Executive & Governance

Vicki McConnell
Executive Director,

Susan Lofton
Executive Assistant and Administrator of Governance, +1-303-357-1040,

Dominique Olvera
GSA Governance and Awards Program Manager, +1-303-357-1060,

Nan Stout
Ethics and Compliance Officer, +1-303-357-1012,

Jazzy Graham-Davis
On To the Future/Diversity Program Coordinator, +1-303-357-1066,

Pat Kilner
Director of Membership Development, +1-303-357-1017,

Kory Prioreschi
Membership Programs Manager, +1-303-357-1028,
Membership, Fellowship, Campus Reps

Jeanette Hammann
Director of Publications, +1-303-357-1048,

Jon Raessler
Circulation Specialist & Marketing Analyst, +1-303-357-1051,

Editorial — 

Cary Cosper
Managing Editor, GSA Bulletin, 303-357-1022,

Kea Giles
Managing Editor, GSA Today, +1-303-357-1057,

Gina Harlow
Managing Editor, Geosphere, 303-357-1095,

April Leo
Managing Editor, Books, +1-303-357-1037,

Bridgette Moore
Editorial Manager, and Managing Editor, Lithosphere, +1-303-357-1086,

Jennifer Olivarez
Editorial Assistant, +1-303-357-1010,

Lyne Yohe
Managing Editor, Geology, +1-303-357-1091,


Emily Levine
Graphic Designer and Production Specialist, GSA Today, +1-303-357-1077,

Heather Sutphin
Graphic Designer and Production Specialist, +1-303-357-1002,

Advertising — 

Ann Crawford
Advertising Manager, +1-303-357-1053,


Rebecca Fazzari
Director of Meetings & Events, +1-303-357-1058,

William Cox
Senior Meetings and Exhibits Planner, +1-303-357-1013,

Lindsey Henslee
Meetings Planner, +1-303-357-1006,

Audrey Heun
Meetings Coordinator, +1-303-357-1008,

Jennifer Nocerino
Program Officer, Mentor Programs, Short Courses, GSA/ExxonMobil Awards, +1-303-357-1036,

Becky Sundeen
Meetings Manager, +1-303-357-1041,


Nancy L. Wright
Technical Program Manager, +1-303-357-1061,

Heather Clark
Abstracts Coordinator, +1-303-357-1018,

Kasey S. White
Director for Geoscience Policy, +1-202-669-0466,

Morgan Monz
2021-2022 GSA Science Policy Fellow, +1-202-870-0373,


Christa Stratton
Director of Education, Communications, & Outreach, +1-303-357-1093,
Media Relations

Ann H. Crawford
Advertising Manager, +1-303-357-1053,

Matthew Dawson
Education Programs Manager, +1-303-357-1025,
Research Grants, EarthCache programs

Kea Giles
Managing Editor, GSA TodayGSA Connection, +1-303-357-1057,

Emily Levine
Graphic Designer and Marketing Associate, GSA Today, +1-303-357-1077,

Lesley Petrie
Education & Outreach Program Coordinator, +1-303-357-1097,
GeoCorps, Geoscientists-in-the-Parks (GIP)

Collin Rudkin
Web Manager, +1-303-357-1024,

Justin Samuel
Online Community Manager, +1-303-357-1026,
Member Community, Social Media, Science Communications Fellowship


Rebecca Freeman
Manager, Sales & Service Center, +1-303-357-1004,

Nancy Cain
Sales & Service Specialist, +1-303-357-1005,

Rusty Pinkerton
Product Distribution and Warehouse Specialist, +1-303-357-1075,


Todd Berggren
Senior Director of Information Technology

Jay Davis
IT Specialist

Travis LeRoy
Web Applications Developer

Mike Norder
Database Manager

Mark Pigg
Systems Administrator


Anita Monk-Ryan
Director of Finance

Lisa Chavez
Accounts Payable, Payroll Specialist

Lisa Kelley
Payroll, Accounts Payable Specialist

Becca McKenna
Staff Accountant


Ann Moore
Human Resources Manager, +1-303-357-1027,


Debbie Marcinkowski
Executive Director, +1-303-357-1047,

Jeff Tyler
Operations Manager, +1-303-357-1054,

Clifton Cullen
Assistant Director of Individual Giving, +1-303-357-1007,

AJ Villa
Database Coordinator, +1-303-357-1067,