu et al. Mineral changes quantify frictional heating during a large low-friction landslide

2018054: Lithosphere, 2018. G. Alparslan and Y. Dilek Seafloor spreading structure, geochronology, and tectonic evolution of the Küre ophiolite, Turkey: A Jurassic continental backarc basin oceanic lithosphere in southern Eurasia

2018055: GSA Bulletin, 2018. P. Phukon et al. U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry from the Kumaun Himalaya, NW India, reveal Paleoproterozoic arc magmatism related to formation of the Columbia supercontinent

2018056: Geology, 2018. S. Webber et al. How fast can low-angle normal faults slip? Insights from cosmogenic exposure dating of the active Mai'iu fault, Papua New Guinea

2018057: Geology, 2018. M.L. Mazzucchelli et al. Elastic geothermobarometry: Corrections for the geometry of the host-inclusion system

2018058: Geology, 2018. M. Shahabi Far et al. Identifying externally derived sulfur in conduit-type Cu-platinum-group element deposits: The importance of multiple sulfur isotope studies

2018059: Geology, 2018. C.-Z. Liu et al. Limited recycling of crustal osmium in forearc mantle during slab dehydration

2018060: Geology, 2018. A. Meilijson et al. Deep-basin evidence resolves a 50-year-old debate and demonstrates synchronous onset of Messinian evaporite deposition in a non-desiccated Mediterranean

2018061: Geology, 2018. N. Godeau et al. U-Pb dating of calcite cement and diagenetic history in microporous carbonate reservoirs: Case of the Urgonian Limestone, France

2018062: Special Paper 530, 2018. B.B. Curry et al. Revised time-distance diagram for the Lake Michigan Lobe, Michigan Subepisode, Wisconsin Episode, Illinois, USA

2018063: GSA Bulletin, 2018. M.E. McMechan et al. Cretaceous Strata at the West Edge of the Canadian Rocky Mountains-A Piggyback Basin Remnant of the Western Canada Foreland Basin

2018064: GSA Bulletin, 2018. X. Feng et al. Additional records of ichnogenus Rhizocorallium from the Lower and Middle Triassic, South China: Implications for biotic recovery after the end-Permian mass extinction

2018065: GSA Bulletin, 2018. J.F. Tull et al. Taconic suprasubduction zone magmatism in southern Laurentia: Evidence from the Dadeville Complex

2018066: GSA Bulletin, 2018. D.G. Lowe et al. Early Paleozoic rifting and reactivation of a passive-margin rift: Insights from detrital zircon provenance signatures of the Potsdam Group, Ottawa graben

2018067: GSA Bulletin, 2018. C. Smith et al. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) microtextural analysis as a paleoclimate tool for fluvial deposits: A modern test

2018068: GSA Bulletin, 2018. A.K. Laskowski et al. The Gangdese Culmination Model: Oligocene-Miocene Duplexing along the India-Asia Suture Zone, Lazi Region, Southern Tibet

2018069: GSA Bulletin, 2018. M. Chen et al. Variable slab-mantle interaction in a nascent Neoproterozoic arc?back-arc system to generating boninitic-tholeiitic lavas and magnesian andesites

2018070: Lithosphere, 2018. M.S. Miller et al. Multiscale crustal architecture of Alaska inferred from P receiver functions

2018071: Geology, 2018. A.R. Nordsvan et al. Laurentian crust in northeast Australia: Implications for the assembly of the supercontinent Nuna

2018072: Geology, 2018. J.E. Mungall et al. Immiscible shoshonitic and Fe-P-oxide melts preserved in unconsolidated tephra at El Laco volcano, Chile

2018073: Geology, 2018. R. Avanzinelli et al. Carbon fluxes from subducted carbonates revealed by uranium excess at Mount Vesuvius, Italy

2018074: Geology, 2018. L. Richter et al. Hydrothermal formation of heavy rare earth element (HREE)-xenotime deposits at 100 �C in a sedimentary basin

2018075: Geology, 2018. W. Shi et al. Sulfur isotope evidence for transient marine-shelf oxidation during the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion

2018076: Geology, 2018. L. Zhang et al. Deccan volcanism caused coupled pCO2 and terrestrial temperature rises, and pre-impact extinctions in northern China

2018077: Geology, 2018. N.R. McKenzie et al. Continental growth histories revealed by detrital zircon trace elements: A case study from India

