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2014001: Geology , 2014. T.O. Rooney and C.D. Deering Conditions of melt generation beneath the Taupo Volcanic Zone: The influence of heterogeneous mantle inputs on large-volume silicic systems

2014002: Geology , 2014. M. Zuschin et al. Long-term ecosystem stability in an Early Miocene estuary

2014003: Geology , 2014. D.C.S. Ruth and E.S. Calder Plate tephra: Preserved bubble walls from large slug bursts during violent Strombolian eruptions Total file size: 18.20 MB.

2014004: Geology , 2014. D.E. Sawyer et al. Continuous deep-seated slope failure recycles sediments and limits levee height in submarine channels

2014005: Geology , 2014. A. Holbourn et al. Middle Miocene climate cooling linked to intensification of eastern equatorial Pacific upwelling

2014006: Geology , 2014. R. Amit et al. Linking coarse silt production in Asian sand deserts and Quaternary accretion of the Chinese Loess Plateau

2014007: Geology , 2014. M. Violay et al. Effect of water on the frictional behavior of cohesive rocks during earthquakes

2014008: Geology , 2014. J.B. Shaw and D. Mohrig The importance of erosion in distributary channel network growth, Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA

2014009: Geology , 2014. M.S. Miller and T.W. Becker Reactivated lithospheric-scale discontinuities localize dynamic uplift of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains

2014010: Geology , 2014. J.L. Smellie et al. Glaciovolcanic evidence for a polythermal Neogene East Antarctic Ice Sheet

2014011: Geology , 2014. D. Liu et al. Zircon xenocrysts in Tibetan ultrapotassic magmas: Imaging the deep crust through time Total file size: 14.04 MB.

2014012: Geology , 2014. L.-W. Kuo et al. Gouge graphitization and dynamic fault weakening during the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake

2014013: Geology , 2014. M.J. Heap et al. Stylolites in limestones: Barriers to fluid flow? Total file size: 18.31 MB.

2014014: Geology , 2014. L.S. Anderson et al. The effects of interannual climate variability on the moraine record

2014015: Geology , 2014. P.J. McGovern et al. New constraints on volcano-tectonic evolution of large volcanic edifices on Venus from stereo topography�derived strain estimates

2014016: Geology , 2014. B.A. Black et al. Acid rain and ozone depletion from pulsed Siberian Traps magmatism

2014017: Geology , 2014. J.P. Briner et al. Amino acid ratios in reworked marine bivalve shells constrain Greenland Ice Sheet history during the Holocene

2014018: Geology , 2014. C. Cimarelli et al. Experimental generation of volcanic lightning Total file size: 33.36 MB.

2014019: Geology , 2014. V. Soustelle et al. Melt migration and melt-rock reactions in the deforming Earth�s upper mantle: Experiments at high pressure and temperature

2014020: Geology , 2014. M. Porreca et al. Hyaloclastite fragmentation below the glass transition: An example from El Barronal submarine volcanic complex (Spain)

2014021: Geology , 2014. A.L. Padilha et al. Electromagnetic constraints for subduction zones beneath the northwest Borborema province: Evidence for Neoproterozoic island arc�continent collision in northeast Brazil

2014022: Special Paper 503 , 2014. R. LeCain et al. Magnetostratigraphy of the Hell Creek and lower Fort Union Formations in northeastern Montana

2014023: Special Paper 503 , 2014. J.R. Moore et al. Assessing the relationships of the Hell Creek–Fort Union contact, Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary, and Chicxulub impact ejecta horizon at the Hell Creek Formation lectostratotype, Montana, USA

2014024: Special Paper 503 , 2014. J.H. Hartman et al. Context, naming, and formal designation of the Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation lectostratotype, Garfield County, Montana Total file size: 31.77 MB.

