Ami L. Riscassi

Ami L. Riscassi
University of Virginia

2014 Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science Award

Presented to Ami L. Riscassi

Citation by Scott Brooks

It is my privilege and honor to present this year’s citation for the Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science Award to my colleague Dr. Ami Riscassi. In the relatively short time since beginning her PhD, Ami has distinguished herself through (i) the significance of her contributions, exemplified through her publications, (ii) the innovative approaches she brings to problem solving, (iii) her impact on the scientific community in tackling complex environmental problems, and (iv) her leadership and outreach to the broader community engaging high school students and young women in pursuing careers in math and science. Please join me in congratulating Ami on this well-earned recognition.

top2014 Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science Award — Response by Ami L. Riscassi

I am delighted to receive the Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science Award and grateful for this opportunity to thank some of the people who have been and continue to be strong influences on me. Each are not only outstanding scientists but also exemplary people who raise the bar high and then take the time to listen and debate and make the challenges in the classroom, the laboratory, and the field truly enjoyable. Working backwards, at Oak Ridge National Lab, my mentor Scott Brooks and the whole Hg research team. At the University of Virginia, my PhD advisor Todd Scanlon as well as George Hornberger, Jim Galloway, Janet Herman and Susie Maben. My USGS mentors in the Everglades, Ray Schaffranek and Eddie Simonds, all my NPS co-workers in Yosemite and Lake Clark National Parks. I will do my best to be an equally positive influence on the next generation of scientists.