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GSA Distinguished Service Award

Donna L. Russell
Donna L. Russell
Director of Operations
GSA Foundation

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Presented to Donna L. Russell

 Citation by David A. Stephenson

Donna Russell is the epitome of what GSA's Distinguished Service Award was created to honor: exceptional and devoted service to the Society and its Foundation. Donna is the heart and soul of GSA's Foundation. Her talent for remembering details, names, faces, and events is extraordinary. Her effectiveness as Hostess of the annual Senior Fellows Reception has been key to attendance at that function. And, one only has to visit the Foundation's booth at the annual exhibits and observe Donna's magnetism in drawing folks to discussion.

Donna is the organizational guru of the Foundation, a dynamic force behind past and present GSA programs and Directors. She is the Foundation's institutional memory and has proven to be its most devoted supporter, having been with the Foundation since December, 1980, when it was created. AND, with Donna, GSA has been graced with a two-for-one package: Donna's husband, Jim, also deserves recognition for his efforts (and photography) provided for the Society throughout the years and especially at the annual conference.

When that far-off day comes when Donna retires, we will sadly witness the rare occasion when on withdrawing one's arm from a pail of water, a hole remains. GSA has had a wide variety of staff and officers over its 116 years of existence, but few have displayed the depth of pride of association with the Society as shown by this year's recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. All GSA members owe Donna our recognition and resounding appreciation for a job very well handled.

 top 2004 GSA Distinguished Service Award - Response by Donna L. Russell

It is such an honor it to receive the GSA Distinguished Service Award.

I have had the privilege to work for the Foundation for the past 23+ years. GSA has so many wonderful members and it is their commitment to GSA that has helped the Foundation support so many programs.

I sincerely appreciate receiving this recognition — This is the highlight of my Foundation career. Thank you so much!