2014025: Special Paper 503 , 2014. W.A. Clemens and J.H. Hartman FromTyrannosaurus rex to asteroid impact: Early studies (1901–1980) of the Hell Creek Formation in its type area

2014026: Special Paper 503 , 2014. N.C. Arens et al. Carbon isotope stratigraphy and correlation of plant megafossil localities in the Hell Creek Formation of eastern Montana, USA

2014027: GSA Bulletin , 2014. T.W. Sisson et al. Petrogenesis of Mount Rainier andesite: Magma flux and geologic controls on the contrasting differentiation styles at stratovolcanoes of the southern Washington Cascades

2014028: Geology , 2014. H.M. Savage et al. Biomarkers heat up during earthquakes: New evidence of seismic slip in the rock record

2014029: Geology , 2014. N. Spear et al. Analyses of fluid inclusions in Neoproterozoic marine halite provide oldest measurement of seawater chemistry

2014030: Geology , 2014. R. Williams et al. Temporal and spatial evolution of a waxing then waning catastrophic density current revealed by chemical mapping

2014031: Geology , 2014. S. Viehmann et al. Decoupled Hf-Nd isotopes in Neoarchean seawater reveal weathering of emerged continents

2014032: Geology , 2014. M. Jakubowicz et al. Cryptic coral-crinoid �hanging gardens� from the Middle Devonian of southern Morocco Total file size: 10.80 MB.

2014033: Geology , 2014. N.A.G.M. van Helmond et al. A perturbed hydrological cycle during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2

2014034: Geology , 2014. N.R. McKenzie et al. Plate tectonic influences on Neoproterozoic�early Paleozoic climate and animal evolution

2014035: Geology , 2014. K.M. Bohacs et al. Parasequence types in shelfal mudstone strata—Quantitative observations of lithofacies and stacking patterns, and conceptual link to modern depositional regimes

2014036: Geology , 2014. F. Klein et al. Magnetite in seafloor serpentinite—Some like it hot

2014037: Geology , 2014. M.G. Mángano et al. Trilobites in early Cambrian tidal flats and the landward expansion of the Cambrian explosion

2014038: Geology , 2014. A.N. Green et al. Geomorphic and stratigraphic signals of postglacial meltwater pulses on continental shelves

2014039: Geology , 2014. G. Camanni et al. Basin inversion in central Taiwan and its importance for seismic hazard

2014040: Memoir 211 , 2014. D.M. Morton et al. Framework and petrogenesis of the northern Peninsular Ranges batholith, southern California

2014041: Geology , 2014. S. Dutta et al. Exceptional preservation of angiosperm markers in Miocene and Eocene ambers

2014042: Geology , 2014. J. Blusztajn et al. In-situ Pb isotopic analysis of sulfides in abyssal peridotites: New insights into heterogeneity and evolution of the oceanic upper mantle

2014043: Geology , 2014. T.T. Barrows et al. A White Nile megalake during the last interglacial period

2014044: Geology , 2014. D.P. Dethier et al. Basins and bedrock: Spatial variation in 10Be erosion rates and increasing relief in the southern Rocky Mountains, USA

2014045: Memoir 211 , 2014. V.E. Langenheim et al. Geophysical framework of the Peninsular Ranges batholith&X8212;Implications for tectonic evolution and Neotectonics Total file size: 26.39 MB.

2014046: GSA Bulletin , 2014. F. Rossetti et al. Adakite differentiation and emplacement in a subduction channel: The late Paleocene Sabzevar magmatism (NE Iran)

2014047: Geology , 2014. J. Bouchez and J. Gaillardet How accurate are rivers as gauges of chemical denudation of the Earth surface?

2014048: GSA Bulletin , 2014. K.A. Cutts et al. Paleo- to Mesoarchean polymetamorphism in the Barberton Granite-Greenstone Belt, South Africa: Constraints from U-Pb monazite and Lu-Hf garnet geochronology on the tectonic processes that shaped the belt

2014049: GSA Bulletin , 2014. J.E. O�Connor et al. Geologic and physiographic controls on bed-material yield, transport, and channel morphology for alluvial and bedrock rivers, western Oregon Total file size: 24.10 MB.

2014050: GSA Bulletin , 2014. M. Van Daele et al. The 600 yr eruptive history of Villarrica Volcano (Chile) revealed by annually laminated lake sediments Total file size: 10.56 MB.