2018078: Geology, 2018. G. Govin et al. Timing and mechanism of the rise of the Shillong Plateau in the Himalayan foreland

2018079: Geology, 2018. W. Kiessling et al. Pre-mass extinction decline of latest Permian ammonoids

2018080: Lithosphere, 2018. J.S. Singleton et al. The role of calcite-rich metasedimentary mylonites in localizing detachment fault strain and influencing the structural evolution of the Buckskin-Rawhide metamorphic core complex, west-central Arizona

2018081: GSA Bulletin, 2018. J.C. Silva-Tamayo et al. Global perturbation of the marine calcium cycle during the Permian-Triassic transition

2018082: GSA Bulletin, 2018. A.K. Behrensmeyer et al. The Oltulelei Formation of the southern Kenyan Rift Valley: A chronicle of rapid landscape transformation over the last 500 k.y.

2018083: GSA Bulletin, 2018. A.F. Cooper et al. Two-sided accretion and polyphase metamorphism in the Haast Schist belt, New Zealand: Constraints from detrital zircon geochronology

2018084: Geology, 2018. Y. Ebert et al. Overwriting of sedimentary magnetism by bacterially mediated mineral alteration

2018085: Geology, 2018. I. Burron et al. 3.2 Ga detrital uraninite in the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa: Evidence of a reducing Archean atmosphere

2018086: Geology, 2018. J. Li et al. Connections between subducted sediment, pore-fluid pressure, and earthquake behavior along the Alaska megathrust

2018087: Geology, 2018. R. Ge et al. A 4463 Ma apparent zircon age from the Jack Hills (Western Australia) resulting from ancient Pb mobilization

2018088: Geology, 2018. J. M�ller et al. Cordilleran ice-sheet growth fueled primary productivity in the Gulf of Alaska, northeast Pacific Ocean

2018089: Geology, 2018. R.D. Lima et al. Protracted heating of the orogenic crust in Death Valley, California, USA

2018090: Geology, 2018. S. Lin et al. Appalachian-style multi-terrane Wilson cycle model for the assembly of South China

2018091: Geology, 2018. W. Song et al. Genesis of the world's largest rare earth element deposit, Bayan Obo, China: Protracted mineralization evolution over ~1 b.y.

2018092: Geology, 2018. F. Zhang et al. Congruent Permian-Triassic δ238U records at Panthalassic and Tethyan sites: Confirmation of global-oceanic anoxia and validation of the U-isotope paleoredox proxy

2018093: Lithosphere, 2018. Alonso-Torres et al. Late Paleozoic to Triassic arc magmatism north of the Sverdrup Basin in the Canadian Arctic: Evidence from detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology

2018094: Geology, 2018. M. Urlaub et al. Diatom ooze: Crucial for the generation of submarine mega-slides? Total file size: 154.1 MB.

2018095: Geology, 2018. K.L. Alessio et al. Conservation of deep crustal heat production

2018096: GSA Bulletin, 2018. N.J.R. Hunter et al. Microscopic anatomy of a "hot-on-cold" shear zone: Insights from quartzites of the Main Central Thrust in the Alaknanda region (Garhwal Himalaya)

2018097: GSA Bulletin, 2018. M.A. Davies et al. Integrated bio- and carbon isotope-stratigraphy for the Upper Cretaceous Kanguk Formation of the High Arctic Sverdrup Basin, Canada

2018098: GSA Bulletin, 2018. J. Van Tuyl et al. Pinnacle features at the base of isolated carbonate build-ups marking point-sources of fluid offshore Northwest Australia

2018099: GSA Bulletin, 2018. J. Del Vecchio et al. A record of coupled hillslope and channel response to Pleistocene erosion and deposition in a sandstone headwater valley, central Pennsylvania

2018100: GSA Bulletin, 2018. Y.-P. Chiu et al. Transition from Extrusion to Flow Tectonism Around the Eastern Himalaya Syntaxis

2018101: GSA Bulletin, 2018. S. Angiboust et al. A 100-m.y.-long window onto mass flow processes in the Patagonian Mesozoic subduction zone (Diego de Almagro Island, Chile)

2018102: Geology, 2018. T. Himmler et al. Stromatolites below the photic zone in the northern Arabian Sea formed by calcifying chemotrophic microbial mats

2018103: Geology, 2018. A.M. Cruz-Uribe et al. Generation of alkaline magmas in subduction zones by partial melting of m�lange diapirs-An experimental study

