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Concise & Memorable: Creating an Effective Policy One-Pager
In this webinar, we will cover the key components of a good one-pager and how legislative offices use one-pagers. Learn more and register.

Posted 4/6/2021

New Year, New Congress! What You Need to Know about Getting Involved
Are you interested in learning how you can get more involved in the policy process? Join our upcoming webinar. Register now.

Posted 1/27/2021


Times are Changing: How the New Biden Administration and 117th Congress are Addressing Climate Change
Since Inauguration Day on 20 January, 2021, the Biden Administration has focused on addressing the climate crisis.

Posted 2/22/2021

Energizing the Nation: The Energy Act of 2020 becomes Law
In December 2020, the 116th Congress successfully passed an omnibus package, including the first “major modernization of our nation’s energy policy in 13 years.”

Posted 2/22/2021

Sliding through Congress: The National Landslide Preparedness Act becomes Law
The National Landslide Preparedness Act became law in January, authorizing funds for a National Landslide Hazards Reduction Program and a national 3D elevation program.

Posted 1/13/2021

Letters & Testimony

GSA Testimony Supports Geoscience Research
GSA submitted testimony supporting the USGS, NSF and NASA to the House Appropriations Committee. 
Posted 4/15/2021

RISE Act "would preserve and protect our nation’s research investments"
More than 200 organizations — including GSA — signed a letter to President Biden asking that his administration support the $25 billion in research relief funding authorized in the Research Investment to Spark the Economy (RISE) Act.

Posted 4/6/2021

Support for Science Funding
More than 100 scientific organizations, including GSA, signed a letter asking congressional leaders "to appropriate at least $7.7 billion in FY 2022 for DOE Office of Science."

Posted 3/11/2021

Science Priorities for Transition Teams
GSA joined leading scientific societies and universities to make science policy recommendations to President-elect Biden and the transition team (read: NSF, DOE Office of Science, NASA ).

Posted 2/5/2021

Support for Research Relief
GSA signed a Coalition for National Science Funding letter asking congressional leadership to "include $3 billion in emergency relief for the National Science Foundation while providing relief to all federal science agencies."

Posted 2/2/2021

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