2014051: GSA Bulletin , 2014. W.C. Clyde et al. New age constraints for the Salamanca Formation and lower R�o Chico Group in the western San Jorge Basin, Patagonia, Argentina: Implications for Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction recovery and land mammal age correlations

2014052: GSA Bulletin , 2014. A.B. Weil et al. Towards a better understanding of the influence of basement heterogeneities and lithospheric coupling on foreland deformation: A structural and paleomagnetic study of Laramide deformation in the southern Bighorn Arch, Wyoming

2014053: Memoir 211 , 2014. W.R. Premo et al. Age and isotopic systematics of Cretaceous borehole and surface samples from the greater Los Angeles Basin region: Implications for the types of crust that might underlie Los Angeles and their distribution along late Cenozoic fault systems

2014054: Memoir 211 , 2014. D.M. Morton et al. Subduction transitioning from beneath oceanic crust to beneath continental crust, northern Peninsular Ranges batholith: Structural and thermal imprint on prebatholithic rocks

2014055: Memoir 211 , 2014. D.M. Morton et al. Lakeview Mountains pluton: A dynamically emplaced pluton, northern Peninsular Ranges batholith, southern California

2014056: Lithosphere , 2014. A.E. Egger et al. Structural controls on geothermal circulation in Surprise Valley, California: A re-evaluation of the Lake City fault zone

2014057: Lithosphere , 2014. W.M. Rittase et al. Temporal variations in Holocene slip rate along the central Garlock fault, Pilot Knob Valley, California

2014058: GSA Bulletin , 2014. D.P. West, Jr. et al. Protolith provenance and thermotectonic history of metamorphic rocks in eastern Jamaica: Evolution of a transform plate boundary

2014059: GSA Bulletin , 2014. K.L. Gunderson et al. Unraveling tectonic and climatic controls on synorogenic growth strata (Northern Apennines, Italy)

2014060: GSA Bulletin , 2014. R.A. Gastaldo et al. Latest Permian paleosols from Wapadsberg Pass, South Africa: Implications for Changhsingian climate

2014061: GSA Bulletin , 2014. U. Ryb et al. Controls on denudation rates in tectonically stable Mediterranean carbonate terrain

2014062: Lithosphere , 2014. M.S. Miller et al. Moho structure across the San Jacinto fault zone: Insights into strain localization at depth

2014063: GSA Bulletin , 2014. L.S. Lane and G.E. Gehrels Detrital zircon lineages of late Neoproterozoic and Cambrian strata, NW Laurentia

2014064: Geology , 2014. M. Natalicchio et al. Did Late Miocene (Messinian) gypsum precipitate from evaporated marine brines? Insights from the Piedmont Basin (Italy)

2014065: Geology , 2014. V. Margari et al. Land-ocean changes on orbital and millennial time scales and the penultimate glaciation

2014066: Geology , 2014. G. Lin et al. Seismic evidence for a crustal magma reservoir beneath the upper east rift zone of Kilauea volcano, Hawaii

2014067: Geology , 2014. J.P. Prancevic et al. Incipient sediment motion across the river to debris-flow transition Total file size: 71.98 MB.

2014068: Geology , 2014. N.W. Hayman and L.L. Lavier The geologic record of deep episodic tremor and slip

2014069: Geology , 2014. E.A. Hajek and D.A. Edmonds Is river avulsion style controlled by floodplain morphodynamics?

2014070: Geology , 2014. B.L. Byerly and J.C. Lassiter Isotopically ultradepleted domains in the convecting upper mantle: Implications for MORB petrogenesis

2014071: GSA Bulletin, 2014. M.J. Soreghan et al. Abrupt and high-magnitude changes in atmospheric circulation recorded in the Permian Maroon Formation, tropical Pangaea

2014072: Geology , 2014. T. Garth and A. Rietbrock Order of magnitude increase in subducted H2O due to hydrated normal faults within the Wadati-Benioff zone

2014073: Geology , 2014. C. Heine and S. Brune Oblique rifting of the Equatorial Atlantic: Why there is no Saharan Atlantic Ocean Total file size: 28.01 MB.