2018104: Geology, 2018. R.P. Anderson et al. A mineralogical signature for Burgess Shale-type fossilization

2018105: Geology, 2018. J.A. Graly et al. Polar desert chronologies through quantitative measurements of salt accumulation

2018106: Geology, 2018. D.E. Ibarra et al. Warm and cold wet states in the western United States during the Pliocene-Pleistocene

2018107: Geology, 2018. T.P. Topper et al. Characterization of kerogenous films and taphonomic modes of the Sirius Passet Lagerst�tte, Greenland

2018108: Geology, 2018. M.-S. Fletcher et al. Centennial-scale trends in the Southern Annular Mode revealed by hemisphere-wide fire and hydroclimatic trends over the past 2400 years

2018109: Geology, 2018. A.P. Clarke et al. Seamount chain-subduction zone interactions: Implications for accretionary and erosive subduction zone behavior

2018110: Geology, 2018. Y. Hirai et al. Breakdown of residual zircon in the Izu arc subducting slab during backarc rifting

2018111: Lithosphere, 2018. R. Mahatsente et al. Lithospheric structure and the isostatic state of Eastern Anatolia: Insight from gravity data modelling

2018112: Lithosphere, 2018. R.L. Wunderman et al. Architecture of the hidden Penokean terrane suture and Midcontinent rift system overprint in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin from magnetotelluric profiling

2018113: Lithosphere, 2018. E.K. Buelow et al. Sedimentologic and stratigraphic evolution of the Cacheuta basin: Constraints on the development of the Miocene retroarc foreland basin, south-central Andes

2018114: GSA Bulletin, 2018. L.D. Ancuta et al. Whole-rock 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, geochemistry, and stratigraphy of intraplate Cenozoic volcanic rocks, central Mongolia

2018115: GSA Bulletin, 2018. E.L. Haroldson et al. Gold remobilization associated with Mississippi Valley Type fluids: A Pb isotope perspective

2018116: GSA Bulletin, 2018. C.J. Sprain et al. Calibration of Chron C29r: New high-precision geochronologic and paleomagnetic constraints from the Hell Creek region, Montana

2018117: GSA Bulletin, 2018. Jun Wang et al. Age of Jurassic basal sauropods in Sichuan, China: A reappraisal of basal sauropod evolution

2018118: GSA Bulletin, 2018. F. Brardinoni et al. Postglacial evolution of a formerly glaciated valley: Reconstructing sediment supply, fan building, and confluence effects at the millennial time scale

2018119: GSA Bulletin, 2018. R.A. Gastaldo et al. A lithostratigraphic and magnetostratigraphic framework in a geochronologic context for a purported Permian-Triassic boundary section at Old (West) Lootsberg Pass, Karoo Basin, South Africa

2018120: GSA Bulletin, 2018. N.C. Bartschi et al. Tectonic controls on Late Cretaceous sediment provenance and stratigraphic architecture in the Book Cliffs, Utah

2018121: Geology, 2018. H. Bauer et al. Intracrystalline deformation of calcite in the upper brittle crust

2018122: Geology, 2018. J. van Otterloo et al. Unique occurrence of a folded in-vent dike: New insights on magma-water mixing

2018123: Lithosphere, 2018. K.L. Brown et al. Temporal and geochemical signatures in granitoids of northwestern Nevada: Evidence for the continuity of the Mesozoic magmatic arc through the western Great Basin

2018124: GSA Bulletin, 2018. R. Torres-Orozco et al. Volcanic hazard scenarios for multiphase andesitic Plinian eruptions from lithostratigraphy: Insights into pyroclastic density current diversity at Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

2018125: GSA Bulletin, 2018. H.L. Brooks et al. Deep-water channel-lobe transition zone dynamics: Processes and depositional architecture, an example from the Karoo Basin, South Africa

2018126: Geology, 2018. Z. Yin et al. Early Cambrian animal diapause embryos revealed by X-ray tomography

2018127: Geology, 2018. Y. Li et al. Multisourced metals enriched by magmatic-hydrothermal fluids in stratabound deposits of the Middle-Lower Yangtze River metallogenic belt, China

2018128: Geology, 2018. J. Chen et al. Strontium and carbon isotopic evidence for decoupling of pCO2 from continental weathering at the apex of the late Paleozoic glaciation

2018129: Geology, 2018. R.A. DiBiase et al. Fracture density and grain size controls on the relief structure of bedrock landscapes

2018130: Geology, 2018. M.P. Dahlquist et al. Landslide-driven drainage divide migration

2018131: Geology, 2018. Q. Li et al. Some signals are not the same as they appear: How do erosional landscapes transform tectonic history into sediment flux records?

