2016 Distinguished Service Award

Presented to J. Christopher Hepburn and Lori L. Summa

Citation by Jack Hess

J. Christopher Hepburn, has had a distinguished career in geology. He has selflessly and passionately served GSA and its Northeastern Section in many different capacities for several decades, serving on numerous GSA boards and committees, including leading roles in two annual GSA meetings in Boston. I first met Chris at the GSA 2001 Boston Annual Meeting just prior to my becoming the GSA executive director. Since then, I have worked with him as a member of the GSA Council and the GSA Foundation Board of Trustees. For me, what stands out the most about Chris is his willingness to take on and accomplish in an outstanding way almost any task. Two examples were his willingness to chair a committee to improve Section meetings and to serve two terms on the GSA Executive Committee as the at-large member by two consecutive presidents.

2016 Distinguished Service Award — Response by J. Christopher Hepburn

Thank you, Jack. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you these many years. I too recall 2001 where GSA was able to “pull-off” an Annual Meeting in Boston less than 2 months after 9-11, the only major convention in town not to cancel that fall, a clear testament to the strength of our Society and the value of the meetings to its members. I sincerely thank GSA for this award and am both honored and humbled by this recognition, knowing full well how many people give so much to this organization. I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to work with the many dedicated members of the GSA staff and countless outstanding volunteers over the years, and I know that in doing so, I got back a lot more than I gave. I urge all of you who have not yet volunteered for some activity at GSA to expand your horizons both professionally and personally, make new friends with geoscientists from around the world, and help your society grow stronger. You will be glad you did. Thank you very much.

Lori L. Summa

Lori L. Summa
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Citation by Bob Stewart

It is my honor to present the citation for Dr. Lori L. Summa, recipient of a 2016 GSA Distinguished Service Award. Lori’s dedication and service to GSA and in particular, the students, is exemplary. For decades, Lori has taken on the personal challenge of promoting science education for the next generation. She has volunteered countless hours to GSA programs for students, developing, teaching and supporting short courses at GSA Annual Meetings as well as the creation of the Bighorn Basin Field course. Furthermore, she is always available to the students for mentoring, career advice, visiting posters and is a role model for many. These activities represent a truly unique contribution to GSA’s core mission of communicating our science, education and developing the next generation of geoscientists. Congratulations Lori!

2016 Distinguished Service Award — Response by Lori L. Summa

It is my very great honor to accept a 2016 GSA Distinguished Service Award. It’s said that we learn best by “doing.” So, if we as professional geoscientists can share our experience with students by giving them a chance to practice solving the geoscience problems we address on a daily basis, I say, count me in! It has been a great joy for me to participate in short courses, field courses, and mentoring, but it takes a team to meet the challenge of educating and developing the next generation of geoscientists. I want to thank GSA for its strong partnership in our teaching efforts, and I want to thank ExxonMobil and all of the staff who have dedicated so many hours to those efforts. You all share in this award. Thank you!