2014074: Geology , 2014. S.E.K. Bennett and M.E. Oskin Oblique rifting ruptures continents: Example from the Gulf of California shear zone

2014075: Geology , 2014. A. Hosny and A. Nyblade Crustal structure in southeastern Egypt: Symmetric thinning of the northern Red Sea rifted margins

2014076: GSA Bulletin, 2014. N.A. Michael et al. Volumetric budget and grain-size fractionation of a geological sediment routing system: Eocene Escanilla Formation, south-central Pyrenees

2014077: GSA Bulletin, 2014. M. Jutzeler et al. Facies architecture of a continental, below-wave-base volcaniclastic basin: The Ohanapecosh Formation, Ancestral Cascades arc (Washington, USA)

2014078: Geology , 2014. L. Chen et al. Presence of an intralithospheric discontinuity in the central and western North China Craton: Implications for destruction of the craton

2014079: Lithosphere , 2014. J. Hollis et al. Low δ18O zircon grains in the Neoarchean Rum Jungle Complex, northern Australia: An indicator of emergent continental crust

2014080: Geology , 2014. F.J. Hernândez-Molina et al. Contourite processes associated with the Mediterranean Outflow Water after its exit from the Strait of Gibraltar: Global and conceptual implications

2014081: Geology , 2014. R.G. Smits et al. A Proterozoic Wilson cycle identified by Hf isotopes in central Australia: Implications for the assembly of Proterozoic Australia and Rodinia

2014082: GSA Bulletin , 2014. D. Scherler et al. Ice dams, outburst floods, and glacial incision at the western margin of the Tibetan Plateau: A >100 k.y. chronology from the Shyok Valley, Karakoram

2014083: GSA Bulletin , 2014. J. Shaw et al. Provenance variability along the Early Ordovician north Gondwana margin: Paleogeographic and tectonic implications of U-Pb detrital zircon ages from the Armorican Quartzite of the Iberian Variscan belt

2014084: GSA Bulletin , 2014. E. Ukar and M. Cloos Low-temperature blueschist-facies mafic blocks in the Franciscan m�lange, San Simeon, California: Field relations, petrology, and counterclockwise P-T paths

2014085: GSA Bulletin , 2014. O.A. Thomson et al. Preservation of detrital shocked minerals derived from the 1.85 Ga Sudbury impact structure in modern alluvium and Holocene glacial deposits Total file size: 13.95 MB.

2014086: GSA Bulletin , 2014. S. Savi et al. Quantifying sediment supply at the end of the last glaciation: Dynamic reconstruction of an alpine debris-flow fan

2014088: Geology , 2014. V. Godard et al. Dominance of tectonics over climate in Himalayan denudation

2014089: Geology , 2014. J. Hirschmiller et al. What controls the growth of the Himalayan foreland fold-and-thrust belt? Total file size: 15.09 MB.

2014090: Geology , 2014. A. Pêrez-Fodich et al. Climate change and tectonic uplift triggered the formation of the Atacama Desert�s giant nitrate deposits

2014091: GSA Bulletin, 2014. G.J. Retallack Volcanosedimentary paleoenvironments of Ediacaran fossils in Newfoundland

2014092: Memoir 211, 2014. S.E. Shaw et al. A west-to-east geologic transect across the Peninsular Ranges batholith, San Diego County, California: Zircon 176Hf/177Hf evidence for the mixing of crustal- and mantle-derived magmas, and comparisons with the Sierra Nevada batholith

2014093: Lithosphere, 2014. N. Espurt et al. Lithospheric structural control on inversion of the southern margin of the Black Sea basin, Central Pontides, Turkey Total file size: 17.96 MB.

2014094: Memoir 211 , 2014. W.R. Premo et al. U-Pb zircon geochronology of plutonism in the northern Peninsular Ranges batholith, southern California: Implications for the Late Cretaceous tectonic evolution of southern California

2014095: Memoir 211, 2014. W.R. Premo and D.M. Morton SHRIMP-RG U-Pb ages of provenance and metamorphism from detrital zircon populations and Pb-Sr-Nd signatures of prebatholithic metasedimentary rocks at Searl Ridge, northern Peninsular Ranges batholith, southern California: Implications for their age, origin, and tectonic setting

2014096: Memoir 211 , 2014. C.T. Herzig and D.L. Kimbrough Santiago Peak volcanics: Early Cretaceous arc volcanism of the western Peninsular Ranges batholith, southern California

2014097: Memoir 211 , 2014. C. Bethel-Thompson The Rattlesnake Valley and Oriflamme Canyon plutons: Key temporal markers in the Jurassic and Cretaceous development of the transition zone of the Peninsular Ranges batholith

2014098: Memoir 211, 2014. D.L. Kimbrough et al. Upper Jurassic Pe�asquitos Formation-Forearc basin western wall rock of the Peninsular Ranges batholith

2014099: GSA Bulletin , 2014. D. Plavsa et al. Detrital zircons in basement metasedimentary protoliths unveil the origins of southern India Total file size: 31.84 MB.