2018132: Geology, 2018. J. Hammerli et al. An Archean Yellowstone? Evidence from extremely low δ18O in zircons preserved in granulites of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

2018133: Geology, 2018. J. Ganne et al. Deep into magma plumbing systems: Interrogating the crystal cargo of volcanic deposits

2018134: Geology, 2018. F. Liu et al. 280-m.y.-old fossil starch reveals early plant-animal mutualism

2018135: Geology, 2018. B.P. Weiss et al. Secondary magnetic inclusions in detrital zircons from the Jack Hills, Western Australia, and implications for the origin of the geodynamo

2018136: Geology, 2018. M.W. Schmidt and D. Weidendorfer Carbonatites in oceanic hotspots

2018137: Geology, 2018. Y. Wang et al. Shock metamorphic features in mafic and ultramafic inclusions in the Sudbury Igneous Complex: Implications for their origin and impact excavation

2018138: Geology, 2018. S. Levy et al. Mechanics of fault reactivation before, during, and after the 2015 eruption of Axial Seamount

2018139: Lithosphere, 2018. M.L. Fame et al. Spatially heterogeneous post-Caledonian burial and exhumation across the Scottish Highlands

2018140: Lithosphere, 2018. W. An et al. Discovery of Upper Cretaceous Neo-Tethyan trench deposits in south Tibet (Luogangcuo Formation)

2018141: Lithosphere, 2018. P. Wang et al. Late Cretaceous drainage reorganization of the Middle Yangtze River

2018142: Lithosphere, 2018. G.K. Wissink et al. Pairwise sample comparisons and multidimensional scaling of detrital zircon ages with examples from the North American platform, basin, and passive margin settings

2018143: Lithosphere, 2018. G. Lister et al. Lineaments and earthquake ruptures on the East Japan megathrust

2018144: Lithosphere, 2018. K.B. Sauer et al. Provenance and metamorphism of the Swakane Gneiss: Implications for incorporation of sediment into the deep levels of the North Cascades continental magmatic arc, Washington

2018145: Geology, 2018. M. Parolari et al. A balancing act of crust creation and destruction along the western Mexican convergent margin

2018146: Geology, 2018. N.E. Molnar et al. Unzipping continents and the birth of microcontinents

2018147: Special Paper 534, 2018. A. Nakanishi et al. Three-dimensional plate geometry and P-wave velocity models of the subduction zone in SW Japan: Implications for seismogenesis Total file size: 79 MB.

2018148: GSA Bulletin, 2018. M.G. Prior et al. Late-stage slip history of the Buckskin-Rawhide detachment fault and temporal evolution of the Lincoln Ranch supradetachment basin: New constraints from the middle Miocene Sandtrap Conglomerate

2018149: GSA Bulletin, 2018. J.N. P�rez-Asensio et al. Magnetobiochronology of Lower Pliocene marine sediments from the lower Guadalquivir Basin: Insights into the tectonic evolution of the Strait of Gibraltar area

2018150: GSA Bulletin, 2018. A. Ascione et al. Assessing mantle versus crustal sources for non-volcanic degassing along fault zones in the actively extending southern Apennines mountain belt (Italy)

2018152: GSA Bulletin, 2018. D. Milan et al. Morphodynamics of bedrock-influenced dryland rivers during extreme floods: Insights from the Kruger National Park, South Africa

2018153: GSA Bulletin, 2018. A.H. Caruthers et al. The utility of organic carbon isotope data from the Salina Group halite (Michigan Basin): A new tool for stratigraphic correlation and paleoclimate proxy resource

2018154: Geology, 2018. B.P. Murphy et al. Weathering and abrasion of bedrock streambed topography

2018155: Geology, 2018. T.C. Sweere et al. Isotopic evidence for changes in the zinc cycle during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (Late Cretaceous)

2018156: Geology, 2018. J.R. Wheeley et al. Paleoecologic and paleoceanographic interpretation of δ18O variability in Lower Ordovician conodont species

2018157: Geology, 2018. S. Papa et al. The fate of garnet during (deep-seated) coseismic frictional heating: The role of thermal shock

2018158: Geology, 2018. W.M. Behr et al. Dehydration-induced rheological heterogeneity and the deep tremor source in warm subduction zones