2014100: Lithosphere , 2014. C.M. Cooper and M.S. Miller Craton formation: Internal structure inherited from closing of the early oceans

2014101: Geology , 2014. N.J. Pester et al. Magmatic eruptions and iron volatility in deep-sea hydrothermal fluids

2014102: Geology , 2014. C. Mark et al. Rift flank uplift at the Gulf of California: No requirement for asthenospheric upwelling

2014103: Geology , 2014. M.A. Clare et al. Distal turbidites reveal a common distribution for large (>0.1 km3) submarine landslide recurrence

2014104: Geology , 2014. D.P. Moecher et al. Ti-in-zircon thermometry and crystallization modeling support hot Grenville granite hypothesis

2014105: Geology , 2014. J.M. Pownall et al. Earth�s youngest known ultrahigh-temperature granulites discovered on Seram, eastern Indonesia

2014106: Geology , 2014. E.J.T. Stefurak et al. Primary silica granules—A new mode of Paleoarchean sedimentation

2014107: Geology , 2014. K. Ohmori et al. Lead concentration and isotopic composition in the Pacific sclerosponge (Acanthochaetetes wellsi) reflects environmental lead pollution

2014108: GSA Bulletin , 2014. R.C. Mahon et al. Geochronologic and stratigraphic constraints on the Mesoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic Pahrump Group, Death Valley, California: A record of the assembly, stability, and breakup of Rodinia

2014109: Lithosphere , 2014. M. Kirsch et al. A Late Triassic tectonothermal event in the eastern Acatl�n Complex, southern Mexico, synchronous with a magmatic arc hiatus: The result of flat-slab subduction?

2014110: Geology , 2014. L. Kaislaniemi et al. Sublithospheric small-scale convection—A mechanism for collision zone magmatism

2014111: Geology , 2014. H.A. Ford et al. Localized shear in the deep lithosphere beneath the San Andreas fault system Total file size: 14.04 MB.

2014112: Geology , 2014. A. Carter et al. Cenozoic tectonic history of the South Georgia microcontinent and potential as a barrier to Pacific-Atlantic through flow

2014113: Memoir 211 , 2014. R.S. Molina-Garza et al. A paleomagnetic transect of the mid-Cretaceous Peninsular Ranges batholith, Baja California, Mexico

2014114: Geology , 2014. H. Zhang et al. Pleistocene drainage reorganization driven by the isostatic response to deep incision into the northeastern Tibetan Plateau

2014115: Geology , 2014. C. A-L. Jackson et al. Internal structure, kinematics, and growth of a salt wall: Insights from 3-D seismic data

2014116: Geology , 2014. C. Schiffer et al. Seismological evidence for a fossil subduction zone in the East Greenland Caledonides

2014117: Geology , 2014. M-A. Longpré et al. Mixing in mantle magma reservoirs prior to and during the 2011–2012 eruption at El Hierro, Canary Islands

2014118: Memoir 211 , 2014. D.P. Miggins et al. Thermochronology of Cretaceous batholithic rocks in the northern Peninsular Ranges batholith, southern California: Implications for the Late Cretaceous tectonic evolution of southern California

2014119: Memoir 211 , 2014. V.R. Todd et al. Mineralogy and physical properties of plutonic and metamorphic rocks of the Peninsular Ranges batholith, San Diego County, California

2014120: Geology , 2014. W.I. van de Lageweg et al. Bank pull or bar push: What drives scroll-bar formation in meandering rivers?

2014121: Geology , 2014. S. Liivamägi et al. Late Neoproterozoic Baltic paleosol: Intense weathering at high latitude?

2014122: GSA Bulletin , 2014. B.B. Sageman et al. Integrating 40Ar/39Ar, U-Pb, and astronomical clocks in the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Western Interior Basin, USA

2014123: Memoir 211 , 2014. R.G. Gastil et al. The Sierra San Pedro Mrtir zoned pluton, Baja California, Mexico

2014124: Geology , 2014. A.D. George et al. Oxic facies and the Late Devonian mass extinction, Canning Basin, Australia

2014125: Geology , 2014. F.O. Marques et al. Subduction initiates at straight passive margins

2014126: Lithosphere , 2014. E. Enkelmann et al. A thermochronometric view into an ancient landscape: Tectonic setting, development, and inversion of the Paleozoic eastern Paganzo basin, Argentina

2014127: Lithosphere , 2014. R. Baran et al. The Late Miocene to Holocene erosion pattern of the Alpine foreland basin reflects Eurasian slab-unloading beneath the western Alps rather than global climate change

2014128: Geology , 2014. M. Schiller et al. Rapid soil accumulation in a frozen landscape

2014129: Geology , 2014. Y. Dixit et al. Abrupt weakening of the summer monsoon in northwest India ~4100 yr ago

2014130: Geology , 2014. L. Valoroso et al. Earthquakes and fault zone structure

2014131: Geology , 2014. J.S. Stroup et al. Late Holocene fluctuations of Qori Kalis outlet glacier, Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peruvian Andes

2014132: Geology , 2014. T.S. Tobin et al. Environmental change across a terrestrial Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary section in eastern Montana, USA, constrained by carbonate clumped isotope paleothermometry

2014133: Geology , 2014. N.D. Smith et al. Channel enlargement by avulsion-induced sediment starvation in the Saskatchewan River

2014134: Geology , 2014. S.W. Ruff et al. Evidence for a Noachian-aged ephemeral lake in Gusev crater, Mars

2014135: Geology , 2014. R. Tartèse et al. Apatites in lunar KREEP basalts: The missing link to understanding the H isotope systematics of the Moon

2014136: GSA Bulletin , 2014. C. Ma et al. Testing the astronomical time scale for oceanic anoxic event 2, and its extension into Cenomanian strata of the Western Interior Basin (USA)

2014137: GSA Bulletin , 2014. J. Tull et al. Early to Middle Ordovician back-arc basin in the southern Appalachian Blue Ridge: Characteristics, extent, and tectonic significance

2014138: GSA Bulletin , 2014. T.E. Jordan et al. Landscape modification in response to repeated onset of hyperarid paleoclimate states since 14 Ma, Atacama Desert, Chile Total file size: 57.21 MB.

2014139: GSA Bulletin , 2014. N.D. Opdyke et al. Magnetic polarity stratigraphy and palynostratigraphy of the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian boundary interval in eastern North America and the age of the beginning of the Kiaman

2014140: Geology , 2014. J.H. Baas et al. Processes and products of turbidity currents entering soft muddy substrates

2014141: Geology , 2014. M.S. Huber et al. Impact spherules from Karelia, Russia: Possible ejecta from the 2.02 Ga Vredefort impact event Total file size: 24.91 MB.

2014142: Geology , 2014. M. Jakobsson et al. Major earthquake at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in Lake V�ttern, southern Sweden

2014143: Geology , 2014. E.C. Peterson and J.A. Mavrogenes Linking high-grade gold mineralization to earthquake-induced fault-valve processes in the Porgera gold deposit, Papua New Guinea

2014144: Geology , 2014. B.F. Houghton et al. The 1800a Taupo eruption: �Ill wind� blows the ultraplinian type event down to Plinian

2014145: Geology , 2014. T.B. Andersen et al. Large subduction earthquakes along the fossil Moho in Alpine Corsica

2014146: Geology , 2014. T.D. Hoisch et al. Jurassic Barrovian metamorphism in a western U.S. Cordilleran metamorphic core complex, Funeral Mountains, California

2014147: Geology , 2014. C.L. Cupelli et al. Discovery of mafic impact melt in the center of the Vredefort dome: Archetype for continental residua of early Earth cratering?

2014148: Geology , 2014. G.P. De Pascale et al. Lidar reveals uniform Alpine fault offsets and bimodal plate boundary rupture behavior, New Zealand

2014149: Geology , 2014. S. Borg et al. Complex mineral zoning patterns caused by ultra-local equilibrium at reaction interfaces

2014150: Geology , 2014. T.O. Rooney et al. The role of continental lithosphere metasomes in the production of HIMU-like magmatism on the northeast African and Arabian plates

2014151: Geology , 2014. M.R. Salvatore and P.R. Christensen Evidence for widespread aqueous sedimentation in the northern plains of Mars