2018159: Geology, 2018. B.S.G. Almqvist and H. Koyi Bulk strain in orogenic wedges based on insights from magnetic fabrics in sandbox models

2018160: Geology, 2018. A.P. Beall et al. Formation of cratonic lithosphere during the initiation of plate tectonics

2018161: Geology, 2018. L. Michel et al. Tectonic and glacial contributions to focused exhumation in the Olympic Mountains, Washington, USA

2018162: GSA Bulletin, 2018. H.H. Young and G.E. Hilley Millennial scale denudation rates of the Santa Lucia Mountains, California: Implications for landscape evolution in steep, high relief, coastal mountain ranges

2018163: Geology, 2018. H.H. Young and G.E. Hilley Millennial scale denudation rates of the Santa Lucia Mountains, California: Implications for landscape evolution in steep, high relief, coastal mountain ranges

2018164: Geology, 2018. E.R.C. Baynes et al. Supercritical river terraces generated by hydraulic and geomorphic interactions

2018165: Geology, 2018. Z. Braden et al. Renewed late Miocene (<8 Ma) hinterland ductile thrusting, western Nepal Himalaya

2018166: Lithosphere, 2018. P. Nasipuri et al. Eastern Ghats Province (India)-Rayner Complex (Antarctica) accretion: Timing the event

2018167: Lithosphere, 2018. J.B. Chapman et al. Cretaceous shortening and exhumation history of the South Pamir terrane

2018168: Geology, 2018. J. Kaiser et al. The invasive diatom Pseudosolenia calcar-avis and specific C25 isoprenoid lipids as a sedimentary time marker in the Black Sea

2018169: Geology, 2018. E.L. Soutter et al. Giant submarine landslide triggered by Paleocene mantle plume activity in the North Atlantic

2018170: Geology, 2018. J.R. Super et al. North Atlantic temperature and pCO2 coupling in the early-middle Miocene

2018171:Special Paper 536, 2018. G.I. Ball et al. A lignin, diatom, and pollen record spanning the Pleistocene-Holocene transition at Fallen Leaf Lake, Sierra Nevada, California, USA

2018172: Geology, 2018. J. Alt et al. Normal faulting and evolution of fluid discharge in a Jurassic seafloor ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal system  Total file size: 112 MB.

2018173: Geology, 2018. G. Mas et al. Terrestrial colonization of the Balearic Islands: New evidence for the Mediterranean sea-level drawdown during the Messinian Salinity Crisis

2018174: Geology, 2018. M.G.A. Lapotre and M.P. Lamb Substrate controls on valley formation by groundwater on Earth and Mars

2018175: Geology, 2018. C. Zao et al. Ocean euxinia and climate change "double whammy" drove the Late Ordovician mass extinction

2018176: Geology, 2018. S. MacLennan et al. The arc of the Snowball: U-Pb dates constrain the Islay anomaly and the initiation of the Sturtian glaciation

2018177: Lithosphere, 2018. R.J. Perkins et al. Post-collisional Cenozoic extension in the northern Aegean: The high-K to shoshonitic intrusive rocks of the Maronia Magmatic Corridor, northeastern Greece

2018178: Geology, 2018. G. Racki et al. Mercury enrichments and the Frasnian-Famennian biotic crisis: A volcanic trigger proved?

2018179: Geology, 2018. P.R. Renne et al. Multi-proxy record of the Chicxulub impact at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary from Gorgonilla Island, Colombia

2018180: Geology, 2018. C. Gong et al. How do turbidity flows interact with contour currents in unidirectionally migrating deep-water channels?

2018181: GSA Bulletin, 2018. Long Chen et al. A common crustal component in the sources of bimodal magmatism: Geochemical evidence from Mesozoic volcanics in the Middle-Lower Yangtze Valley, South China

2018182: GSA Bulletin, 2018. S.M. Smith et al. Early mammalian recovery after the end-Cretaceous mass extinction: A high-resolution view from McGuire Creek area, Montana, USA

2018183: GSA Bulletin, 2018. D. Small et al. Trough geometry was a greater influence than climate-ocean forcing in regulating retreat of the marine-based Irish-Sea Ice Stream

2018184: GSA Bulletin, 2018. D.I. Pana et al. U-Pb detrital zircon dating supports Early Jurassic initiation of the Cordilleran foreland basin in southwestern Canada

2018185: Geology, 2018. B. Wild et al. Early stages of bacterial community adaptation to silicate aging

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