2014152: Geology , 2014. T. Berthet et al. Active tectonics of the eastern Himalaya: New constraints from the first tectonic geomorphology study in southern Bhutan

2014153: Geology , 2014. B.S. Ellis et al. Cumulate fragments in silicic ignimbrites: The case of the Snake River Plain

2014154: Geology , 2014. F. Balsamo et al. The signature and mechanics of earthquake ruptures along shallow creeping faults in poorly lithified sediments

2014155: Geology , 2014. J. Mutterlose et al. High sea-surface temperatures during the early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a in the Boreal Realm

2014156: Geology , 2014. B. Carrapa et al. Miocene burial and exhumation of the India-Asia collision zone in southern Tibet: Response to slab dynamics and erosion

2014157: Geology , 2014. R.R. Canavan et al. Early Cenozoic uplift of the Puna Plateau, Central Andes, based on stable isotope paleoaltimetry of hydrated volcanic glass

2014158: Geology , 2014. C.J. Spencer et al. Proterozoic onset of crustal reworking and collisional tectonics: Reappraisal of the zircon oxygen isotope record

2014159: Geology , 2014. C.R. Stokes et al. Asynchronous response of marine-terminating outlet glaciers during deglaciation of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet

2014160: Geology , 2014. F. Caxito et al. Neoproterozoic oceanic crust remnants in northeast Brazil

2014161: GSA Buletin , 2014. M.E. Brueseke et al. Mid-Miocene rhyolite volcanism in northeastern Nevada: The Jarbidge Rhyolite and its relationship to the Cenozoic evolution of the northern Great Basin (USA)

2014162: Geology , 2014. W. Zhou et al. Timing of the Brunhes-Matuyama magnetic polarity reversal in Chinese loess using 10Be

2014163: Geology , 2014. H.M. Sapers et al. Enigmatic tubular features in impact glass

2014164: Geology , 2014. N.L. Swanson-Hysell et al. Magmatic activity and plate motion during the latent stage of Midcontinent Rift development

2014165: Geology , 2014. B.J. Tewksbury et al. Polygonal faults in chalk: Insights from extensive exposures of the Khoman Formation, Western Desert, Egypt Total file size: 23.18 MB.

2014166: Lithosphere , 2014. R.V. Ingersoll et al. Paleotectonics of a complex Miocene half graben formed above a detachment fault: The Diligencia basin, Orocopia Mountains, southern California

2014167: GSA Bulletin , 2014. D.T. Downs et al. Age and eruptive center of the Paeroa Subgroup ignimbrites (Whakamaru Group) within the Taupo Volcanic Zone of New Zealand

2014168: Lithosphere , 2014. C.J. Tochilin et al. U-Pb and Hf isotope analysis of detrital zircons from the Banks Island assemblage (coastal British Columbia) and southern Alexander terrane (southeast Alaska)

2014169: Lithosphere , 2014. W. von Gosen et al. Geochronology of igneous rocks in the Sierra Norte de Córdoba (Argentina): Implications for the Pampean evolution at the western Gondwana margin

2014170: Lithosphere , 2014. D.A. Kellett et al. Eocene deep crust at Ama Drime, Tibet: Early evolution of the Himalayan orogen

2014171: Lithosphere , 2014. N.M. Gasparini and K.X. Whipple Diagnosing climatic and tectonic controls on topography: Eastern flank of the northern Bolivian Andes

2014172: Lithosphere , 2014. A. Piliouras et al. Sand on salt: Controls on dune subsidence and determining salt substrate thickness

2014173: GSA BUlletin , 2014. A. Meijer The Pinal Schist of southern Arizona: A Paleoproterozoic forearc complex with evidence of spreading ridge�trench interaction at ca. 1.65 Ga and a Proterozoic arc obduction event

2014174: GSA Today, 2014. H.L. Petcovic et al. Geoscientists' perceptions of the value of undergraduate field education

2014175: Geology , 2014. S.E. Mazza et al. Volcanoes of the passive margin: The youngest magmatic event in eastern North America

2014176: Geology , 2014. F. Walter et al. Thick sediments beneath Greenland�s ablation zone and their potential role in future ice sheet dynamics

2014177: Geology , 2014. P. Koděra et al. Magmatic salt melt and vapor: Extreme fluids forming porphyry gold deposits in shallow subvolcanic settings

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